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  1. Evq and Danechka obivous cheating

    Are you really this stupid to think that your testimony has any weight, being Danechka's gf ? Anyway, I don't remember mentioning him using synapse Also, consider checking on your eyes as the gladi I was mentioning died from 5 canon spells from gunner and several cleaves used in less than 0.1sec, not any aoe skill, I don't know what you're talking about Not sure why I'm wasting my time replying to you anyway, not that your message is bringing anything valueable here
  2. Evq and Danechka obivous cheating

    No I don't have a video, but I was expecting this kind of answer. You already know he is a cheater, the server knows it, and he has been banned already for cheating. Anyway, thanks for giving me a reason to quit your corrupted server. I'll make sure to spread the information about how you deal with cheaters here, before I quit. Thanks for nothing.
  3. Evq and Danechka obivous cheating

    Hi, Just finished an amazing EoB (02/04 around 7:14pm) against the notorious Evq, Danechka and others. Notorious not for how good he is, but rather how people know him as a cheater already. I was myself very doubtfull about any people cheating in this server, but I just got an amazing experience. For the first time I witnessed a clean OS, the lifebar of my friend gladi (AP+15, plate, def Accs+3) went from 100% to 0 in a single frame. As a healer I'm used to seeing bars dropping pretty fast, but never in a single frame without a GS proc. So I checked my friend's logs, and what a surprise ! 5 damage spells from Evq (gunner) with a canon (not a weapon with which you can land 5 spells in less than 0.1sec), 3 from Danechka (gladi). I'll be blunt, at this point I'm looking for an investigation + ban, otherwise myself and friends will just find another server/game. I'm not investing time and money in a server that's protecting known cheaters. Regards
  4. [Event] Bloody revolution

    Edit : Just had to use an item to reset the skin on the Hyperion Wings.
  5. [Event] Bloody revolution

    Hi, Just received the NPC General's Gallery Wings. However, when I try to apply this skin to my Hyperion wings, I get an error basically telling me that because they have different requirements, this cannot be done. Can you please clarify this ?
  6. Suspicious positions

    Hi, I don't usually create topics, and still less for complaining about a cheats, to be honnest, I have never been sure about a cheat until today. Here is a little tail. I just decided to get some Blood Medals by doing my weekly quests in Katalam, when I encounter 2 players from the ennemy faction ganking me (garrison 76), no problem, I decide to respawn in the Rhun temple, and chose another garrison (72th). How unfortunate ! I just encounter the same 2 players as I arrive and get the quests, and I get ganked a second time. Then I decide to instantly go for the 73th garrison, and after doing half a quest, I get ganked a third time, by the same 2 players. This is begining to grate on my nerves but let's say they can teleport this fast legitimately to my exact position 3 times in a row. Let's calm down and go to the 72th garrison, they can't travel there in such a short amount of time. Guess what ? 4th gank by the same 2 players in less than 30secs when I arrive. By the way, I never waited more than half a minute between a death and a TP to a new garisson. Here are the names : Ligeia and Lairiel, both from Heroes Of Legend legion. Would it please be possible to have any feedback about this issue ? PS : Your event is a great thing, and it should not be spoiled or abused by any cheater. Thanks in advance, Rcelenium.