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  1. I mean its not that i cant get it.... I talk for those, who dont get anything, despite showing the same effort, maybe even more than the others, bacuz of lower Gear etc. So yeah...
  2. The basic Idea to Reward Players for going to Tia Sieges is okay. BUT! Theres always the big HOW behind it. Now that you give better Rewards, Players want to get them. That means, there will be a lot more Players, who want to get them. And you Reward only 80 Players for it. You should atleast give Rewards to 120+ Players with these Numbers of Players attending. Otherwise you will as always be blamed for not being able to find the Middle.
  3. Donations for the project

    it still depends if advcash allows! u to pay with ur CC!!! i cant do anything with any of the options.... and im sure as hell not gonna buy any Crypto coins to buy e coins... i do my money with it... so NO
  4. Donations for the project

    3ds authentication is on on my Card and still get error #730 you remove working ones and add broken ones.... xDDD seriously... how old are you?
  5. [Event] Phoenix Assault

    well, atleast we can have these very OP detection seeds, which will make us more OP in pvp too
  6. [Event] Phoenix Assault

    u better bring imperial shugo tomb event instance, instead of bs like this....
  7. Can't donate using card?

    Thats what u say the whole time and yet, youre the one who looses "Donations" and doesnt bring up a safe, working payment method for all. And then again, youre the one who cries about "Donations", that are lost, mostly caused by you, cuz youre not able to find a working system.
  8. Can't donate using card?

    i dont know why, but you keep failing in finding "better" solutions...
  9. Server Online!

    oh my gaawddddddddddd adddicctiioonnnn callinnggggggggg
  10. servers are down anyway.... wait for servers to be back again....
  11. Server restart

    nobody needs to worry about anything... players will come and play... players will have their stuff... just wait.... as simple as that
  12. Server restart

    well, i forget it sometimes but, its still coins for free basically, so yeah, votes aint gonna hurt anyone...
  13. Server restart

    2 days later, u still cry around about the server.... go take a break, do somthing u havent done for a while.... explore the world or ur neighbourhood.... theres plenty of stuff to do untill the servers are back online.... u discuss about stuff that u cannot have any influence into it..... just grow up alreaday......
  14. Server unavailable (10/03)

    You guys should read and understand..... I asked IF the servers cant be restored/saved/whatever, are you gonna refund then? What i basically asked is, when we loose evrything (including e-coins on the accounts), what happens then?
  15. Server unavailable (10/03)

    i care more about all the real money ive spend.... if u cant restore the server, u going to refund all the donations?