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  1. [Works] The best Moments with EuroAion!

    Update work Character name : Erynwen Faction : Elyos I'm sorry for posting a lot but I can't edit old message.
  2. WTB>SWB gunner skins elyos side

    bump I still not have a seller
  3. WTB>SWB gunner skins elyos side

    Add name of skins Bastion Protector Shoulderguards - Aion Codex Bastion Protector Magic Boots - Aion Codex
  4. WTB>SWB gunner skins elyos side

    I need shoulders/boots part please leave pm or mail my characters in game. Erynwen/Faweriel Thank you
  5. It's ok Windy you can say or think whatever you like. There's no consequences or harm with you for disagreed with me. I said what I believed and done if admins don't think my reasons are valid I'll just move to another place that's all.
  6. At this point it doesn't matter what reason you justified for your locking elyos creation. This solution doesn't work but rather harming the server. There were many points in the past where numbers of elyos/asmo reaching as low as 41/59. Again why elyos want to try anything when you punishing elyos for trying. You do know right asmo got bored and they left in the first place ? This scenario is just simple as team A dominated for long so and bored so they stopped playing and team E got chance to rise up but referee said no team E can't do that so they forbid any new players on team E. I already suggest alternate solution to help team A without ruining team E but you know you can always use classical excuse such as "Our server our rules and we decide what we to do" That's kind of all one answer to everything you don't want to explain.
  7. You need to stop doing this ,your elyos locking creation do nothing but ruining the server. Elyos don't want to do anything because you kept locking us. Why even try to do anything when you constantly locking just because we dominating. We shouldn't be punish for this when asmo quitted because they dominated in the server for long time and got bored. You need to stop forcing balance and let things balance itself. Buff pvp defense free plastic surgery and selectable skin for asmo even free AC weapon at lv 65 if you want but this negative forcing must be stop now.
  8. Suggestions For Improvement

    IO eternal harp is not what people expected from running IO ,it's just inferior version of mythical one that far less stats and manastone slots. And I don't know understand how skins going to make everyone playing easier beside promoting people to farm more BM increased pvp activity in katalam/danaria. What I suppose to suggest ? If you justified everything as it was meant to be play ? But yep if you said no then no. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Suggestions For Improvement

    Well how about adding IO eternal harp to blood marks vendor ? Those harps just basic it's nothing OP about it.It will help lower gap between new bards and elite bards. You can even do custom NPC merchants that selling instance gear skins like IS,BT,DP or craft one like lv 55 with blood marks or ancient coins. Or maybe buying consumable foods with AP ? Maybe even selling primal spirit skins with kahrun symbol that would make high level players helping low levels farming kahrun gears which needs for class like cleric/chanter. I don't think you can make much money from primal skins from shop anyway I don't see anyone even using them.