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  1. Best pvp players

    Why is this in media content instead of general discussion? And... If I was going to bet my kinah on who is the best 1 v 1 Pvp player on certain classes... Sorcerer: Illustrated (5 Billion) Aethertech: Frex (5 Billion) Ranger: Slideshow / Binsliden (5 billion) Gunner: Varenta (5 Billion) BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Songweaver: Wimee (5 Billion) Spiritmaster: Arcanee (3 billion) (2 billion on Chitraa) Assassin: there are so manyyyyy but I'd put 1 Billion on "stewwyyyyyy" ^ I don't just talk, I have fought all of those guys and seen their "skill" 1st hand myself. Gladiator: Shikastyle (5 Billion) <- this guy took out all other gladiators on server.. Single handedly. Undisputed current top. Then from here I'm just guessing.. Templar: ? (There was a guy from pathologia.. Don't remember name. So I'd just put 100kk he's best) Chanter: ???? 10kk on "Judgement" Cleric: ????? 1v1??? Horonable mention for best GvG Cleric supports are... Hakurin, Mooonte, Blidin, Bsy~
  2. Fishy sin

    You are all wasting your times, if someone is hacking just record them... Fraps is free. Obs is free... Bandicam is free... Even Xbox recorder that comes with windows 10+ is..... Just... Come.. On. Use SOMETHING.
  3. High level gankers in low level zones

    This is where you should have stopped, I am sad to inform you that you will never have fail PvP. At level 65 you will get killed by 2 65s.. then you will invite your friend and then you will get killed by a group.. then you will invite a group and one of them will use transform.. then you will invite an alliance to kill the xform and they will get an alliance + a group to fight your alliance.. the point is.. Fair PvP is just a dream.. its never an expected reality in 99% of the circumstances~ Its like saying you want a "fair" war.. these two concepts contradict each other. Just keep respawning to kisk and going back until its no fun anymore or.... just log out and play other day~
  4. GEARING GUIDE: A loners path to the top~

    Nice add! Kinah management is very important! Avoid wasting it by playing around with RNG.. it will f.. I mean, just invest it in smaller things that are instead "guaranteed" to give even a little success.
  5. Tier List

    Spiritmasters: GodTier.. you don't lose 1 v 1 if you don't want to, the only way to lose is if you actually decide to "play fair". In Group PvP a Spiritmaster is a huge deciding factor too. Aethertechs: GodTier: Yeah... this class makes 0 sense, you will win and you wont know why but you win regardless. Every other class just depends on who is behind that character. You can be S or D rank noob. Group PvP: Cleric S rank. Morale breaker.. just to annoying to deal with.. shields, dispels.. heals..
  6. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Nicee! Thanks, I have been waiting for so long!!! *^_^'
  7. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Do you guys have a schedule for events or are they random? For example.. I would like to know when do "new" (been playing for about 6 moths+ - give or take) players get a chance to get the triklunerks wings again.. edit** By the way the current event is just fine.. When you add pve event, PVPERS cry.. When you add pvp event.. Pvers cry.. People always have a reason to Q.Q
  8. Please explain

    You asked for someone to explain and uh, the answer is very simple.. Boredom. When people go out there to look for pvp they will take whatever pvp they get. They don't really wait, sit and think about it only to inspect gear and then carefully calculate only to come up to a decision if whether they are going to attack or not. TL:DR. Red equals Dead.
  9. Uh.. okay...

    Of-course I know this.. I am the person who loves this rule more than anyone else in the server.. :DDDD - From 6:22:00 to.. uh.... 7:35:15 (Thats when desimp stream ends) Enor kept going for another 3 hours after this. And its not like I want him to be punished or banned, I just make these forum posts to expose this kind of trash humans. That's why I said "Uh.. Ok."
  10. Uh.. okay...

    Ahahahaahaha! I never meet people like this in real life.. I don't know why or where they are hiding. But I wish.. Meh. I hope one day my dream will come true..
  11. Uh.. okay...

    Ok Ok... naisuuuuuuu... :DDDDDD
  12. Player who does not play fair

    Man, he just told you to USE BLOCK.. Can you imagine if I make level 1 characters and whisper start trolling people, they would all eventually respond from anger and.... everyone would get banned every time.. You can basically get anyone you want banned with that logic. Eventually, Euroaion will have 0 players. So just use block in whispers.. LFG and normal chat and shouts is different. People get "chatbans" and sanctions from violating that.
  13. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Well thats of course the best, fastest and most efficient way *^_^', make money IRL, buy eCoins.. 50 bil in what? 7 - 10 days worth? hehe
  14. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Ignore this event during the day it will be too many people and waste of time, play at night until morning, become a billionaire while everyone is sleeping. Ez Pz.
  15. Post your ingame "Ninja Looting" encounters here~

    Elyos, Cleric: Ema~ "the first female ninja belt" Dont worry, she likes to brag, she will admit about this one~ Just ask her~ *^_^'