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Antonio    14


Hello, dear players!aion_Ophidan_Bridge.thumb.jpg.72afbdc79916bbb313f545e12ba84991.jpg


Did you knew that EuroAion has a discord server with over 3.000+ members ?

In the Discord server we have you can get in touch with almost every player from our server.

Talk about your favorite moments while playing EuroAion, how your day went, recruit members for your legion, find group members and much more.

But in order to do all of those, you first must read the rules and get assigned with a role!

Discord server rules:



  • 1.Please, respect all people in this discord server.
  • 2.Do not make offensive or obscene nicknames.
  • 3.Do not impersonate staff
  • 4.Do not abuse the Administration and do not treat it inadequately.
  • 5.Do not sell/buy in game currency (kinah) and do not sell/exchange/buy game accounts and characters.
  • 6.Do not give misleading information about the Administration and/or about players, and do not spread personal conversations with the Administration in any form, without pre-approval.
  • 7.No spamming. This includes text walls, zalgo text, duplicate text, or any other form of it (also tagging a player for no reason).
  • 8. Contact the moderators/administrators/helpers under the #support_en / #support_ru & #make-a-ticket channel/category for support only.
  • 9. Respect opinions of other users. Feel free to debate, but keep the discussion objective and respectful.
  • 10. No racism or NSFW content.
  • 11. If your behavior is not appropriate for this server, the staff have the ability to enforce a mute/kick/ban even if it does not line up with the rules.
  • BOT RULES: 1. Don't make multiple tickets without any reason.


How to get assigned with a role:



The official staff members of the Discord server are:



  • EuroAion#7017 - Admin
  • Nimfeya - Лидия#0593 - Admin
  • Antonio#8685 - Moderator
  • Purrfect#6948 - Moderator
  • Shyro#2323 - Helper in the Discord server.
  • Jennie#2275 - Helper in the Discord server.



We are waiting for you and your friends to join our Discord server through this invite link:


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TheAlmighty    272
On 8/1/2020 at 1:47 AM, YEG said:

Probably banned for no reasons, like 50 to 60% of thoses "3000 players"


Not banned. The problem with the link is fixed. 

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