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    If I may add something, drop rate of the solo versions of Steel Rose is very bad and only the group ones are worth doing. From group ones you get 300 from all 3 (260 without last boss of the last one). But the problem is they are hard to do with your current gear. There are 3 daily quests that you can take in katalam base instead and 3 more underground, you should do those first. And as the moderator said, you should aim for bm set first and run sauro 4 people daily. After you put a bit of gear on you it should be no problem to farm the group steel rose, or maybe you are lucky and get good myth parts to skip steel rose. I know this start is rough but trust me, physical classes are much more of a pain in the beginning. Good luck in your game
  2. 10x raksang duo with drop boost and vinna and not a single tempering. I don't know who are you trying to fool here
  3. Hello, I suggest changes to following instances to incentivize players to run them: -Danuar sanctuary -Dragon lord refuge I've seen no one run these, especially danuar sanctuary and it would be a good change to diversify pve on this server. Also christmas event shouldn't be the only place where players could get extendible weapon, relying on event for such and important weapon for some classes it's just bad design. So I'd suggest a drop increase or additional drop for DLR (could be even some composite manastone bundles so at least you have a reason to run it). I understand you want to keep it retail like, but please look at least adding something to Danuar sanctuary, it's just sad to have a endgame run that no one runs ever. Besides that you could perhaps look in Ophidan bridge (pve) too or less popular instances. While eternals can give good stones very few people seem to bother with it. PvE shouldn't be a sauro grindfest. Thanks!
  4. Macro switch gear

    Hey. It's allowed