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  1. Problem with launcher

    Hey, For your problem could you please add the game to the white list of all your antimalware programs including Windows defender and in the firewall. Reboot the PC and start the launcher after it, right click on the game folder -> Properties -> Remove the checkmark from the attribute "read-only" -> OK. Start the launcher.
  2. Je demande réclamation

    Hey, Siege is a very intense moment where a good amount of players are doing skills and moving at the same time, you should active the "Siege optimization", shift+f12, and lower your details, that's all you can do.
  3. Hey, Your problem is being solved through discord from what I see, be in contact with the ticket.
  4. I think that request isn't possible at the moment and from my pov, it's not a necessary point right now.
  5. Не могу войти в игру

    Hey, You have to be writing something wrong in the id or password for sure, change the password and check your username also, if the problem persists, tell me here.
  6. Je demande réclamation

    Hey, i think at that siege time the server didn't get any type of DDoS attack, probably you got a random sendlog or some problem in your PC that the game closed, can you specify more about your problem, and what happened?
  7. lags

    We understand that this is ANNOYING when you're playing but the admins are working to solve this problem, it's not that simple, but if you got dc inside of some dungeon please send us the screenshot + the player's names, here you were outside, you didn't lose anything right?
  8. Server Lag result in EB fail

    Sorry for the lag problems, I will forward these names to the admins, please be aware of your mailboxes, thanks.
  9. From what I see, the GP removal from arenas increased the siege players and that's a very positive point, also the ranking in the arenas is still active you can compete to be at top3 so you get the monthly rewards. I would like to know what you think about this.
  10. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    If you apply in the last minutes you will not get people to fight, from what I see all groups use to aplly at the first hour and they get good PVP, 1h and 1 minute in the queue for sure the instance time was almost over.
  11. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    The number of requests that we've had through tickets and discord generals chatting is enough to know that something has to be changed and this isn't the final point about the arenas the admins can change many things before the live update.
  12. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    We can't please every player that's impossible, and for most of the "normal work" people at the siege time are at home for sure, and really don't forget you don't need to be 100% of the time at the siege, I've seen players with 15 min getting the max country in a fortress. And the siege will not be the only place to get gp you have Hyperion, EB, IWW (PVP Instance), Kamar, eob you can easily get GP's with it.
  13. Anticheat Version is Old

    Did you check all the information in this post about the problem, and you did do all of it ? You should keep your game to the date, please check your game files using the launcher "Check" option, if it doesn't work please contact me please.
  14. Master alchemy

    Hey, what's your character level? do you have another master's profession on that character?
  15. Error when start!(code:2)

    Hey, servers are banished AUTOMATICALLY by our protection program since the IP addresses of violators (cheaters, account scammers, etc.) are entered into its database. In order to remove the complaint about the blocking of the server, we need to know it (the server) IP address. We have repeatedly made requests to Support the Exit-Lag program so that they would give us the IP addresses of their servers, which receive complaints for their point unblocking and were refused by the developers of the VPN program. If you are interested in the servers being unblocked, you need to contact the Exit-Lag program Support, find out from them the IP address of the server through which you are trying to connect to our server, create a ticket and tell us the IP address of this server. And only then we will be able to unlock it in no other way.