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  1. Best DPS rotation for Gunner?

    What is the best DPS rotation for the Gunnera nd the Stigma Tree? Please with exact skill specification.
  2. Hey guys, I have a problem with the Quest "The Secret of Adma Stronghold". I need to talk to Sahnu. He tells me I have to drop a tear (pearl) from the Seafoam Ghost first. I've already killed the Seafoam Ghost 50x but nothing drops. It's a quest item. Can someone help me with this or has the same problem?
  3. Insult

    A player insulted me, I have a screenshot of it. WHERE can I report him?
  4. Update erros

    Every time I start the game the client loads a small update and then brings me the following error message. As of today, the check doesn't work either. On the picture you can see the following error message. Can someone help me please?