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  1. [Event] Bloody revolution

    Or maybe we don't care enough for content that's not of much use while asmo side is full of mindless drones chasing rank or idk what? I've no use of any of the forts besides Divine and while tbh faction-wise uppers would be a nice boost I often forget or am too tired to show up for those. If there was lead and we made consistent effort for uppers I'd come and help push to help the others whenever I can but that's about it. Sillus is absolutely pointless, the other 2 I doubt anyone ever does the instances at. So...come back at me again-what is the entertainment value of these sieges, what do I get to win from them? Or let's say I wanna help the faction since I sometimes am like that indeed-what do elyos as a faction gain from these forts? Oh and now that I asked you these questions from elyos perspective-wtf is the reason the whole asmo population shows up for them? It's rather cringy if you ask me.
  2. elyos or asmo - where to start

    yeah , those fort mean rather little
  3. Discord Ban for this?!

    I never said there was no reason, just that I never understood the reason and I was never told what the reason was. And yes-that this is not constructive as this is your primary way of talking to players. In fact I found out I am banned when I tried to report a bunch of account traders, something that would've at least a bit be useful to the server.
  4. Discord Ban for this?!

    At least they told you what you got banned for. I was banned after ...posting nothing of substance and the only explanation after days of asking what happened "maybe you used emojis excessively". Rather childish way of handing the situation when that is the primary route through which the admin communicates with players about all things in-game and, you know-financial transactions.
  5. Elyos make Asmos And Asmos make Elyos

    I don't disagree with the premise entirely but what exactly do you think rank will bring to you? Do you think you will magically start playing better or do you believe it gives 10k HP and 1k mboost as a stat if you become an officer?
  6. [Event] Can you catch our paws?!

    You got it completely right, that's how the game works.
  7. Server unavailable (10/03)

    This. I was immediately convinced when someone told me there is a private server with the original files and it's fixed on 4.6. That's why I came, that's what I would leave for. And I believe that's the majority of us.
  8. Server unavailable (10/03)

    Yea, sure thing mate-I will abandon the 9 months of character building here, I will lose touch with the friends I made here because I can't wait 9 days. Big brain take. Or if you mean the people that keep buying and selling accounts-good riddance to them, it's not like they contribute anything.
  9. [Event] Happy Valentine's Day

    One small complaint: can we have the exact timers for when such events end as I(and many others) always intuitively assume it is with the daily reset for the announced day. Had hearts from playing 2 days that I was hoping to turn into whole ones today when I wake up and now I don't even know what to do with them.
  10. When attempting to launch the game I get the error message from the picture below. My friends who use ping reducers had the same issue. One of them avoided it by changing all settings of their program but they use Exitlag while Battleping which I use does not give such option, the other routed through a Netherlands server-that works for me but since I play from a different country it's a rather bad solution. TL:DR: some of Battleping's servers seem to be unwelcome and that includes all the convenient for Eastern Europeans ones. Any possible solution or workaround?
  11. Juzz - Asmo - Offensive Chat

    t's not about being butthurt about something. Its about disrespect. Imagine if everyone kept saying stuff like that. Stuff like that has no place in a game where people are supposed to have fun. This doesn't personally insult me but it does insult someone and it may ruin someone's experience on this server.
  12. Reporting someone for transphobia

    Wait, this person chooses not to associate with you, they personally didn't send you any threats nor were they rude with you(that's what I read in your own translation) and what is your complain about then? Are you omitting the part where they personally attacked you, insulted you or tried to get some real life personal details about you? Because them not wanting to play with you...I get it-very unpleasant, very uncool but why should it be a grounds for ban?
  13. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    A+ for effort, 127 is not a representative number tho
  14. EuroAion Discord Server!

    The server disappeared from my list and the link from here is not working-is it possible that I was banned despite not even writing anything recently?