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      Ddos attacks! / Атаки на сервер!   08/16/2022

      The server is under consistent DDos-attqcks. We are testing and setting a new defense system (for now unsuccessfully). The server is unstable for now. Disconnections, unplanned maintenances are possible, as well as it may be impossible to enter the game. There's no need to contact the supports now, as until the problems are fixed generally, there's nothing else we could do you regarding this issue. Together with "standard" ddos we have more advanced attacks that seek for the breaches in the game server infrastructure breaches. 
      Since the start of the problem we have found and closed some of the breaches (and just recently closed some more). Sadly the intruder finds new ones. Closing them is not that easy, as there are no ready to use fixes/solutions for such problem. Compensations for the failed instances are not possible anymore! After the unplanned restars/server drops, the entries will be reset (may depend on the circumstances). Thank you for understanding
      Сервер находится под постоянными атаками. Работа сервера нестабильна. Возможны отключения, внеплановые рестарты, невозможность зайти в игру. Нет смысла обращаться в поддержку для решения этих проблем. Пока не будут решены проблемы с атаками мы ни чем не сможем вам помочь. Компенсации за вылеты из данжей выдаваться больше НЕ будут. После внеплановых рестартов/падений сервера входы в данжи будут сбрасываться (могут быть и не сброшены. В зависимости от обстоятельств). Кроме стандартного ddos'а мы имеем дело с более продвинутыми атаками, нацеленными на уязвимости инфраструктуры игрового сервера.
      За время атак, было найдено и ликвидировано несколько уязвимостей. Но злоумышленники находят новые "дырки" в программном обеспечении сервера. Их выявление и закрытие это непростая задача. Готовых решений для решения этой проблемы не существует.  Мы делаем все возможное для решения сложившихся проблем. Спасибо за понимание.


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  1. and i see a person who probably got profit out of it... and now bragging around that its legit....
  2. you and your team know well whats going on.... stop with ur fucking bullshit excuses..... if it was the whole server, the elys wouldnt be able to do anything too... instead they can just keep playing as it should be so fuck off with ur lies!
  3. its pretty obvious that u let things happen so elys can have advantage.... yesterday 25 mins into siege, asmo side was completely dc`d or couldnt move/port/play.... so the forts that changed hands did not happen on a normal base.... elys had no lags, no dcs no nothing and could go into the forts as if there was no asmos.... either u start FIXING THE BS that u create, or i swear to god.... ull learn me from a different side..... PS: lost around 700 GP aswell each of my characters, im curious how u gonna compensate all the lost GP`s
  4. Flying Pagati Survey

    hes talking about the "SURVEY" that is not appearing anymore.... which shouldnt be the case.... cuz as long as u dont fill in and confirm, surveys should be there the whole time... but the server is broken anyways, dont waste a lot of time...
  5. error:cantconnectserver! (Code 1)

    this connection issue has somthing to do with the attacks... happened to me twice, i even started a topic myself, that i cant connect to the server, but, its caused by the attacks and there, only the admins and devs can do somthing about it....
  6. Server Gone again :D

    Yeah, Server is gone again while Siege. What do we do now?
  7. Maintenance 11.07.2022

    cant login.... after entering password nothing happens....
  8. [Event] Happy Valentine's Day

    iam desperate, i need these fine serums or recovery potions so bad.... cuz it will make me very op and the best player ever on the planet!
  9. why they get no aggro from npcs?

    imagine this server has a owner and admins... but they rather let ppl use synapse and "fix" bugs that was a feature from the patch than bann players who abuse bugs, trade AP with their ALTS on sieges for contri or insult ppl in lfg to the worst.... but when the money rolls, they shut up and let u do...

    u dont loose any tickets if u dont enter.... simple as that....
  11. GP scaling contribution

    u didnt do enough, means others did more than u and were higher on the rewardlist for siege.... u shouldve sneaked urself some more kills etc. then, u`d get more too...
  12. [Event] Candy Battlefield

    another useless event that provides the already max geared max enchanted groups that didnt leave the server with more goodies.... jesus christ do u wanna learn how to do a proper event? ask the damn community and CREATE an event TOGETHER instead of pulling stupid ideas out of ur dirty butts....
  13. Results of the August game season

    fun fact: most of them do coop and even when ppl report them, nothing happens
  14. first person to be banned

    i get dc`d when i leave my char 5 mins alone....
  15. 4,8 update ???

    as if the actual patch works 100% ! theres so many bugs in this patch that u could fix, but simply, u dont have the knowledge and say its not possible.... poor administration....