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  1. dred afk

    can u do something about the players that afk dred please heres one from a run i just done
  2. can anyone help ive checked all over heiron and there are no quests for me to get into kromedes trial ive relogged and logged out for a while
  3. im off bye bye

    thought id give your server 1 last try see if you made any positive changes but no you haven't. you messed with enchant rates to get people to buy from your shop which btw is way over priced. enchant rates are that low its pathetic! @TheAlmighty if you truly want an active server with players staying not just making a toon playing a few weeks then quiting and getting bored of no progression then id advise you to fix the enchant rates. were not stupid we dont forget how low they were on retail so we know you have changed them here. ive spent over £200 in your shop but i will no longer support your server when you are getting just like gameforge! GREEDY im off and i can promise i wont be back or falling for one of your server name changes again
  4. More survey sites, more Exposure/Ecoins?

    dont bank on it m8 they want you to buy the coins
  5. why have you fucked with the enchant rates on this server they are NOT the same as the rates when this server was retail
  6. [Event] Shugo Kingdom Adventure

    this event has to has some or the worst rewards ive seen on any server for any event! really the rewards are pure junk the only thing worth getting which is practically no chance is tempering. why isnt there an increased chance of cera medals, enchantment stones, RST or DR wep boxes seriously whats with the 15 day mount! really!!! Tahabata Egg (15 days) good Mini Crystal Lucid Shield crap Tempering Solution good but impossible to get Spotted Beachwear crap Sharptooth Voidtracer (15 days) crap [Event] Beritra Idian Pouch crap Noble Composite Manastone Bundle ok [Event] Ancient Coin Chest ok Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal) ok Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) good Ceramium Medal good impossible to get Armor Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) ok Accessory Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) ok Weapon Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) ok Precious Steampunk Wings crap Leopard Headpiece crap
  7. Bleisik - asmo ranger

    guys keep your eyes out for asmo ranger called Bleisik, was just in tia eye and he couldn,t catch me was 38 meters away as i was watching then suddenly he was 13 meters away they dont have any skill you put you 25 meters ahead hes usuing hack im going back in now so will record it
  8. Covid is still a problem

    Can we see an event with ap and cera medals as rewards pls as this patch was always made for those who had no jobs so took months to get
  9. Didn’t take long!

    I see it didn’t take long for these retards who can’t play to start using hacks! It’s the same as every other private server claim they don’t tolerate people hacking when the server is full of them! well guess what! No more of my time or money wasted on this shit I can already see the steady decline of players which isNt surprising tbh
  10. Didn’t take long!

    I just done a search and found 3 with people even mentioning they are using it here I can’t be arsed with it not worth my time
  11. Reconquista invincible glad rm

    All the same these players are so bad they have to come to private servers to use hacks and kill of the server, I for 1 have now stopped playing cba which these cheaters anymore
  12. Massive send-logg

    I’ve been getting the same it just randomly happens
  13. dred leave instance button

    everytime i enter dred i cant leave the instance as the leave button dont work and i cant log out either so im having to force close the game