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  1. what happened with Ely?

    I wouldn't mind following a leader who can actually lead and has the Governor title AND the respect of all if not most players of their race. But if you're arrogant and egiostic who prefers "hey, I'm your Governor, now kiss my feet and make me a sandwich" mindset, I think it's safe to say that this kind of leader deserves to get hit by a truck in RL, and then rolled over on reverse with the driver sticking their middle finger. Guess I watched too many horror movies to come up with that, lmao! I can't get that scene out of my head. But yeah, someone who thinks they're an Alpha/Pro/Elite in a game and puts you down because you're just level 52? Don't want that kind of attitude in game, it's not attractive and resembles the community IF they actually back that Governor's approach instead of going against him/her. Probably why others just want to leech and not follow orders because of leader's poor persona? Got a long way to earn respect on that note. It's not handed to you on a platter just because you're ranked Governor. So for all the Governors out there, if you want to show that Euro Aion is worth playing and staying for a while, then please do us all a favour and tone down that attitude. Lead as if you're a GM, just there to ensure everyone has the fun and not just you.
  2. What a twist!

    The Assassin dusted himself off, looked at the Spiritmaster and said "Gu yur ghrf hrjp wrdh khft?", which the Spiritmaster Google translated to understand what the Assassin said...
  3. what happened with Ely?

    Nope, not entirely true as the exp is balanced between both and the similarities of quests are on parallel. The problem is with leveling up that players are doing it wrong. Not seeing players use free exp-boost consumables that last an hour or so either (maybe they need more as 1 hour is not enough?). We have an overpowered starter gear which you can use to skip maps (follow yellow main questline, ignore lightblue quests) as long as you can battle red quest-mobs and get more exp from higher level areas. Sell the coins you get from quest NPCs to vendors for kinah. Once players pass the Ascension, they are free to skip most of the lightblue quests that hinder your progress and keep you in the same map longer. You're fighting against gray mobs, why? Of course, if you are a returning player for the nostalgia of old-school grind, more fun for you. Drama I agree with. Also there are 3v3 Arena invitiations on LFG going on, than doing what's important to represent the Elyos force - do sieges, do gear farms to help fellow players. Help each other out than just helping your legion. Social activities is the problem as no one wants to group and quest together for an hour to boost their levels 10-fold. Boys just want to be //foreveralone because you have a female character. What, still think having a male charater means you're a female player behind it? That's old news. And then there's overpricing of items. If you want to overprice things, make sure you're going use that advantage to better your character and get out there to boost Elyos' standing. It's pointless to rip people off so you can get maxed ended gear just to sit around admiring your charcter and posting links on chat "hey, lookey here my weapon, hahaha! <Ultimate Weapon +50>". Seriously? Like they say, "it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it".
  4. alt tab problem

    If you're play on Full Screen mode, that will happen. You need Windowed mode (borderless if you don't want borders) to tab out of the game.
  5. Account password insecurity

    Translates to: Dear ******, There is on Monday, December 30, 19: 03 near Paris. France, with ****** ********** logged into your Marketplace account (***** haven't logged on to Your Market Place account from this device before. We send you this e-mail to make sure it was you. If you just logged in, you don't have to do anything else. It wasn't me. If you haven't logged in, change your password using the link below. Change my password Better protect Account? With the SMS security check, your Marketplace account will be even better. protected. Find out more? Here we explain it extensively Yours sincerely, The Marketplace team __________________________________________________ REMOVE THE PIC FROM YOUR POST (Admins should delete it as it's viewed by others, not wise to post it in public) It's a "phising" email that tries to compel you to click a link or a button, which then either redirects you to a virus-infected website that will auto-download malware or downloads a virus/malicious file once you click the link or button. If you are concerned about your password or account infos, the most important thing is to check the links by right-clicking and then click "copy link address" and then paste them here PhisingCheck or Link Checker. SMS? they want to steal your identity. Most mobile owners have their name and address assigned to their phone numbers, that's how they'll know you. Worst case? They will steal all your contacts and also put them at risk. Marketplace Team? Never heard of it, not even in EuroAion. And I know Mods/Admins of EuroAion will never ask you for passwords to your account. Safety first, if anyone is impersonating as EuroAdmin GM or any of the Staff whom you do not recognise, but asks for your account credentials, screenshot and report them either directly to the Mod/Admins here, or at the report section. Example similar login reports you get is from a Google account. If you logged in on another device, it'll tell you the IP address and location of your last login so you can recognise it. This Marketplace doesn't do that (another flaw pointed).
  6. Remodel Restriction

