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  1. Step 1 : They will not considerate your vote ! Step 2 : enjoy this parody
  2. EuroAion Discord Server!

    Probably banned for no reasons, like 50 to 60% of thoses "3000 players"
  3. Make the entry in safe area no?...
  4. LMAO Did we cry for ceranium when elyos was dominated??? Like motivate ppl, find a lead, and fight. Stop crybabe for cera that u don't deserved by afking at siege...
  5. Siege

    GP and gear are 2 things completely different... And what should do is a management of the GP system as u did at the start of serv by x2 the dayly lost. And why not include players to this management, with some vote or others things like that... the ideas for an improvement of the system are many and had already been sent and explain to everyone on this forum. In fact, in siege you do less contribution if you are in allience only cuz the average of AP that ur allience collect is less than what u do alone. so obviously you get less contribution. If you go with an optimised allience you have alot of chances to makes full r1 (except obv is a solo player makes more ap than all of u / number of ppl in alli)
  6. Best titles outside of cash shop

    Win glory arena 50 times
  7. Discord

    Hello, since some of staffs members that use abusive ban on discord leave the staff, can we have a ./unbann all on the discord ?
  8. EuroAion 4.8 ?

    Biche plz... Painter aka la classe la plus retard du jeux qu'esque tu veut qu'elle foute en 4.6? ouloulou rayon tous le moinde est mort go google trad
  9. Both sides in siege focus dux like autistic ppl we never have a proper fight, but ure right that we outnumber you when there is a "lead"... "Balance" of ely side is bad mostly cuz of bad call, and it is the same in asmo side... Ararma have most of french ppl who don't wana follow his lead, and when french tryed smth, ararma's friends didn't followed lyue... Thing is if ure devide u can't win siege specificlu when ure outnumbered or that the calls are bad... The gap is not huge (i meen in term of number) And have always exist (when i arrived ely was outnumbered on siege only cuz ppl didn't come at siege) i guess at this moment it is the same on asmo side
  10. changing faction ticket ?

    Could be a great idea, but obviously with some restrictions like a half or full reset GP and obviously, can move only from the most to less populated side... If not the server will be onesided and it will be boring
  11. Quick ress macro

    5. to use programs modifying game client and giving advantages in the game in not-gaming way (Shugo console, WTFast and similar are allowed). Punishment: permanent ban of all player’s accounts and of all those giving him/her their accounts in terms of their possible engagement;
  12. I don't think admins will answer on those mechanics, the only reason u have is to make yours ownes recherches or find the work of another... Fine a mob witch u have the drop rate (obviously a decent drop rate, or u will have to do really long series of farming to have ur answers) (previously the aion database was complete and could give you a lot of information on every drop rates of every mob) It is sad if admins didn't anwser on this cuz they have a commend on the serv to know the drops rates.
  13. Teleport Hacker

    One young and wise gladiator said one day : "he is tping he is tping he is tping" Things ended well by a beautiful 4 or 3 rd place
  14. Crafting normal mode

    Sorry, but no, this is factually false there is tons of things with are differents from Retail, for me, some good, some bads... Everyone have a different opinion on it I will just take 3 exemples : Canons on siege Bombs on dredgions The amount of GP decreased every days And as i said there are tons of other things which are different from retail... You can't just pretend it is offi like cuz the rate are the same...
  15. AP CAP

    Maybe i explained my self bad... But for my self, it concerns the siege and mass pvp in general. There is no point with traders, in contrary traders will have fewer advantages: No cap ap mean if the trader wants his rank 1 he will have to bring his acc more time than others kill enemies (With at a moment start to be obvious and he can get banned easily) Actually for peoples with aoe, if they fight on sillus, even 3-4 minutes they have to afk 5 mins to get rewards again it deserved siege.... And you ask about league, but it would be the same with an efficient alliance... Obv is i make aoe for 24 peoples il will take me around 20-30 mins to reach the cap and by this time i will be uncaped) But i am sorry, what's the point of PL alliances members that are afk on the back lane? do you really think it is better for the faction? For me it is far better to encourage peoples to make more and more ap to reach rank 1, in that way, peoples will have to impact on enemies to makes ap. As i introduce it for me this mechanic is old and useless since the rank is not anymore in AP. Just punish ap trade, set the settings to stop win ap after like 5 or 6 kill on the same target. And uncap the overall ap cap from 25-35k to 150-200k... Because for the moment if you hit multiple target, in 1 or 2 minutes of siege you are capp, and it is useless to push anymore, you will get nothing more...