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  1. FPS FIX

    If you updated your graphics card drivers might be the problem here, you need to uninstall the current driver from the PC and install an older version (457.30 and lower).
  2. I can't buy Ecoins with debit card

    Hey, we'll try to help you out, first, I'd like to know if your bank is blocking up the payment?, this can happen if your bank doesn't allow the payment to Russian services, also which payment's did you picked?
  3. Distance caméra

    No, you can't change the camera settings in our server.
  4. Hey @Chococake, the elyos creation is closed because the numbers between both races aren't good and it wasn't caused cause of elyos siege domination, it's just to balance the numbers.
  5. accidentally offended

    Hey @Angelsdarkness, this ain't normal but we can't take action if the message were sent in a whisper.
  6. Distance caméra

    Hey @Tryss, unfortunately on our server the Shugo console isn't available.
  7. Hey, to unlock these stigmas you should have quests in gelkmaros or inggisson depending on your race. Npcs: Kjaeros or Camila All quest names: lvl45 <[Group] The Shulack's Stigma> <[Group] A Booklet on Stigma> lvl50 <[Group] Secret of the Greater Stigma> lvl52 <Stigma Expansion> lvl55 <Test Subject One>
  8. Freezes with black screen

    So it's fine?, good to hear if it happen again please contact me.
  9. Paypal paiement

    If you want to buy ecoins with paypal contact Kedu on discord he has a discord for paypal donators, but first try what TheAlmighty said, the Digiseller and Advcash.
  10. Password Problems

    Hey so as you said you«ve recovered your password and you can't join with that password?, if that's it we can help you to recovery it just answer the next questions. I will need the following information's in order to help you get back your account: 1. Donations proofs. PayPal payment ID, screenshots, Bank payments or any donation proof that was made on the account. 2. Screenshots/clips of you playing on the account, level 65 and UNDER. 3. The name of every character on the account. 4. The Login of the account. 5. The first/last email address the account had. 6. If you remember, the creation date of the account.
  11. Freezes with black screen

    One more thtink don't forget to have your computer drivers up to the date. (CPU AND GPU)
  12. Hey @boiann69, could you please the game as an administrator and also install DirectX(2008), this might fix your launch problems.
  13. Freezes with black screen

    Hey, there are other's players with this problem but it's because of their customized config but if you're using the default config it shouldn't be happening, can you please record a small video about this problem, please.
  14. Accidentally Discarded Starter Weapon

    Could you please tell me if you're asmodian or elyo?
  15. Accidentally Discarded Starter Weapon

    I've already spoken to the admins you might get a mailbox with it soon.