    NCsoft changed it so the publishers can make more money. Before, you could change by using any wings' skin on level 30 wings, and then later when you get better wings like level 50, you can use level 30 wings' appearance to change level 50 wings' appearance. But never mind. I expected the Admin/Mod to revert the changes for me over testing something worth 240 ECoins just to realise it's gone to waste. Thanks for the infos DevWolx. NCsoft clearly hasn't done their work instead of getting paid for half-baked effort. They could've at least stated a warning on the remodeler window that "if you are using skin to remodel, the skin will disappear and you will not be able to remodel from the remodeled item".
  7. Remodel Restriction

    What part of my posts don't you understand? You're saying exactly what I'm saying, but you refuse to understand the second part of it. I know it has never made a problem with anyone because they used their "skin" item to remodel their best gear. It would be a problem for everyone if they did what I did. Did they use the skins to test the "Can only be used once to remodel appearance" theory, or used it on a gear they knew is not their best? No they did not. I used my skin item to remodel the starter gear, where everyone looks the same. That's not end/best gear is it?
  8. Remodel Restriction

    This is where you don't understand. I know if I want to remodel a skin to a level 30 item, that skin is gone. That's great and as intended. But to use that level 30's remodeled skin onto a level 65 item, that can't be done. Even though the level 30 item had stated Can only be used once to remodel appearance which meant that it STILL has 1 turn left. But not until you remodel that level 30 item with a skin, it then states unable to extract appearance instead of retaining Can only be used once to remodel appearance. You see where I'm going with this? I'll buy another skin if I didn't use that skin to test it on a low level item.
  9. Suggestion

    *sigh* Some people just need to use the technology that is available right in front of them. Could've copied that button text and used Google Translate to know what it means. Or scan the actual page for anything that can translate the WHOLE page if using Google Chrome. Anyways, more French translation below for Mister Antigel (don't like Hair Gel? Lol!). Le French text below: J'ai lu ce que vous avez écrit sur la langue des chats et des chiens, c'est pourquoi j'ai traduit mon post précédent avec des photos pour vous. Vous êtes arrivé à un stade où vous pouviez voir PayPal. Pouvez-vous sélectionner, copier et coller du texte sur Google Translate pour comprendre la signification des boutons? Utilisez-le si vous ne l'avez pas déjà fait: Soit dit en passant, 500 ECoins valent 9 £, ce qui signifie environ 10,57 euros. Vous devez vous aider afin de déplacer cette barrière linguistique, comme je l'ai dit, copiez-collez tout texte que vous souhaitez comprendre et utilisez Google à votre avantage.
  10. Remodel Restriction

    Misleading because two items says Can only be used once to remodel appearance which I understand that the item that will disappear for remodeling another item. But the item that HAS been remodeled SHOULD also have Can only be used once to remodel appearance so I can use this to remodel a better item. But the item that has been remodeled says unable to extract appearance. Which means we have to buy another skin to remodel gear better than the previous, and repeat every time?
  11. Remodel Restriction

    Why is it that ECoin Shop skins are restricted to remodel as often as one would like? I can only remodel once, but if I get better armour and want to remodel the remodeled armour, I can't do that due to this restriction: Can only be used once to remodel appearance. I understand you want to make money so you can keep the server up, but by this kind of practice, I don't think I'll buy anything else from the shop yet until I hit level 65. Because I can't use the remodeled armour skin to remodel better armour later on. And it seems like a mistake to remodel early in level. Don't tell me this is how it is in retail Aion because I might as well buy things on Gameforge instead of here if I want them as restricted and misleading. In another server, you can put Mounts in account warehouse to share between your characters. That's nice. Misleading because that restriction notice is stated on both items, why? When you remodel an armour with an armour that has 1 remodel left, it'll disappear once you remodel that armour. The skin is destroyed in the process regardless of it having that "Can only be used once to remodel appearance" too.
  12. Suggestion

    Insert ECoin amount, press Donate and there's PayPal (see pics). Insérez le montant ECoin, appuyez sur Donate et il y a PayPal (voir photos).
  13. Insult

    Could have taken a moment to look at similar reports just 3-5 threads below and find out what happens with reports such as these, that have no affect on a ban.
  14. Noob question

    Yes, it's that Flight Teleporter statue. Aparently they removed the NPC you usually speak to and fly around the map. But instead, you click the statue with wings and teleport anywhere it allows in the area. The only NPC remains is the one that teleports you to different maps.
  15. Download EuroAion 4.6 (secondary)

    The total file size is 33.4 GB, not 47 GB. This is both from the download and from the links provided above.