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  1. Co-op in GLORY ARENA ( Armaqqeddon + Muffi )

    Bla bla bla its too late, the only thing I want from glory arena is rank 1 month to get the permanent title. I dont actually care about GP or anything else, But you have activated the zodiac trap card, if they dont ban you after I get my title I will start feeding all my friends free win like that sorc is doing to you. Now we wait for the decision.
  2. Co-op in GLORY ARENA ( Armaqqeddon + Muffi )

    I am top 2 in the glory ranking you idiot. Why would I want to win more glory arenas? I already do win more than pathetic people like you.. I even win AGAINST such patheticness.. so keep your advice to your own self you trash.. people like you cant give any advice to people like me. IF YOU want to win more arenas then learn to play. Stop being pathetic. And keep talking and spamming, I will use this all as collateral evidence when I do the same thing you did with my friends if they dont punish you. Why do you think I bothered to make this post in the first place? *^_^'
  3. Co-op in GLORY ARENA ( Armaqqeddon + Muffi )

    If some GM does not ban these two piece of fu... I will start doing every glory arena with my cleric friends from now on. This is ridiculous. He is the cleric on video and look at this response? I want to flame sooooo bad but I will probably ending up getting banned from forums.
  4. Co-op in GLORY ARENA ( Armaqqeddon + Muffi )

    You TWO have done this to me 2 times, you have done to Mesmy 4 times and 2 other people came out so far and you always enter with the same sorcerer who is your friend and legion. Why do you have to enter same time with that sorcerer then? thats called co-operation. You dumbass. Stop talking now please... You are being less than a no brain idiotic human being.
  5. Results of the August game season

    Lets see if that is true.. I will report one.
  6. Before you ask me why didn't I attack the cleric, just know that this was NOT my first arena against these two.. If I ATTACK the cleric, she just RUNS and survive, the sorcerer sleeps and makes it impposible for anyone to kill that cleric then if he use all his skills on me and I would obviously have clearly lost because of a unkillable distraction. As matter of fact I did lose the arena before this to the same two little sh.... RUINING my rank SAME DUO: They did even worse on the first arena cleric was even using dots on me to LITERALLY help the sorcerer cover silence because as you can see.. He is too bad to do even that without help. Then cleric goes on relics and his sorc friend completely ignores just attacks whoever is in there with THEM and completely lets his cleric friend get 1st spot. "Let your friend win and suppress the random player" ???? 100% co-op strategy. Secondly, I have 4 other people who have encountered these two, Mesmy has been teamed against 4x times by the same people on the same day, against me they did this 2x. So that is 6 glory arena entries and 18 gathered tickets ruined by the same two "People" and I say "people because I am not allowed to use profanity here.. They also apply on multiple accounts and pass entry so that its never two other people against them. EVIDENCE: This happened yesterday, Sunday 12th, September 2021. 10:xx pm Server time. When glory arenas were open, less than 1 hour before siege to be EXACT. 0:01. Mesmy just had an arena with me and asked me to enter again and record their BS. 05:57: 2ND person who fell victim to this stupidity... imagine... x4 glory arena entries... that is 12 tickets gathered. Enough to make someone want to quit your server. Evidence ends at 8:02 but.. 12:08 :3rd person whose time and fun was ruined by these little fu... by these individuals appears, 2 seconds after I post these two names on world chat. That is only 3 people in less than 5 minutes of looking. I am sure more people have fallen victim to these guys. You have the data, confirm it yourselves.
  7. Cry me a river.. child xD

    You cant PvE.. you cant PvP.. What did you even.. Oh yeah, all you did is just log in and start harassing girls on LFG and asking numbers and discords and spamming sexual things.. Arent you one of the countless people this guy harrassed? Modo, The server has been much better without you, go back where you disappeared to. and if you come back, block me too. You will forever be irrelevant to me Bye.. This forum post was yet another public service announcement example showing that most of the people who block me are 0 brain tr.. so I couldnt care less.. literally. Anyone, if you have a problem.. just save me your bla bla blas in my whispers and just block me next time.. I am 26.. I have less than 74 years to live on earth assuming I get to 100.. which is extremely unlikely. and since I have ever less than that.. I really dont have even 1 second to waste caring about trash I dont have the time for it.. ill just flame you to make things end quicker. My care level: is forever Hardstuck 0. *^_^'
  8. Cry me a river.. child xD

