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    hello i want to ask you why i can not buy Ecoins I am from North Macedonia it says here that you can buy with a visa card and when I go to my profile to buy they do not have such a thing if you can somehow help me explain to me about that thank you very much and have a nice day
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    I don't think it is something on the server as you have problems with saving the settings. If you want to change the graphic engine, you need to reload the game after applying the changes. So you change the engine to default, apply, then close the game and open it again. If that doesn't help, make sure that the game folder is not on "read only" mode. It can be checked in the properties of the folder. Also you can try removing the files "Systemoption" and "system" from the game folder. It will set all the settings to default and remove any problems that you had with them.
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    As soon as the morning sun had risen over Atreia, the old innkeeper wandered to open his tavern and immediately the Owners Gakka appeared on the threshold. -You're early today, gentlemen, - surprised the old man. - There was a storm last night. And now we have serious problems, - Lasife said excitedly, - they say that the hurricane raged not only here in Elysea, but also in Asmodea. This is a terrible disaster. It destroyed the entire crop, and now Atreia is under the threat of famine. What shall we do... Hey, don't lose the hope, - the blonde tavern owner replied with a smile, - I know what would help you. In the meantime, have a cup of tea at my expense and calm down. - The storm spread delicious grains all over Atreia! And the gold particles were probably stolen by monsters, - lamented Amunt. – How will we get them back? - You may rely on the Daevas, have they ever failed? - the tavern keeper's voice sounded confident and calm. - Assign them to save the harvest. The winds of Atreia will bring them a tasty grain every half an hour, and by killing monsters, the heroes will easily be able to take away gold aether from them. The old man's eyes shone with wisdom, and the Owners Gakka decided to follow his advice. By lunchtime, the joyful news spread throughout Atreia. Anyone who collects Tasty Grains and Golden Aether, and then combines them into the Rations Pack, will be able to extract Potent Rations from it. The Owners Gakka promise a good reward for it: 1 piece – [Event] Firecracker Box 30 pieces - [Event] Jade Box 50 pieces - [Event] Silver Box 100 pieces – [Event] Gold Box To participate in the event, you must: Get the items "Tasty Grain" and "Golden Aether". Combine the items to receive "Rations Pack". Extracting it you will receive "Potent Rations" (from 1 to 5 pieces randomly), which you can exchange for Boxes with valuable items. Also from the item "Rations Pack" you may randomly get several potions or scrolls. Items that can be purchased for a Potent Rations (from NPCs in the capitals): 1 Potent Rations - [Event] Firecracker Box (5 firecrackers) 30 Potent Rations- [Event] Jade Box (chest with medals, Value Boost Pack (1 day), exchantment stone level 90+, manastone (magic boost, attack, crit) 50 Potent Rations- [Event] Silver Box (chest with medals, Value Boost Pack (1 day), Yume Summoning Lamp (3 days), enchantment stone level 90+, manastone (magic boost, attack, crit), balaur craft materials) 100 Potent Rations- [Event] Gold Box (luxury chest with medals, Value Boost Pack, [Title] Munin's friend (7 days), enchantment stone level 90+, manastone (magic boost, attack, crit), balaur craft materials). Learn more about quest items: The item Golden Aether can be obtained by killing monsters in the locations of Heiron, Beluslan, Silentera Canyon, Katalam, Danaria, Idian Depth. The item cannot be stored in the account warehouse and cannot be placed in the legion's warehouse, but it can be sold and traded. The item is of common value (white name), it can only be obtained by one character in the group (it goes to roll). Remember, the greater the difference between the levels of a character and a mob , the less chance there is to get the item, and with the difference of10 levels and more, it is impossible to get it at all (a drop penalty). Therefore, choose locations for your levels and do not interfere with beginners to extract gold aether. The item "TastyGrain" is issued for every half hour of on-line-it arrives to your inventory. The item cannot be transferred within the account, cannot be traded between characters, cannot be sold at the broker, but can be sold to an NPC. FAQ: Event is in progress from 07.09.2021-19.09.2021. NPCs for exchanging items will be installed in the game until 19.09.2021 (inclusively)