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  1. What a twist!

    The assassin was looking the situation, and accidentaly fell from his mount.
  2. macro bugged

    Coucou Je te déconseille de jouer en FR Arrivé a Tiamaranta et + quasi tous les noms des mobs sont bug. Le problème des macro était déjà présent sur ofi. Aucun problème en anglais. Si besoin je peux t'expliquer comment avoir le jeu en anglais, mais les dialogues FR Bon jeu
  3. Hey ! I was wondering if you plan to add new skins to shop. In eu Gameforge we had all Tiamat skin / weapons at shop. They were more like clothing, so we were able to skin Tiamat leather / chain on Plate (for exemple) Here is one part for exemple : I would instabuy it
  4. Hi, no "Killing for castor" quest Nick : Casseurs, lvl 30
  5. Sorcerer DPS

    Really usefull, i'll use Searing bolt from now. Thx ! Edit : Due to animation, i recommend to use it only at Charge 1
  6. Transphobia

    "fdp" mean "Son of a bitch", and they keep telling her she's not a women, but an anormal thing who don't deserve to exist etc etc
  7. Hi, there is an issue with the french version of the game. Many mobs / Npc have a wrong name. I was very surprised to see a Wolf named "Eyudaru Gishoom, cela ne fait que commencer!" (Grendal quote) And so many others. Will you fix that ? Thank's for your amazing job on this server
  8. Maintenance 27.09

    Hi, will you fix the bug for the Steel Rake Prequest ?