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  1. [Works] Summer breeze

    Oh I got told I'll disqualified if I didn't included euroaion logo so here I included it please deleted my post above this one is new version Name : Faweriel Faction : Elyos
  2. My princess studio

    Alternate version of contest art someone said it's too flashy so I post it here instead
  3. [Works] Summer breeze

    Name : Faweriel Faction : Elyos
  4. My princess studio

    Ah the blue moon beautiful tonight so I decided to take some screenshot
  5. More source of ancient coins please

    Thank you so much for considering Veda
  6. More source of ancient coins please

    I see you added ancient coins in event thank you for that However I got some more suggests could you add manastone bags and enchantment stone bags L105-L110 this is crucial to new players. Since ancient coins, mana stones, enchantment stones price is so high so right need to bring the price down. You need like 100+ manastones to socket your gears. Please considering this suggestion too thank you
  7. Dropping in final boss sauro bag or in events I don't mind just need more of ancient coins ty
  8. Hi I'm purposing make Idian Depth as a PvE instance map means Elyos and Asmo got their own version of the map like 4.8 Why ? Because Idian Depth is an important map to farm manastones/ancient coins daily which important to new players also for farming ide which needed for IS/Kata. Well thanks for listening
  9. My princess studio

    A little bit extra photoshoot outside studio From dusk until dawn
  10. My princess studio

    Nothing related with my studio but I think those are 4 more chars that worth to show
  11. My princess studio

    Hi good morning it's really nice today. Moving a bit before I get up from the bed. Of course after you get up you have to do some exercise my butler said not again. Yeehaw ready to kick someone ass. It's rather cold today so I'll do some dance by the fire. Showing beautiful view outside. This is a small corner where I read some books Come and join me for the books. This is where usually my guests to my studio will sit and I share my philosophy with them. Thank you for visiting my studio. I'll go back to sleep now.
  12. [Works] From Your Valentine...

    Nickname : Faweriel Category : Screenshot
  13. Any solutions in planning to addressing enchantment stones issue ? we need permanent solution not just event you know ;(
  14. I see enchantment stones price is out of control ? So is it possible to implement this ? o_o The box does not guarantee equipment it could be manastones ,ancient coin ,silverin token and tempering solution. The goal of this is carry maximum people to instances so more supplies to market o_o
  15. [Guide] Gear switch macro for 4.6

    Thanks for this guide although I using for buffs the concept still same so I appreciated it ;D