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    When u use /where ...name... and can find location is captain up. Elyos Captains in camp: Asmodian Captains in camp: Balaur Captains in camp:
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    Godstone – is an item that we use on weapons to imbue the weapon with a special ability. Godstone can be superior, heroic & fabled types. It imbues the weapon with a special power: damage, stun, silence, blinding and paralyze. Players can add Godstone to their weapon by visiting NPC Berus at Sanctum & NPC Genoti at Pandaemonium. We can get Godstone in several ways 1. Buy for Abyss Point (AP) NPC Melicar at Sanctum & NPC Dein at Pandaemonium. NPC Badurun at Idian Depths sells recipes for craft Godstone.2. Craft 3. Quest rewards in Reshanta In Reshanta will open warrior liquidation quests chain after players reach 25lvl. First quest Elyos can get from NPC Calon «Defeat 9th Rank Asmodian Soldiers», Asmodians – NPC Lisya «Defeat 9th Rank Elyos Soldiers». The next stage of quests is «Defeat 4th Rank Asmodian Soldiers» NPC Sakmis for Elyos & «Defeat 4th Rank Elyos Soldiers» NPC Semotor for Asmodians. And finally, players can start quests to get Godstone! NPC Michalis at Teminon Fortress gives Elyos quests [Group] Confront Asmodian Officers, [Group] Confront Asmodian Generals, [Week./Party] Endless Battle with the Officer, [Week./Party] Endless Battle with the Officer. NPC Votan at Primum Fortress gives Asmodians quests [Group] Challenge Elyos Officers, [Group] Challenge Elyos Generals, [Week./Party] Endless Battle with the Officer, [Week./Party] Endless Battle with the General. 4. Organizations Radiant Ops / Blood Crusade NPC Basileides at Teminon Fortress or NPC Lesarius at Inggison Elyos can buy [Radiant Lesser Godstone Pack] for 35 Radiant Token. NPC Kisment at Primum Fortress or NPC Nispero at Gelkmaros Asmodians can buy [Crusader's Lesser Godstone Pack] for 35 Crusader Token. Fortuneer / Charlirunerk's Daemons NPC Chloris at Inggison sells Elyos [Fortuneer's Godstone Pack] for 35 Fortuneers Token. NPC Quenerk at Gelkmaros sells Asmodians [Daemon's Godstone Pack] for 35 Daemon Token. Silverine Limited NPC Borinerk at Kaisinel's Beacon sells Elyos [Godstone Bundle from Silverine Limited] for 30 Silverine Insignia. NPC Dongrunerk at Danuar Spire sell Asmodians [Godstone Bundle from Silverine Limited] for 30 Silverine Insignia. 5. World drop & Godstone Guestbloom Players can get Godstone from killed monsters in every location and instance. NPC Framiden from Oriel & NPC Portnaon from Pernon sell Godstone Guestbloom for 600 Guestpetal. Water Guestbloom 600 times and you can get heroic Godstone from the bundle. We present to your attention a table with a description of the Godstone: This is video with Godstone Animation
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    Since Slayer form removes candy form, assassins can't use them, while every other class can. Even though not useable, no one even buys the candy boxes, because people got ****load of them. So is can assassins get something else for staying online or that is not possible? Bonus for the lulz:
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    this event has to has some or the worst rewards ive seen on any server for any event! really the rewards are pure junk the only thing worth getting which is practically no chance is tempering. why isnt there an increased chance of cera medals, enchantment stones, RST or DR wep boxes seriously whats with the 15 day mount! really!!! Tahabata Egg (15 days) good Mini Crystal Lucid Shield crap Tempering Solution good but impossible to get Spotted Beachwear crap Sharptooth Voidtracer (15 days) crap [Event] Beritra Idian Pouch crap Noble Composite Manastone Bundle ok [Event] Ancient Coin Chest ok Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal) ok Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) good Ceramium Medal good impossible to get Armor Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) ok Accessory Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) ok Weapon Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) ok Precious Steampunk Wings crap Leopard Headpiece crap