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    Don't violate the rules and you won't be blocked. You will be unbanned on Monday.
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    The payment paypal and Paysafe are no longer there, so now I have been deprived of all opportunities to donate, which I find very unfortunate
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    I agree that something has to be done about stigma shards. At the moment the few classes which can get away with one build rip off other classes which are not so lucky. THATS the actual advantage stigma shards give. I currently stay support most of the week because of swb every day - maybe some pro people can heal Def group in DPS but I definitely can't and don't want to risk 24 people's work go to waste. Doing anything in OW is a torture - you can't fight back unless you outgear your opponent by a ton, farming shards and crystals for instance is TEDIOUS with the 4 skills we can use - and I'm not switching for just one hour a day. I already only do arenas once a week - and pray that I kill enough people to get the return on this at least (killing 5 gives 700 stigma shards). I skip Tia sieges all week except for one day cause I can't get shit on support build - not changing even 2 stigmas just for 15 min twice a day. Katalam and abyss - basically I either switch 2 supp stigmas for DPS if I can afford or just DPS in support and hope for the best. Alternatively not going at all cause it's NOT FUN to try to kill things on support. Basically, IMO I should not be forced to juggle like this and consider/skip every activity in the game through my current stigma build while some classes can just go yolo and have fun with all stigmas same all their life or maybe swapping one or two. I honestly don't care what measures could be implemented but it can't stay like this...