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  1. It's on Beluslan at Besfer Village, not Morheim.
  2. You need to kill Seafoam Spirit in Alukina Palace, elite mob here:
  3. Agehia's Noble Necklace

    If is the design for exam, normally you can find in your special cube (for quest, etc.etc.).
  4. Legion Mount

    Need Legion LVL2 or higher for Legion Pagati. All other mount's in the shop no need this.
  5. Where to find this stigma?

    I think doesn't exist in this patch. Normal skill lvl50 Radiant Rune I have same effect. PS. after many search I've found the level of Ancestral and lvl45 gold abyss stigma, i'm sure doesn't exist in 4.6. https://aiondatabase.info/en/items/stigma/assassin The vendor at Bastion camp (81 garrison), sell's this stigma.
  6. Stigma slot is missing

    I think @gabi have done all quest for gunner class This is my gunner, i have completed exactly same quest's and have all slot unlocked...
  7. Je report un joueur

    It's visible in the chat on the screen. Stardustangelina, sorc55, and glad are 55 too. If glad is in arena55+15 with abyss accs, he's a little destroy machine. https://aion.aspirine.su/#!zi7ztRE For example, and without manastone and plume...
  8. Confirm, on PC in my office at work, today Aion don't start with this error. Uninstall KB5001391 and then start perfectly.
  9. I'm so sorry, when i'm levelling 3 month's ago, i'm get from Tellarius and i'm done. I'm go now with a lvl 28 char but Tellarius not give a quest, i'm try to make all quest's around but nothing. It's bugged. You can make a ticked on the discord channel of the server https://discordapp.com/channels/416536675989323776/685967472691642379/685968197656117277
  10. You need to make the quest Kiling for Castor to gain access in Eracus Temple Cavern.
  11. Virtual machine detected

    Try to disable Intel Virtualization Technology, another player have same error and solve it with this.
  12. I'm try to start the game in 32bit version (launcher parameter), same error.
  13. Hi, yesterday i have updated my Windows 10 from 1909 to 2004 (May 2020 update). After update i have delete Windows.old, because normal program works fine. Today i'm try to login EuroAion server and the launcher report this error. I'm try to reboot, move EuroAion folder to another drive, download a new copy of client via torrent, but everything don't work I can't downgrade the system because i've delete the old version folder of Windows 10. Anyone have an idea? If possible i don't wan't a reinstall fresh system because have installed many programs and it's a problem for me to reinstall all. Ty for all idea's.