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  1. Balaur crafting materials drop rate

    Yes, I have a source. I manually tested everything on my own test server that runs on the same patch as EuroAion. The internet databases for Aion 4.x have been inacurate for a long time now. EDIT: It is possible that Euro Aion has its loot table set up differently and they manually changed the rates and contents of mobs, but nothing in my personal experience suggests they did so, and in that case the only one who can help you find out how things really are is the lead admin of Euro Aion himself.
  2. Mana Stones

    In short, magic classes use Magic Boost, and physical classes use crit strike until you reach the cap and then attack. In more detail, it really depends on your class and whether you are going for PvE or PvP. But it's a long explanation and if you are just starting out with the game, don't worry about it and just use the ones in the first sentence depending on your class. The current caps in PvE at 65 are around 3700 MB for magic classes and 1100 crit strike for physical classes.
  3. New Player's Problem

    I think that there are still people running Dark Poeta, for the quests if nothing else. It's been a while now since I leveled an alt here but I think if you are persistent you will not have a problem finding groups for DP and TL. People also do Steel Rake from time to time but almost noone does Fire Temple. I agree that the free gear is a bad move but a lot of people like it so sadly its here to stay. I would say there are people who like lower lvl content but they are a minority.
  4. Balaur crafting materials drop rate

    The Execration of Pleasure has a 3,35% chance of dropping from all the balaur mobs in Beshmundir Temple (Laksyaka mobs, Vehala mobs, Manadar mobs. The Inescapable Execration of Pleasure has a 0.8% chance of dropping from all the aforementioned mobs as well. The regular Execration also has a 2,7% chance of dropping from any elite balaur mob in The Hexway, while the Inescapable variant has a 0,6% chance there. The regular Execration also has a 1,3% chance of dropping from any elite balaur in the Forest of Antiquity in Inggison and the Earthfang Gorge in Gelkmaros, while the Inescapable variant has a 0,3% chance there. Hope that helps.
  5. Stigma Shard

    I think the stigma shards are a problem as well, just want to say that all the PvE content in this patch is perfectly doable in a full DPS build if you just throw in Splendor and Flash instead of 2 DPS stigmas. I used a build like that on this server the whole time I played my cleric and I never had problems healing anything, much less IS. IS is incredibly easy to heal unless you don't have a proper tank. Scratch that, even if a sin is tanking, it's incredibly easy to heal. The only thing you need to switch your stigmas for is DLR and group PvP. But I agree that stigma shards should just be added to the general goods merchant. It would not hurt anyone at all and would prevent the exploitation of certain classes by the market.
  6. Character creation is giving me epilepsy

    This is caused by the High Quality graphics engine, and it can be resolved either by reentering character creation a few times until the problem disappears (don't panic if you see bleeding colours, your GPU is not dying!) or changing to default graphics and then back once you have created your character. Be aware that using the high quality graphics engine you will also get similar flickers in certain areas of the game itself, especially those where multiple layers of ground and geodata are present at the same time (like for example the ruined land in Sarpan with the caves beneath it or the Strigik forest in Sarpan)
  7. New ranking system

    I gave up my xform on Elyos side voluntarily because of how messy the sieges are. You cannot expect people to participate in sieges forever when there is no unity, no coherence and no coordination. Sieges should be fun, but every single siege we had except 1 week or so when Hametsu was the fresh leader has been nothing but GP farming, zerg vs zerg with no actual purpose and no challenging fights to be had. It's just contribution hunting. Why would you want an xform rank when there is nothing to do with it. You can follow the leaders calls all you want but 1, 5 or even 10 xforms will not make a difference in the long run. You need the league to listen and people to be on VoIP to follow commands and provide feedback to the leaders quickly, otherwise it will never work. Also, it did not take me long to get 5 star at all. I was almost general before I stopped (on Elyos side), and I never even did arena of harmony, arena of glory, engulfen ophidan bridge, kamar battlefield or iron wall warfront. All I did was go to siege everyday and do bastion and my solo arenas. Almost general in a bit more than 2 months of active playing. That is nothing. Climbing the ranks on this server is incredibly easy. On retail I had 128 000 glory points and I was not even close to reaching 5 star after 3 years of active playing.
  8. Professions

    Even on retail they never tweaked it. If it was not for bots farming 24/7 there would be a lack of materials on retail as well, so I doubt you will see any improvements here. The server has been up for over half a year already and they are trying to keep it as close to retail 4.6 as possible from what I have seen so far.
  9. Professions

    Basically every profession except for alchemy and cooking is a waste of kinah for the most part. You might be able to make some kinah selling skins that are sought after (like the lvl 50 balic hat from tailroing or the lvl 50 balic bows etc), or try your luck making some money making lvl 65 accessories with handicrafting. In general though, you will end up losing more money than gaining. On a private server where the population is not as big as retail was and botting is not so common, lack of resources will be a real problem, so you might have to spend long hours gathering or aethertapping and then morphing (however, you CANNOT morph endgame resources, so you have to essencetap them yourself) just to craft something that might not proc and will be useless.
  10. Barzon's weapons for sorcerer.

    Take the orbs, they are more useful for PvE. Spellbooks will be useful later at 65 for PvP content.
  11. Weapon for cleric/chanter?

    For chanter take double staff, it will be useful later on when you get enough kinah to armsfuse them together. For a cleric you can take the mace, the other box you dont really need.
  12. I did this on retail a few patches later (4.8 I think?) and the Tears spawned 3-4 times during the 10 min window at the same spot so it was easy to do it in the night. I think I will look in all other spots then and see if I get lucky there.
  13. Then I must have just been extremely unlucky. I waited for 7 ingame nights between 23 and 1 ingame time (because I know that they only spawn at that time) in the spot at Nolantis Ruins and was not able to find even 1 tear. I am just opposed to the idea of leveling essencetapping on every single character I get past 50 and want the Miragent on, as it takes a long time and serves no purpose once you already have a character with 499. But seems like I will just have to do it again if the rate on the appearance of Tears is so extremely low here.
  14. Any response on this please? It's been a week now.
  15. They can be applied to any type of armor, as they are a costume, and they work on male characters. But they cannot be dyed (They will always be bright gold)