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  1. Bad language in Sauro

    I guess this could be report since he said in group chat Here's another evidence that fack off was directed to me
  2. So what I understanding so far sin boss = winter mage boss = summer 2k/1k boss = summer am I understood correctly ?
  3. Hi it's me again o_o The state of the server now is really depressing nobody wanna do anything I don't mean add more events but something really permanently active people to do instances. As the time I'm writing I failed to recruit sauro despite I'm the healer. I just thinking maybe it's something to do with the loot. How about changes drop into random loot boxes ? That way everyone got something for example sauro 2k giving 2 boxes while 1k giving a box like IS you know. Inside box giving randomly are -Ancient Coins and Kahrun Symbol randomly (Kahrun for basic mount and healer gears) -Blue manastones randomly -Gears with eternal being higher chance while mythic being lower chance I'm not talking about only Sauro but it should apply to all level 65 instances I'm revisiting some of my original idea Finished an instance get 1 ecoin into account only work with group instances or selective instances you like just you know doing 8xsauro each day is insane job and likely not possible. I don't know if this is technically possible but it's just my idea anyway feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I noticed I posted in wrong forum can someone moved it ? or locked this ?
  5. For mage boss and 1k and 2k boss ? Thank you for the answer.
  6. Hi Jaleque thanks for your comment. I mean untradable strange ide not removing it you still can farm it yourself for the char that wanted to go IS.
  7. Hi I'll use my old thread for another idea I'm not sure if it's good just let me know if it's bad so I'll drop it. I'm thinking of kinah inflation and I saw a lot of people farming strange ide in ID could it be a source of kinah inflation ? People only farm strange ide and use kinah that got from them buy and increased price of manastones ,enchantment stones ,ecoins. So what do you think if we made strange ide untradeable so people farm manastones and enchantment stones instead and lower the price.
  8. Game updates

    If I remember no wrong 4.7 also brings unlimited enchantments to gears too which is bad o_o
  9. Hi thank you for the reply -I forgot there're pink quest every 5 levels when you can complete instantly but what I meant was pink quest that giving manastones which require you to do group instances -Let's take example of lv 65 assuming no fort instance or anything all you do is steel rose which x2 = 10 coins ,not everybody has a time to do all instances but if somebody managed to do that much they should be rewarded no ? if you still believed it's too much then it could be just 3 coins per solo instance -If you believed it's too much then add conditions max level 65 characters too I think nobody would complain I believed if people playing and make server active why not ? This is something they hard work to do it not something given for free. Still if it's technically impossible ? How about creating custom quests that giving ecoins after completing all pink quests blue quests campaign quests I don't mind if you going to adjust amount of ecoins that giving but please don't shoot down the idea I think it's really refreshing and people can earn ecoins by playing the game. I think it's even better than you giving ecoins to streamers where not everybody watching them. This method everyone can enjoying ecoins by just doing activities in game. But if your word is final then please lock the thread and I'll accept it's a bad idea o_o
  10. As we know the voting for ecoins had been removed. Ecoins are important for example skins,feli socketing How about completing instances, quests giving ecoins now ? For example every blue quest give 1 ecoin but you must be 9 levels within quest level to get ecoin Dark blue 2 ecoins Pink quests 3 ecoins Campaign quests 5 ecoins Group/Ally quest 10/20 ecoins Chain quests such as daevanion lv 50 and 60 gives 200 ecoins upon completion. Mastered essencetapping and aethertapping gives 300 ecoins each Mastered any profession gives 300 ecoins This will active people to do all quests to get ecoins as much as possible and promote more crafters. Instance. Solo instance 5 ecoins upon completion. Group instances 10 ecoins Ally instances such as swb ,kata 15 ecoins People will starting group instances everywhere promote activities in server and make it alive and lower stones price. I see this is a great suggestion I don't see a reason why no
  11. I bought wrong kahrun gears on my cleric

    Thank you very much
  12. I bought wrong kahrun gears on my cleric Kahrun's Hauberk Kahrun's Chausses Kahrun's Spaulders Kahrun's Brogans I hope everything fine
  13. I bought wrong kahrun gears on my cleric

  14. I bought wrong kahrun gears on my cleric

    I don't remember perhaps a month or 2 ago
  15. It's turn out I've bought AT kahrun gears which has enmity boost not healing boost. Can I exchange for healing boost kahrun gears please ?