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  1. 1v1 Tournament

    Thanks everyone who participate to this tournament and all viewers. Im sorry for 480P stream, a lot of viewers told me they got framedrop so I had to reduce quality. I forgot to restrict certains skills but I hope everyone took fun. Results :: 1 - Senju - Aethertech 2 - Nxz - Sin 3 - Shikastyle - Glad
  2. 1v1 Tournament

    Thx for you feedback. I do not want to be arrogant but these restrictions are there for a good reason to get fair fights
  3. 1v1 Tournament

    You don't have to rely on Aether armor vs magical but you kinda right for iron skin vs sm. I cant really add it on post because i cant edit post but it ll be add on rules
  4. 1v1 Tournament

    If you are not abble to play with these restrictions, im very sorry for you. Feel free to pass this event if you are pve player ty ps : idk even what you complain about as a sm (leech mana, spelldodging, sensory boost, aether armor, sleep arrow, iron skin are forbidden)
  5. 1v1 Tournament

    As the server administration doesn't seem to be willing or motivated to create a PVP tournament I am hosting one myself. Link of the bracket Stream will be available here Informations : Standard 1v1 tournament Start time : 8 december - 17H30h INGAME TIME (players must be ready and present at the designated start time) Follow the instructions on the following link; Rules : 5 min between each round Bo3 for every match, Bo5 semi-finals and finals No Block, Magic Resist or Magic Suppresion gear. (your details have to be opened - if we see any abuse the player will be disqualified) No invicible potions and xforms Skill restrictions : No DP allowed, no foreign buff! Ranger - Sleep Arrow Sorcerer - Wintry Armor, Boon of Iron-Clad (except against magical class) Spiritmaster - Curse of Fire / Water , Spirit Substitution , 1 fear per round vs cleric Assassin - Spelldodging , Calming Whisper (vs cloth and leather class), Sensory Boost (vs magical class) Templar - Iron Skin , Holy Shield (vs sin), Aether Armor Gladiator - Wall of Steel (except against spiritmasters) Chanter - Aetheric Field / Word of Spellstopping and Word of Quickness (except against spiritmasters) Aethertech - Absorbing Reflector Shield Rewards :: 1st place: 1000 ecoins 2nd place: 250 ecoins 3rd place: 100 ecoins To sign up you must give the following informations : Name - Class ex : Nxz - Assassin PM me on discord (Nxz#7639.) or in comments on this post. You can participate in the tournament with multiple characters. If you have anything to ask or want to suggest anything, pls pm on discord See ya