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  1. Didn’t take long!

    I just done a search and found 3 with people even mentioning they are using it here I can’t be arsed with it not worth my time
  2. Reconquista invincible glad rm

    All the same these players are so bad they have to come to private servers to use hacks and kill of the server, I for 1 have now stopped playing cba which these cheaters anymore
  3. Didn’t take long!

    I see it didn’t take long for these retards who can’t play to start using hacks! It’s the same as every other private server claim they don’t tolerate people hacking when the server is full of them! well guess what! No more of my time or money wasted on this shit I can already see the steady decline of players which isNt surprising tbh
  4. Massive send-logg

    I’ve been getting the same it just randomly happens
  5. dred leave instance button

    everytime i enter dred i cant leave the instance as the leave button dont work and i cant log out either so im having to force close the game
  6. dred afk

    can u do something about the players that afk dred please heres one from a run i just done
  7. can anyone help ive checked all over heiron and there are no quests for me to get into kromedes trial ive relogged and logged out for a while