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      No war! Нет войне!   03/01/2022

      Dear players, the project does not support the criminal actions of Russia towards Ukraine!
      Everyone can stop this meaningless war and must do everything for it.
      If you're in Russia, stop listening to propaganda! Use alternative information resources. The reality is not what you receive.
      Please, think about the future of your country and do all you can! Now the access to the forum is limited for the users with Russian IP addresses. For these users, there's redirection to the other resource with the addressing speech to the Russian citizens.
      This is the decision of the hosting holding our forum and we cannot influence it.

      However, do not make the chat totally offensive. Please, do not raise this topic in the game or we will have to set punishments.
        Уважаемые пользователи сервера, мы категорически не поддерживаем преступные действия РФ в отношении Украины!
      Каждый кто может остановить эту бессмысленную войну должен сделать для этого все.
      Если вы находитесь в России, перестаньте слушать пропаганду! Посмотрите альтернативные источники которых достаточно. Реальность совсем не такая, как вам подносится.
      Пожалуйста, задумайтесь о будущем вашей же страны и сделайте все что в ваших силах!

      Сейчас доступ к форуму ограничен для пользователей с русскими IP. Происходит редирект на сторонний ресурс с обращением к гражданам РФ.
      Это позиция хостинга где находится наш форум, мы на это не влияем. Но, пожалуйста, давайте не превращать чат в игре в сплошные оскорбления. Пожалуйста, не затрагивайте эту тему в игре, иначе мы будем вынуждены выдавать наказания.    


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  1. Donations for the project

    So the final point about PayPal as a payment method, it will not happen, we can not introduce Paypal to our list for many reasons, I hope you all understand it and there are other ways for you to pay, check our payment methods on the website are a lot of options innit.
  2. Hey @christin, So for the correct start of the game, it is necessary to check the files and get the updates. Please, press the "check" button in the launcher before starting the game but if the previous solution didn't help, please, re-download our launcher: https://euroaion.com/files/euroaion.exe, with all of these changes you should be able to join our server, let me know if your problem got solved. Regards Christof.
  3. Battle Ping anyone can help? :D

    I think you should contact their support team, we can not help you with their software, and if you're trying to get a better ping my personal advice is to get VPNgame it's one of the best VPNs at the moment.
  4. inappropriate language

    If the players write something that goes against our rules, and you've got proof of it(screenshot or video) we will do something about it, and yes we care about all players on the server, and please send that information to us.
  5. inappropriate language

    yes, they got it.
  6. inappropriate language

    The player has received the punishment, thanks for your report.
  7. Hello @QuadDMG, Send logs are caused by the corrupted game client and/or wrong software. Please, install all the programs from the following topic: https://forum.euroaion.com/topic/19-possible-problems-with-the-game-client/, even if you already have higher versions of those. Pay attention to the installation of DirectX! In order to fix the game client, add the game to the white list of all your antimalware programs, including windows defender and firewall. Then check the game with the launcher. Make sure you didn't install any modifications to the game and downloaded the game client from us (without updating the other client). Let me know if this solved your problem, here.
  8. Hey, In our server, you can only have one capital letter and it is the first one, even if you use the name change it's the same situation, and of course no spaces between names.
  9. Hey, Please, provide the following info to our email [email protected] from the email LINKED TO THE ACCOUNT: -list of all characters on the account with their names, classes, and levels; -donation bills if there were any; -screenshots of level 65 and under; -possible username(s); -email linked to the account.
  10. Donations for the project

    I'm sorry to disappoint you guys but euroaion will not have Paypal as a payment option, most of you can't pay right now because of the world situation but if you use any crypto payment you won't have problems within.
  11. inappropriate language

    Hey @shaugaro thanks for the screenshots, spawn emotes in chat multiple times ain't allowed, about the whispers we don't do anything you can just block him.
  12. Hello @YOUNGBEAR, We can make a refund in this case. For this follow the instructions not what you provide. Throw away the wrong item and provide the screenshot. The screenshot must contain character nickname, ranking of ALL players or legions (abyss ranking list, NOT your OWN ranking), and server time (for this put the mouse on the small moon/sun near the navigating map). The chat on the screenshot must write: "You have discarded [the item]". For the refund, we will also need your account name. + link to the item in our game shop (for refund)
  13. Meistertitel

    Hey @Ich you can only have one master for the character (LVL +500), but you can switch between the crafts every time you will have to downgrade one craft to 499 and level another one to 500 with the master quest, but what most players do is one character for each craft.
  14. inappropriate language

    Hey @Cleopi, I'm very sorry to see that this happened to you but unfortunately, we have rules on the server about punishments and on that list, we can't set anything by whisper offenses you can use the block option ingame and clear the whisper that's my best advice.