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  1. what happened with Ely?

    Thanks for taking charge, we need ely to stop fighting with each other and start working together, like you said trust need to be built. Hopefully more people show up for sieges.
  2. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Yeah its kinda hard to do my weekly BM in Danaria to get gear, when I get roflstomped every time I enter the area by zergs with +15 end gear
  3. Reduce/Stabilize ping

    I choose EU Aion from game list, it then tells me it can't find launcher, but that is fine just let it run in background, then launch EuroAion launcher and play. Mine works, I play from South Africa, without I get very unstable ping from, 230-450. now I get 187-200 consistently. I hate Wtfast though, but I need to use it because I got 6 months free with GFX card :P. I prefer ExitLag instead
  4. Ah man, then the top legions with all the best gear are going to keep getting most of the rewards. Sometimes i'm lucky and I will get a reward, but for them it is a guarantee.
  5. Hi, I don't have a guide, so that's why im not posting it in the the Guides section, but would someone please create an Ancient Coin guide? The quickest way to farm, where the quest NPC's are located etc. Thanks
  6. Killing for Castor

    Been online for a couple of hours, i'll try again tomorrow night
  7. Killing for Castor

    Heya, Name: Shirokijo
  8. Same issue, ingame name: Pacchi
  9. Reduce/Stabilize ping

    I get over 300ms ping ingame, but when I ping the server outside I get 170-190. I used AionLogAnalyzer and TCPOptimizer, they do help a little bit by keeping ping stable, but still over 270+