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  1. [Works] From Your Valentine...

    Nickname : Faweriel Category : Screenshot
  2. Any solutions in planning to addressing enchantment stones issue ? we need permanent solution not just event you know ;(
  3. I see enchantment stones price is out of control ? So is it possible to implement this ? o_o The box does not guarantee equipment it could be manastones ,ancient coin ,silverin token and tempering solution. The goal of this is carry maximum people to instances so more supplies to market o_o
  4. [Guide] Gear switch macro for 4.6

    Thanks for this guide although I using for buffs the concept still same so I appreciated it ;D
  5. Can anyone guess where I take this screenshot ? :)

    That's BT I think ? Anyway I made this thread to show my photoshop skill + guessing place for fun I was in sauro and think the tree is so beautiful so I stop and took a screenshot
  6. Can anyone guess where I take this screenshot ? :)

    I didn't expected someone guess right so quickly o-o but yes it's sauro corrected
  7. Tac armors for clerics and chanters

    Tac clothes seem like good armors for dps cleric ? Can it considered as alternative to AC chain armors ? Tac chains seem like ideal armors for dps/support chanter ? It got heal boost but lack of parry but also giving attack speed handguards ? yes I've got kahrun armors for full support already but I also want tac for dps/support role ? Should I considering this armors over AC ones ?
  8. New suggestions

    Hi these are my suggestions Create a new currency which untradable You can get new currency by doing (1 coin) lv 65 instances,pvp kills (1 coin)(lv 65 and solo only no group or alliance to prevent zerging)(maximum farm coins per week is 10 for both pvp and pve and per account) With new currency you could buy stuff like Tempering solution 30 coins Feli socketing eternal and mythic 10 coins. DR,IS,IO weapons 100 coins SWB weapons 120 coins Login once a day rewarded 5 ecoins but for an account with 8xlevel 65 characters only and account must be at least 1 year old. Sell an enchantment stones guestbloom for 30kk which required water 300 times that giving randomly L110-L130 10-30 stones Sell a mount guestbloom for 100kk that randomly give one of shop mounts(not all mounts just old shop mounts) required water 600 times I believed it will give something fresh to the server if my idea is dumb or stupid I'm so sorry.
  9. Switzerland of Asmodae

    I just want to share the character screenshots I made anyway thanks for viewing
  10. Hi again today I have another idea I don't know if this is technically possible but here the idea Make a website that let you claim full kahrun set and ancient coin set if you finished all campaign quests + all pink quests The concept behind this idea is people rushing to 65 in matter of days and skipped all low level contents so I would like to give rewards to those who finished the quests. It's not godly OP powerful gears but it's a starter gears to farm instance such as Sauro, Kata or SWB. But of course if you're not a newbie and rich you may rush to 65 as usual. Discussing about this idea is welcome thank you
  11. Bad language in Sauro

    I guess this could be report since he said in group chat Here's another evidence that fack off was directed to me
  12. So what I understanding so far sin boss = winter mage boss = summer 2k/1k boss = summer am I understood correctly ?
  13. Hi it's me again o_o The state of the server now is really depressing nobody wanna do anything I don't mean add more events but something really permanently active people to do instances. As the time I'm writing I failed to recruit sauro despite I'm the healer. I just thinking maybe it's something to do with the loot. How about changes drop into random loot boxes ? That way everyone got something for example sauro 2k giving 2 boxes while 1k giving a box like IS you know. Inside box giving randomly are -Ancient Coins and Kahrun Symbol randomly (Kahrun for basic mount and healer gears) -Blue manastones randomly -Gears with eternal being higher chance while mythic being lower chance I'm not talking about only Sauro but it should apply to all level 65 instances I'm revisiting some of my original idea Finished an instance get 1 ecoin into account only work with group instances or selective instances you like just you know doing 8xsauro each day is insane job and likely not possible. I don't know if this is technically possible but it's just my idea anyway feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  14. I noticed I posted in wrong forum can someone moved it ? or locked this ?