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Found 24 results

  1. High ping

    Hey there, I started playing awhile ago and I normally have a 150-200 ping ingame, then someone told me to install "leatrix latency fix". Since then I have a ping of 80-120, still not really better... And its definitely isn't because of my net. In retail aion my ping normally was at 15-30. So what can I do? It's literally unplayable for me..
  2. Hello pls need help loosing all my CD cannot join any battleground after being undermap 2 time used /escape and all things now i lost IWW CD + KAMAR CD coulndt join bugging on loading.
  3. Bug/new start

    i just started the game i cant seem to see any of the npc i have tryed to fix it by checking the game but its not working my windows is windows 10 pro any help would be appreciated
  4. Stuck at choosing race.

    I got stuck during choosing race and can't click any button. Somebody please tell me what to do.

    Merhaba, Uzun zamandır oyuna giriş yapmıyordum hesap ıd mi unutmuş bulunmaktayım yardım eder misiniz? Account mail : Nickname: Darkmagicx
  6. Hello. I am new player, or will be a new player. However i stuck on character customization screen. While i make character, suddenly gives "disconnected" error and when i press reconnect, i have to start over. It happens 3rd time before i came here. Is it possible that there is a problem with my files, so i am being disconnected?
  7. Hi,trying to connect and getting cannot connect to the authorization server error after writing username and password what is the problem?
  8. help

    Здравствуйте,помогите пожалуйста вспомнить почту от аккаунта
  9. Добрый день. Существует проблема с выполнением данной миссии, т.к. крепость постоянно под контролем элийцев.....на сколько помню, в более ранних версиях игры в начале осады по расписанию сервера крепость автоматически переходила под контроль балауров. Почему в этой версии 4.6 такого не происходит??? Может кто-нибудь поконкретнее администрации даст совет....когда ловить момент, что бы серное было не нях? может есть конкретное время, когда она станет балауровская? Заранее спасибо!
  10. Здравствуйте. 27.03.2022 вылетел с осады каталама. Перед вылетом было чувство что пинг ушел по нарастающей в бесконечность. В итоге выкинуло, при попытке перезайти ошибка, пропала связь с сервером. Спустя минут 30 смог войти, на персонаже удалены все макросы/бинды, панели, сброшены настройки и прочее. Слетели в т.ч. квесты на бастион(выполненного нет, а новый что бы сделать надо заново баст проходить, все это ерунда) Главная беда - при атаке мобов/противников даже в ТМ сете очень часто мажу. Как будто я младше уровней на 10-30. Прошу проверить, можно ли что-то с этим сделать. Я помню что всегда есть шанс отражения. Но не так часто.
  11. Добрый день. Перепутал случайно амулеты Амулет +200% опыта (49 ур.) и Амулет успеха III. Возможно ли как то откатить КД? Ник DrLektor
  12. Hi, I have a problem with download speed with this client .. Just wanted to try this server but second time got this same issue: 14h or sometimes 22h.. and then 2h, 6h or 40min What can be the issue with that speed? I have fiber optic internet 300mb/s - dont have problems with downloading other games or smth
  13. добрый вечер. Случайно удалил из куба Горячее сердце магии на титул фенрира можно ли его вернуть? заранее спасибо
  14. Besoin d'aide

    Pouvons nous déliée son âme d'un accessoire s'il vous plait? Si Oui, Comment?
  15. AP farming - 4.6 patch

    Hello, I would like to ask about ways and fair amount of AP farming in patch 4.6. I don't remember much past patch 2.7 (endless ESO farming) or 3.0 (endless keymaster farming). Searching something in web, I found this post on reddit: I am not sure if this applies, especially selling BM gear for AP. TL;DR: what is average amount of AP you can farm each day/week and how you actually do this. My main class in Glad, at endgame playing mainly PvP (before considered this as main source of AP until got capped) but before this I need some basic gear to start with. Cheers, thanks for help!
  16. Help! Bug into the ground

    Hello I am stuck under the ground. I was jumping of that cliff in morheim above king Zugog. I was going to land on the wooden bridge when I suddenly glitched right under the ground. I can literally do nothing. I was trying to port me back to the obelisk. I was restarding teh game and I am not killable. So yes ... is there a possibility that I can play this character again? Or do I have to delate it? Please let there be a solution. Maybe a fix? Thank you for any advise!
  17. PayPal

    Hey comes paypal back for donation payment? It works few days and now its again not there.
  18. Hello Devs and other people... I wanted to ask if it is possible to get the beginner armor back if you accidentally destroyed it.... I dont know what else to wear and I cant walk around without it. I destroy accidentally only the top..... PLS HELP character name: Kotonashi class: cleric lvl: 51
  19. Fresh 65 - Need Guide

    Hey there EuroAion comunity, I just made 65, playing a ranger. I never played this version on retail, played till 3.5 back in the days. Can someone nice enough please send me some links with useful stuff that will help gear up for PVP/PvE and or help with some info about what should I focus on or what should I do in this version? I wanna know how I can farm AP efficiently, glory points too and medals, those are the most important things far as I know in this ver. Any help or information would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.
  20. Stuck in the ground

    Hi, I got stuck in the ground. I tried using /escape and logging out then in again. Both failed to help me. Can anyone help move me? My character name is Gigantuso. Many thanks in advance, really
  21. I want a bit help

    Hello my name ingame is acaliptos i just putted 10 euros and just buy exp amulet's i pressed the wrong one which the game gives for free and has reuse time 8 hours i dont remember exacly can u delete this reuse time for me i want to level up fast other ones has 1 hour reuse time i pressed the wrong one ;(
  22. Character

    is there any chance to get a boosst because i get a retail aion lvl 80 charakter?
  23. How to vote

    I didn't see a topic with those informations, so i decided to write this I have translated informations from russian I hope this can help some people vote for server Let's start then! To vote you need 7 steps :