Ancient Coin (AC) farm? where to get AC quickly?

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I don't have a guide, so that's why im not posting it in the the Guides section, but would someone please create an Ancient Coin guide?

The quickest way to farm, where the quest NPC's are located etc.


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DevWolx    62

I don't wanna make a guide but I'll tell you what I know but I'm not in game currently to check names and stuff.

You have 3 dailies from Mokchunerk in katalam, 3 dailies in idian depths from 2 shugos there but you need to do some quest before to unlock these, you'll wanna do all the quests in the idian depths anyway they all give a lot of AC, one of the quests requires to take one in Pandarunerk from Opirinerk, I think its name is "all you need is kinah". Total for these 6 dailies is 64 per day.

You can exchange 20 BM to 30 AC or 200 BM to 300 AC from the 78 garison in katalam (left of sillus fort) or the 83 or 84 in danaria (don't remember which one they are at the bottom left in sauro mountains)

The solo instance in Sillus have 8 chests I think that have high chance to give bags of AC, the instance have a timer/points/rank system, if you go for a chests run don't bother with rank I guess but you also get some AC at the end I think if enough rank.

You can try solo the steel rose instances, the GROUP ones. You will need a bit of gear and knowledge for it, takes a bit of time but it's rewarding in AC. You have on the way to the final boss 2 mini mandatory bosses to do that can give I think from 20 to 30 AC and the last boss gives 40, around those numbers. There's 3 instances and they reset daily. (the last bard boss in one of them is hard as solo if you don't play a class that heals so don't bother with that boss if it's too difficult) *it's a potential ~250/300 AC per day from these instances.

There's danuar sanctuary I think but its a group instance that you can't solo I think as it requires people for the chest to pop to have the keys, maybe as a duo its possible and each one goes one way.

all mobs in idian depths have a chance to drop 1 coin.

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