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  1. cant connect to server

    hello Zeilik just saw the video, since the game loads that hard on the login page after the NCsoft logo mostly might be a problem with the internet and those days we are getting ddos attack so that might be a hard cause of the troubleshoot, may I ask you what internet connection do you have? can you do a net speed test? thanks!
  2. Ban

    okay let's say you got there by accident, what did you exactly did to get there?
  3. cant connect to server

    Server is under DDOS attacks so this might be a cause for the problem.
  4. Problem with launcher

    Hello Kuzya have you tried to redownload the launcher?
  5. [Event] Shugo Kingdom Adventure

    Hello, right now we are running [Event] Heal for the victory! we cannot give an exact date/info about other upcoming events so stay tuned!
  6. Freeze lvl?

    guys the server has the 4.6 retail patch... there was no such "commands" on official neither can change stigmas on the fly. also what do you wanna say by "clears exp to the shop"?
  7. Flying Pagati Survey

    it does notify you, if you look closely it says what day and time expires. Also in the title it says if it is for 7 days, 14 days etc.
  8. Flying Pagati Survey

    Hello nikpav, unfortunately I do not think there is a way to get it back since it has an expiration date, it will be unfair for other players, I also had 2 mounts with expiration date one from when I was leveling up and one from event. Most of the people I think have been through that and we had to deal with it since they have expiration date.
  9. yeah but the guy you send it too must remove the item so it will not get "free" Ecoins because that way anyone can send to alt's for example items for Ecoins and then Request them back
  10. that's quiet difficult since the other guy got 400Ecoins for free, we cannot share left and right Ecoins that will be unfair. People that make a miss buy with Ecoins they can get their Ecoins back but they must prove that they deleted that Item so they dont get an extra amount of Ecoins for free and in this case that's something hard to happen if the other guy is not cooperative, next time you must be more careful who you sending too.
  11. Where to find this stigma?

    If I'm not wrong you can buy this stigma from specials NPC's that sell the AP Stigmas cause this is the Gold one (Greater stigma) so it can only be purchased with Abyss Points.
  12. Cursor/Camera bug

    hmm I'm not asking about game files check I'm preaty sure you made it right? I'll do my best searching it further and I will inform you
  13. Cursor/Camera bug

    Hey, try going into mouse settings on pointer options and disable Enhance pointer precision also on Euro Aion properties compatibility and disable everything if the problem persist try playing around wit the compatibility mode, also you must restart the game every time you make a change to make sure they are all aplied corectly, waiting for your update about how it goes. thanks
  14. PickUp the Wrong Quest Reward

    you welcome!
  15. PickUp the Wrong Quest Reward

    UPDATE Yes it is possible so we can exchange the item. Our support stuff replied twice at your email but they never get a reply back, please check your email thanks!