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  1. .Cancel command

    It can be only on JAVA servers. This is not JAVA! So ITS.....
  2. Няхи как они есть

    smells like racism) and i understand "ебанаты") Dont think everyone stupid and you are genius. Anyone owes you nothing. As my russian friend say "its typical CHE ES VE SNG community" If you dont lick their ass, you are their enemy and target for nukes.
  3. Omg

    /block name
  4. Reconquista invincible glad rm

    the only thing it can be is admin\GM console, if all U say is true. Because changing character stats and especially move speed is strong server side. P.S. There is no resist cap until 4.7 or 4.8. Here U resist 100% if your mres 1000 more than enemy macc
  5. Question: AP farm

    kill balaur in the underground, its also much kinah from them
  6. Reconquista invincible glad rm

    character stats is SERVER SIDE you cant modify it with any cheats, also its the most powerful anticheat here. He is just using crafted jewelery + suna hat + full mres 16 leather or chain set+mres food and idian. easy 2700 mres.
  7. just turn on mana burning shield and go kill anyone) thats the guide)
  8. May be put in shop a new type of consumables(with higher price), that give the same stats as candies, but dont change appearance, it will be good for those players who "jerk off" on their character skins(also they will buy more skins from shop) and also to assasins and rangers who suffer of this candy discrimination. I think it will be easyest way instead of putting a new console command into game client. Можно положить в магазин новый тип расходных материалов (с более высокой ценой), которые дают те же характеристики, что и конфеты, но не меняют внешний вид, это будет хорошо для тех игроков, которые «дрочат» на свои скины персонажей (также они купят больше шкур из магазина), а также убийцам и рейнджерам, которые страдают от этой конфетной дискриминации. Я думаю, что это будет самый простой способ вместо ввода новой консольной команды в игровой клиент.
  9. Stigma Shards in Shop

    just go and kill 100 balaur in underground. You will get a lot stigma shards also some cash kinah and expensive balaur parts.
  10. there were such bugs on 4.6 official(unable to break). I played on EU Thor in this patch. There were lots of threads about texture stuck also(many people just use spiritmasters or cheats to get unstuck). I dont say this is official server, i say this is official build(i dont know where they get it)
  11. Transfer to Elyos Side

    right click on page and google translate english is too difficult to U? Russians will NEVER translate anything for U. They dont know english, they dont want to learn it, they dont respect anyone. U are just one of the targets for nuclear missiles for them.
  12. Its official server build(not java shit like all other private servers). These changes are impossible here.
  13. Who would you like to see in your group?

    after 4.8
  14. There were lots of 95hp\8crit from event boxes in Tiamaranta eye on Goldaion, also looted them from named mobs in Katalams.
  15. Block Asmodian's Character Creation.

    better to give elyos side maximum pvp looserBUFF, so they can fight better with less people and also give bonus to ely starters as premium or some amount of donate coins for free... Or maybe give ely starters 1000 blood marks for starting pvp activity as they reach 65....