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  1. [Screeshots] Christmas Moments!

    Name: Winter Faction: Asmodian Lighting up Pernon's Christmas tree~ Casting midnight spells of peace upon atreia~
  2. Cleric PvP #2

    Had to remove my videos due to copyright issues~ Thanks to the people willing to spend hours dueling w me to make them. It's been a fun process C:
  3. Cleric PvP #2

    Most of this footage is taken from my twitch broadcasts:
  4. .Cancel command

  5. Comprehensive Money Making Guide

    I just wrote a guide that somewhat explains the price inconsistency of the broker and how to use that to your own advantage. Truthfully it's how I earn all my kinah to buy composites that cost merely 40m each~ But I can't entirely guarantee it's going to make you a billionaire.
  6. Manipulate the economy [GUIDE]

    Manipulate The Economy! We've all seen it happen. The price of potions, stigma shards, scrolls, ancient coins, or even godstones suddenly starts to sky rocket. But why? and more importantly, how do you predict something like that? Especially lately, I see a lot of people qq'ing about never being able to reach the end-game gear and manastone build they so dearly wish for at the rate of which they're earning kinah. But I doubt they're taking advantage of the very obvious gold mine that's right infront of them. A.K.A The broker. Example number 1: The server has been reset quite often the past two weeks. What do most people think when that happens? ''TIME TO PLAY ALL DAY ALL NIGHT ZERO SLEEP FULL TRYHARD PVE BOIIII''. What you should be thinking: <--------- Infinity shard entry item - All the people thinking ''OH I SHOULD DO ALL INSTANCES TODAY!!!'', are going to be the ones buying this from you. Because heck, they don't have time to farm these themselves, the server is going to reset! MUST-RUSH-ALL-INSTANCES-ASAP! D:< > Pay attention to Antonio announcing the server is going to restart and put them on the broker for 700k~1m each and enjoy the free kinah. I farm about 50 a day of these. Mainly obtained from in this area: Example number 2: The economy is currently shifting. Today Strange Ide Crystals may be 1m each and tomorrow they might not be worth anything. So you have to keep asking yourself, ''what does the server need right now?''. I'll answer that for you as of 11-14-2019 These potions are arguably the EASIEST to craft and used by literally everyone that even dares to step out of a safe zone and PvP. One craft gives 3x Greater Healing Potions, so let's say you have enough materials for 300x (which is really not that many materials), Is already a free 20m. Too lazy to gather the materials required? NP. Go do your BM weeklies, daily instances, and just use your DP to morph them. Type: /where Relir For the morphing designs. Example number 3 (ONLY FOR GENERALS): As any active magical class would have noticed by now, there's little to no Magic Attack idians on the broker. For a general, one magical idian would cost 10k ap. usually, they're sold for 5m each, however, since there are zero of them on the broker, you can obviously get away with upping that price to... let's be cocky and say 7-8m. Now, I know what you're thinking ''BUT I NEED AP TO BUY STAR 2 SET QQ''. You shouldn't go out there and spend all your AP on idians just because the economy is lacking them. Go to Idian Depths, farm some crystals at the location given above (100 AP each). Or even better, farm Dogs. (4.4k ap each dog when farming with AP amulet). There's 6 dogs on the entire map with a 10 minute respawn time. So that's 26k ap in 10 minutes. So it really shouldn't be a big deal. Location of dogs: (they also drop Ancient Coins and lots of gear when you kill them. screw this guide honestly, just nolife farm those instead!). ....JK. Example number 4: Let's think about gear. Sure, some people already have their officer star 2 set completed. Some supports have the patience to farm a full kahrun set. (bless them). But what about the melees of this server? I'm pretty sure my point here is obvious. EXTENDABLES. All you really need to is know what materials to save for when people have finally prayed their braincells away to the RNG gods and recieved their weapon from DLR. They are already being bought from the broker for quite a high price. Even the materials that i'm sure you, reading this, has thrown away thinking it was garbage. ^ One of the materials needed, and believe it or not, people are already buying the materials. Hence why there aren't any on broker. Personally, I've been giving away the requirements to craft the extendie to friends, but if you prioritize getting rich, you should totally give it a shot. Bonus entry: You could always try to go Morheim and farm the 3 elites that drop a shit ton of gear on multiple clients. But to be honest, Givi lives, breathes, and sleeps there... So unless you feel like DPS racing every mob, I wouldn't recommned that one. But hey, be my guest. Oh wait.... How can I forget! Example number 4: Be a wallet warrior! <3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sincerely hope this will help someone out there pay for the current insane prices of composite manastones, stigma shards, 100% sockets, and all that good stuff that we so desperately need in our lives to succesfully int. Thank you for reading this guide.
  7. Manipulate the economy [GUIDE]

    *This guide is mainly intended for beginners, experienced Aion veterans will not gain as much value out of the information listed below.
  8. These changes are very good.
  9. If you feel like writing the guide, you should just do it. Throw all the opinions of people that don't play Aethertech out of the window and contribute to the current small community the class has with intentions of making it grow. Besides, there's currently an event running: There haven't been any entries so far, meaning the earlier and more detailed guide you decide to write, the bigger chances of earning Ecoins for it. A win for your pocket, And a win for the community. Best of luck to you :>
  10. Its another time me with texture stuck T-T

    Writing /Escape in-game should work aswell
  11. Cleric Solo PVP

    Do not take this video too serious, most oppoments were encountered while farming in underground or doing BM Weekly therefor i'm aware of the gear indifferences. This video was planned to be much longer and with multiple layers to it (Group pvp, 1v1s against specific people, and all that good stuff). However I had to cut it short due to some in-game issues and lack of motivation. I hope some may still find it enjoyable. Apologies if my clicking bothers you, bad habits die hard <3
  12. What a twist!

    So distracted by the mesmerizing gold, he had paid no attention to his wind spirit! It starts eating the gold and chokes. The Spiritmaster has a difficult choice ahead, save his beloved pet or make a lonesome return to Heiron's Gates with as much gold as he could carry, but no glory.