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  1. 4,8 update ???

    as if the actual patch works 100% ! theres so many bugs in this patch that u could fix, but simply, u dont have the knowledge and say its not possible.... poor administration....
  2. [Event] Bloody revolution

    and still... elyos manage to fail on most of the sieges.... cuz just not smart enough, nothing else.... even with all their advantages....Insert other media
  3. Maintenance 13.07

    the Launcher cant update, it crashes immediatly..... what did u break this time ?
  4. [Event] Bloody revolution

    u do realize that more and more players leave the server? xDDD trolls gathered together to have a laugh....
  5. [Event] Bloody revolution

    this event is not worth.... wasting time and effort for trash rewards....
  6. Mount Evolution!

    finally 1 good change that probably 99% of the player will welcome!
  7. Player who does not play fair

    ADMITTING AN ILLEGAL ACT THROUGH WHISPER IS LITERALLY NOT PUNISHED? Yall smoke too much or somthing maaannnn a few days ago, a kinahseller/buyer, who also sells accounts and plumes and all the forbidden stuff, just whispered me and told me, euroaion team will not bann the safest kinahtrader and EC buyer for around 5k euro a month, just cuz some player reports him and wants him to be banned for what he does.... HE LITERALLY SAID THEY DO NOTHING AGAINST HIM.... u really think, evrything is correct and fair like it looks ? uve no idea about the world and the human capabilty
  8. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    bcuz its only for the strongest! dont u get it? evryone wants a FAIR CHANCE TO GET A TEMPERING INSTEAD OF ONLY A HANDFUL OF WHICH IS ALREADY ON TOP ! are u really that stupid or u do it on purpose? in my opinion, immediatly stop this event and delete all the items handed..... and never do a stupid event again!
  9. Results of the April game season

    these players are so trash.... only cuz 3rd party, max gear and dodging geared players so they can get easywin is what makes them go on top of the list... thats the best?
  10. "Sendlog" error

    cuz the server is broken and they dont admit it...
  11. Account banned for sale?????

    while others sell their high rank account and can still play their 2132143 chars on 23243435 accounts... the admins here really need to do their work better.... theres tons of players who use 2nd client to kill their own chars on other side to get better contri, lots of ppl use 3rd party and nothing happens from admins side....
  12. Player who does not play fair

    so i can insult ppl all the way through whisper and its okay? what are u trying to do here?
  13. I mean its not that i cant get it.... I talk for those, who dont get anything, despite showing the same effort, maybe even more than the others, bacuz of lower Gear etc. So yeah...
  14. The basic Idea to Reward Players for going to Tia Sieges is okay. BUT! Theres always the big HOW behind it. Now that you give better Rewards, Players want to get them. That means, there will be a lot more Players, who want to get them. And you Reward only 80 Players for it. You should atleast give Rewards to 120+ Players with these Numbers of Players attending. Otherwise you will as always be blamed for not being able to find the Middle.
  15. Donations for the project

    it still depends if advcash allows! u to pay with ur CC!!! i cant do anything with any of the options.... and im sure as hell not gonna buy any Crypto coins to buy e coins... i do my money with it... so NO