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  1. Asmo and elyos

  2. Consume ticket with arena pass

    That would be doing things right... how many times has the administration made a change that is to improve the game experience? NEVER.
  3. [Event] Save the Harvest!

    Good advice, let me give one to you, accepting mistakes helps you improve. We all wanted Shugos and they put on the worst event I remember since 2020.
  4. Shop items

    Why did you tell me it wasn't possible and now it is?
  5. Adjustment to Make Server More Interesting

    It's a nice idea but the reality is that most of the people, the same ones that forced the removal of HP from the pvp arenas, would connect double accounts and get the rewards without having to pvp.
  6. [Event] Can you get our paws?!

    Will the event items disappear after the 18th?
  7. bullying

    This is bullying? Go to play SM...
  8. Pay-to-Win & Bye Ratings

    Every major change you make to the game only serves to destroy it a little more.
  9. OUTLAWS - Legión de habla hispana

    No, la única legión de habla hispana que queda es Ositos en bragas.
  10. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    " Snowflakes from +1 to +10 are NOT tradeable! ATTENTION! The snowflakes can only be transfered within the account. Exchange and trade for them is not available. After 2 weeks from the event all the snowflakes will melt down and disappear from your inventories! Hurry up to open them all! "
  11. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    Obviously many of us left the server when they removed the PH from the arenas (me the first), others held on until they got fed up with the DDOS attacks and many others are waiting for the CLASSIC to arrive to leave this server for good. Now they want to kill the only decent event in the game because 4 rats ask for it, if the administrators listen to them, we warned them that they would load the game with the new arena system, we were ignored. EuroAion's future is nowhere and they absolutely deserve it.
  12. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Rank reset is a good idea. What they have done is an ABERRATION (arenas, unrated leagues and ignoring that the vast majority of forum users were against these changes BEFORE IMPLEMENTING THEM).
  13. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Confirmed, yesterday at the Bastion the subject was being discussed and of the 24 people, 3 (me included) will leave the game for not being able to maintain the rank without pvp arenas. You are seeing how many people are not happy with these changes, you have not yet implemented it so I hope that at a MINIMUM you reconsider the decision, for now the only thing that is proven is that the opinion of the players who have made it possible for EuroAion to be nº1 matters very little. Excuse my English, I know that Google Translator is not the best tool.
  14. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Those of us who work late don't have access to maintain/get the rank we want (in my case, just Officer 2) because you took away the arenas, which were 80% of my daily AP. Those of us who cannot go to Kamars, Yogurmans (in the morning it is very tight on time) and sieges (at night the same) we will not be able to get AP so thanks for forcing me to leave the game, because without access to the PVP set you do not have sense to keep playing. I hope that in the future you will reconsider this, because I am convinced that many will find themselves in a situation similar to mine. Greetings.
  15. reporting gunner Bombany

    My advice, seeing how things work (esto parece mi Españita, donde el culpable siempre es el agredido y no el agresor) on this server, is to NEVER make instances with randoms, always with friends, and thus you will avoid this type of problems.