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malthes    6

As the server administration doesn't seem to be willing or motivated to create a PVP tournament I am hosting one myself.

Link of the bracket

Stream will be available here


Informations :

  • Standard 1v1 tournament
  • Start time : 8 december - 17H30h INGAME TIME (players must be ready and present at the designated start time)3BJEEQ2_-_Imgur_1_2.thumb.jpg.6a4497298b5733ff8c53e9683897e83e.jpg
  •  Follow the instructions on the following link;

Rules :

  • 5 min between each round
  • Bo3 for every match, Bo5 semi-finals and finals
  • No Block, Magic Resist or Magic Suppresion gear. (your details have to be opened - if we see any abuse the player will be disqualified)
  • No invicible potions and xforms


Skill restrictions :

  • No DP allowed, no foreign buff!
  • Ranger - Sleep Arrow Sleep_Arrow_I.gif.bdb22b7ea529dd4a594ec48c6cdc7b3e.gif
  • Sorcerer - Wintry ArmorWintry_Armor_I.gif.cd200ee25e07eb6b71c4c0dc649ba267.gif, Boon of Iron-Clad live_wi_physicalwall_g1.png.556461a453c1782a48e429999cdacb16.png (except against magical class)
  • Spiritmaster - Curse  of Fire / Water  cbt_el_firefear_g1.png.f1bb5cf40d9fc6f1f5ae0763b71f99d6.png cbt_el_waterfear_g1.png.7c31a87e1beeb0c00963adefa98f1a27.png, Spirit Substitution Spirit_Substitution_I.gif.bd43b2d03d1a3e870dd53e1a7b4ff5ab.gif, 1 fear per round vs cleric
  • Assassin - Spelldodging cbt_as_alertstance_g1.png.6bf28c49bb18338a4e5c47478e5c688a.png, Calming Whisper cbt_as_breezeofcalm_g1.png.270fed30380fedb8febe45bc5da936f7.png (vs cloth and leather class), Sensory Boost icon_item_enhanced_stigma02_as_senseboost_g1.png.dd827432e70090c4965c09cc94a6c0e8.png (vs magical class) 
  • Templar - Iron Skin cbt_kn_ironbody_g1.png.79b9dc513f8aa096d4e6fa6af09b542f.png, Holy Shieldcbt_kn_holywrath_g1.png.95d983fb9f0a95a24d9dd75c87c4a20e.png (vs sin), Aether Armor icon_item_stigma01_kn_resistarmor_g1.png.893c0c2647d4828d72fefc7a5881cb61.png
  • Gladiator - Wall of Steel  live_fi_parryfocus_g1.png (except against spiritmasters)
  • Chanter - Aetheric Field  / Word of Spellstopping cbt_ch_demonicwish_g1.png.fb9a2e9e6bd39d3e6e14385e31b547f1.png and Word of Quickness Word_of_Quickness_I.gif.adf471224f07d403dc427e54b9620212.gif (except against spiritmasters)
  • Aethertech - Absorbing Reflector Shield ri_itheumreflector_g1.png.01de678378e99a69738aa3495cd91532.png


Rewards ::

  • 1st place: 1000 ecoins
  • 2nd place: 250 ecoins
  • 3rd place: 100 ecoins

To sign up you must give the following informations :

  • Name - Class
  • ex : Nxz - Assassin

PM me on discord (Nxz#7639.) or in comments on this post.

You can participate in the tournament with multiple characters.


If you have anything to ask or want to suggest anything, pls pm on discord
See ya :)





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malthes    6

If you are not abble to play with these restrictions, im very sorry for you. Feel free to pass this event if you are pve player ty

ps : idk even what you complain about as a sm (leech mana, spelldodging, sensory boost, aether armor, sleep arrow, iron skin are forbidden)

Edited by malthes

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Rabbit    1

Honestly I am more concerned about other classes, like templar without all those skills would be piece of cake for any magical class.

If someone doesn't have a plan B for those skills, I think he/she is the one you should feel sorry about. 

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malthes    6

You don't have to rely on Aether armor vs magical but you kinda right for iron skin vs sm. I cant really add it on post because i cant edit post but it ll be add on rules

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Dio    1

The restrictions are a bit excessive but I'm glad somebody is trying to make a pvp event.

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malthes    6

Thx for you feedback. I do not want to be arrogant but these restrictions are there for a good reason to get fair fights 

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