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TheAlmighty    101

Hellow, dear players!


In this topic you can just have some fun, we aren't running for any prizes.

Let's make a story together. A funny and full of actions story. Everyone can add a line into it, and completely change the plot. 


The main point is to fully change the storyline after the previous participant. So to say, you stop the character from doing one thing and make him to do something else. If one player says that the boy goes to school, you say that he has suddenly fallen into a hole, and the third says that the hole had a ladder, so the boy could get out and so on :) 

A few restricions:

- No offences, curses, strong language, no impermissible information and statements, including the information that is illegal, destructive, rude, vulgar, containing threats and offences, expressing hatred, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

- No flood (let's leave this topic for the story :))

And please, try to limit yourself by just a couple of sentences :)

So, I begin:

A Spiritmaster was walking in Heiron, when he noticed treasures in the middle of the path. He decided to check it, while no one is around and started moving closer to it...

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Antonio    12

As the Spiritmaster was getting closer to them, they started to glow and glow more powerfully as he was getting closer...

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Winter    6

So distracted by the mesmerizing gold, he had paid no attention to his wind spirit! 

It starts eating the gold and chokes. The Spiritmaster has a difficult choice ahead, save his beloved pet or make a lonesome return to Heiron's Gates with as much gold as he could carry, but no glory.

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Niiirvy    0


The assassin was looking the situation, and accidentaly fell from his mount.

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