    *Tell me you want my attention without telling me you want my attention* Why would you waste your time replying something like THAT to someone who clearly states that your opinion of them is irrelevant to them? Watch this.. Ok, I am a joke. And? How can I help you? Anything else your like to say or was that it? you feel better now? Lol. Most of you people have 0 common sense. I swear it. *Edit* BTW.. You will never... ever... ever... find any screenshot or any proof of me acting like a 0 brain idiot towards someone else FIRST.. out of all the 0 brain idiots crying, yet you will never find 1 screenshot where I step out of line FIRST.. Ask yourself why.. because I was raised better than most of you. Taught by my parents to act better towards people first unless they dont respect others at which point I have no reason to give them any respect. As I said, most of you have 0 common sense, and 0 self respect and any respect towards others, when you are talked to like adults, you just act like 0 brain idiots and when someone like me gets down to your level and start playing your stupid games, you just start crying and make it seem as if i was the one who started it. Like crying little children. Start a fight then go cry to mommy.. Keep crying and cry me a river~ ^ This guy also one of the 0 brain people in the server. When you get ingame, Block me.
  9. Cry me a river.. child xD

    "Nothing makes a ******* person hate you more than reminding them how ******* they actually are." These kind of people are just too entertaining to me.. I cant help myself but smile.. *^_^' YES!!! Block me! please, and if any of you reading this are anything close to being like this person.. Please block me too, save me the trouble of ever having to deal with you and never waste my time again in the future. Sooner or later I will make sure that I am in the block list of every idiot in this server. That is my mission~ I have a legion of 100+ ACTIVE.. My friend list is FULL.. Basically.. I have chosen about 400 of the BEST people I have met on this server and I made an ELITIST NETWORK. The most GG. Smart.. Intelligent.. SKILLED... and just all around best humans I have met on this server...Everyone I know... We are an army... The cream of the crop... the top of the top... Why do you think act so arrogant? Its because I can be.. I have every item on the server... I do top 1% of the highest PVE DPS out of all sorcerers in this game.. everytime.. EVERYWHERE. My PvP skills are nowhere near best (All hail God Illustrated!!) but I am happy where I stand... So you think... somebody like me.. actually gives a flying F.. if someone like you blocks them? Do you think I even listen to people who I never play with? Everytime some random comes to my whispers with some BS I do not care about.. it always ends bad.. stay away from me :DDDDDDDD Sometimes when I am bored I actually offer kinah to any "person" like you to block me. And when I am really bored.. I just flame you real.. real bad and earn it. ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *^_^' EDIT* Oh btw.. Yes, ofc from now on I will just flame him until I get bored or forget about this encounter ever happened. He deserves and earned it.. I dont know what these people expect from me at this point. It should be clear.
  10. Which side and class ???

    Asmodians have been dominating for the past.... 7 months or so.. but recently, for a few weeks now elyos is kind of making a comeback.. currently Elyos 92% - Asmo 8% but who knows how real those stats are because of the history I just gave you. Basically you can go wherever, it doesn't matter. Logically speaking. But you come Elyos side and pick a cool freaking name, look for the <Circle of Nine> and send whoever replies a link of this forum~ We are very nice to new players who havent been corrupted by the f.... nvm. I mean we are nice in general.. Uh.. uhm.. Not toxic. Welcome to euroaion~ See you on the battlefields if you so choose to be an asmodian~ -Omne *^_^'
  11. Player Disrespect

    Listen... Kid. Something about people like you.. humans.. like you, you walk around the earth thinking that everybody should be on YOUR time. Who are you to deserve a second of my life? I tried to talk to you. I tried to make you understand that.. I waited and gathered starters for 2 HOURS and I cant wait anymore but you wasn't hearing it.. When I recruited the group I specifically wanted people with everything ready. Do you know how many people applied to my runa bonus group as DPS? Over 5 people. Who were ready with keys... and I should wait for you? Did you ever think about that? Secondly, YES... I kicked you and invited someone else. So what? Why shouldn't I? Are you my friend? Are you my legion? What are you? Nobody. Random. Meaningless, completely irrelevant coincidence in this vast universe that will NEVER occur again in my life and so wasting even a second waiting for you is not... logical. It doesn't make sense to me. Now this is the best part... You proceed to call me a ********* ***** in my own whispers *insert evil laugh here* You made my day... I couldn't help but just smile... Imagine... the audacity *^_^' Like somehow, me kicking you from my group offending, kid... I am the group leader... I can kick anyone I want from the group if I so choose.... problem? Now, that I have stated it CLEARLY that you was in the wrong first.. You.. made the FIRST offense towards me. Whatever I retaliate with.. is fair game.. and I do not care.. or give a single flying.... What anybody else thinks. You came at me. First. Are you crazy? What did you expect? Its me.... And you are crying about it in forums as if I have ever hidden this side of me? You are stupid. And First of all... You.. or NOBODY on this earth can go around offending people FIRST and expect whatever the consequences of your actions to be according to your liking. Life is not a fantasy where you get to decide everything to turn out to be to your liking. The world is a cruel place. You wanted me to come to discord and so we can shout and scream at each other with no end? I say no Oh and a life tip bro: never make the mistake to assume what is normal to you is normal to someone else.. like morals... and rights or wrongs.. and.. And Values.. See what I'm trying to say to you is.. Your values.. are different from mine. I value RESPECT. SMART. UNDERSTANDING HUMANS. If you come to me with IDIOCY, STUPIDITY and DISRESPECT FIRST.. the consequences will be extremely severe. Real life or otherwise.. That being said, I am currently in Finland, a city called - Joensuu. If you ever want to visit here, contact me in discord Omneity #2604. I can be your guide, we have nice girls.. the weather is pretty cold.. but summers.. summers are alright. Yo' fookin' trash... -Omneity, Over and out~
  12. Bard ninjas Taha GS

