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  1. Hello! I'm looking to buy the following item on the Elyos side: [Event] Dragon Lord's Mythic Weapon Chest Leave me a message on the forums or mail Tia ingame thank you. Price is negotiable. (No, I am not looking for the extendable chest. I am looking for the mythic non-extendable one)
  2. Do What:S!?

    There are literally hundreds of blue quests all over the game. The fact that you are ignoring them is not the game's fault but yours. Explore. Talk to NPCs, Do their quests. Enjoy their stories. There is more to the leveling process than grinding mobs 24/7
  3. Hello, for the last Miragent armor quest (Persistence and Luck), the player is supposed to gather 10 Tears of Luck by either essencetapping in Heiron/Theobomos, or by collecting Tears of Luck from spawn points where they spawn during the night as little shining rocks on the ground, There are many maps such as this on Google and also videos on YouTube of players collecting the Tears during the night. However, on this server, the Tears of Luck do not spawn in Heiron or Theobomos and have to be gathered by essencetapping only. Is this a change that you made on purpose, or is it just a problem that has never been investigated? Thank you for your time and response
  4. The Cleansing of North Katalam

    I did not say anything negative about you in any part of my post. I don't know why you have to get so offended. Post some coordinated group PvP like Harmony, EOB or Kamar and make it interesting and I will congratulate you on a job well done even if you are playing a cancer class. But posting open world PvP videos (While you are in group with a songweaver, no less) where so many things can play in your favour (but also against you) and you can cherrypick whichever moments you want speaks more about ego than your PvP prowess. I do not doubt your ability to PvP well, you are quite hard to beat and obviously know your class well. I just don't understand what you are trying to prove with videos like this.
  5. The Cleansing of North Katalam

    Good job beating all those non-officers grinding for their first set of gear in the game, you sure showed them it's very balanced trying to fight an AT with tempered accs and full officer gear while you are wearing Stormwing/beginner gear.
  6. In game questions from a veteran

    1) There is no real answer to that. I would personally suggest farming Ancient Coins, doing the Sillus fortress instance for Composite manastones (as well as Kysis/Krotan/Miren) and grinding Strange Ide Crystals in idian Depths 2) You can buy the recipes for all of those from the Wrights of Dawn / Shapers of Dusk faction which you can join once you reach lvl 400 in crafting.
  7. In game questions from a veteran

    1) The best PvP gear in the game at the moment is 2 star officer AP gear from Katalam. You can buy it in Danuar Spire/ Kaisinels Beacon in Katalam for AP and Ceramium Medals. These are mostly obtained in The Eternal Bastion, Krotan, Miren and Kysis fortress instances and Ophidan Bridge (you can however also get them from other places, just not as many) 2) You can craft potions and scrolls with Alchemy. Food is made by Cooking. You can gather the materials for the recipes with Essencetapping, or level Aethertapping and morph aether into the materials you need with Morph recipes. 3) Manastones, enchantment stones, godstones and idians. Idians are basicaly temporary enhancements for your weapon that add a few points of certain stats. There are various types of Idians in the game. You can get supplements from some NPC merchants and certain camps in Katalam and Danaria. 4) Normal Stigmas can be bought from NPCs, Trade Broker or dropped from mobs. Greater Stigmas must be bought for AP from NPCs. 5) 4.0 adds 3 new classes, gunner, bard and aethertech. There are also magical Plumes, a kind of accessory that adds HP and attack or magic boost. There are obviously new dungeons and zones, and there is also the Tempering system for accessories (increasing PvP % by using Tempering Solutions on your accessories) 6) It's a pay to skip server. Meaning that you can either pay, or you can grind your way to ultimate gear. You can definitely do whatever you want without dropping a single € on the shop.
  8. [Works] 8 Reasons for Love

    Tia - Elyos
  9. Surt and his Elyos counterpart Jamanok turn into a different kind of NPC (Legendary guard) when the Dimensional Vortex into Brusthonin/Theobomos is open. If you happen to be questing at a time like this, sadly you just have to wait for the invasion to be over. After the Dimensional Vortex closes they will revert to their regular forms and assume their original positions.

    You can get a morph recipe for it in Pandaemonium and morph it from aether that you can buy at NPC. Or buy it on trade broker.
  11. The item NPC_BeritraInstancedDungeon_Shield_01 that has recently been added to the store displays in game properly, but it cannot be used to remodel anything. I'll happily keep the item (I love it!) but I feel like you should point it our or try to fix it because some people might get upset when they find out it cannot in fact be used as a skin.
  12. what happened with Ely?

    Agree on that point as well. I am actually impressed by the new Elyos siege leader (Good job!), but it's tough when a mass xform call comes and you get maybe 3-4 people reacting to it instead of 50+ that it should be. If you are holding a high rank, you are the backbone of your faction at siege. I also do not like the call sometimes, and maybe I would prefer to use my form somewhere else for more credit, but if we do not unite and do not listen to calls we are never going to get back up from the dust. He calls for RG and half of the already small league is hanging back at our fortress, waiting to leech AP or get credit from attacking asmodians.
  13. Asmo skin for Elyos vice versa

    You can obtain these in Theobomos Laboratory, I have them on my Elyos character.
  14. what happened with Ely?

    Almost 1 month later and the situation is just getting worse. People are leaving every day, and the Asmodians clearly show that they are toying with us by this point. They can absolutely crush us anytime they set their minds to it. We are starting to have problems even assembling enough people to take any fortress at all on sieges. I am not sure what can be done about it, but the stress on the Elyos side is showing in all other parts of the game as well, not just the sieges.
  15. It is RNG as every other system in Aion but you can still help yourself by using the stones in the proper range for a particular item. You can of course get lucky and succeed at enchanting Hyperion gear even with lvl 70 stones (I even got 3 levels at once with a 68 one time), but the chance of success increases when you use a higher level stone. That does not mean you will succeed though. Even with 90% success rate there is still a possibility for failure.