    Nooooooo waayyy you actually punished someone for ninja looting? I am so proud of you guys!! Good job! *^_^'
  13. PvP tier list

    Play ranger, it is VERY scary. You have damage, you have mobility, mau form to run from zergs (there will be zergs), speed boosts, you have crowd control, you have silence, you have demobilizations, you have hide to choose and pick your fights, element of surprise. You will have fun. There is only one single catch.. Do not give up on the class, stick with it until you are full 2 star gear, Runa BOW, RST or Bastion fuse +15. Then you will really see its true potential, in full strife the class is pretty depressing. Disclaimer* What I say below is GENERAL opinion. Do not take the information provided below and try to apply to individual players, if you see a certain class is ranked higher it doesn't mean you will win against highly exceptional people who have mastered certain classes. But as far as my GENERAL opinion in my PvP Tier list.. it goes like this... Spiritmaster S++ (God Tier) 1 v 1 or 3 v 3, even world. If you use everything in your skill bar you should not lose to any class 1 v 1. AetherTech S+ (Legendary) 1 v 1 S++ or 3 v 3, it lacks in world PvP.. but this class always pulls miracles... nobody knows why you cant sleep it or cant stun it or resist random debuffs.. nobody knows why they win but they win. Gunslinger S (Mythic) 1 v 1 miracle workers, 3 v 3 capable, world PvP better than AT, excels in flight PvP -80 flight skill to kill transformers with low flight in reshanta sieges with 0 gear. TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROLL CLASS. Ranger A+ Eternal (Check above) Sorcerer A - This class a lot of knowledge to master, its a chess. Not checkers. Master of crowd control, the moment you lose control and start becoming a brainless glass cannon, that's when you become skill-capped like me, sometimes I forget I have sleeps~ *^_^' Gladiator B... its very painful to play this class in 1 v 1.. or maybe its because I am a sorcerer I find them weak. But in group PvP they are S+++Gods *^_^' Templars? I dont know... pull 1 2 3 4 pull 5 6 7? whatever who cares.. :DD Bard... is very meh, all bards are complaining about 4.6 they want higher patches Assassin depends on your ping first of all before anything else like skill or gear Clerics are S++++ tier in group pvp situation, Chanters are good in PvP but you need a very skilled one, or they instantly become useless.
  14. Safety of our Euro Aion Accounts

    1. Even you say it was his fault. 2. So arent the the GMs allowed to reply that again? 3. 2-way authenticators were not made for people like your friend, they are meant for people who want EXTRA security on their accounts and people like that do not give away their account information in the first place. 4. According to the information provided above, it is evident to me that your friend would have given away his 2-way authenticator information too. 5. The GMs probably have 1,000 pending tickets to read and to solve, even if you can prove that yes the gear was deleted items were lost.. why would they spend time fixing something that shouldn't have happened in the first place when they have real issues to deal with? 6. You feel insecure? why? did you also give your account info to someone else? because if not.. you ok? 7. So your friend spends that much money in this game and proceeds to give away his account just like that. Huh.. I see. Interesting. @Meilo You are trolling in this post right? You cant be serious.. logically speaking, Imagine burning your own house and then asking for insurance compensations.. What are you doing? He should also be very grateful that all whoever got into that account just deleted a few parts of his katalamize gear and left him the wings. Also BIG WHY? Why would you destroy his gear and leave his wings? That doesn't make sense. You would think they would go for the wings first... right? Or am I just too evil... All I'm saying is.. if you are going to leave his wings, leave his gear for him too. *^_^'
  15. GEARING GUIDE: A loners path to the top~

    So.... how is the gearing going since may?