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      No war! Нет войне!   03/01/2022

      Dear players, the project does not support the criminal actions of Russia towards Ukraine!
      Everyone can stop this meaningless war and must do everything for it.
      If you're in Russia, stop listening to propaganda! Use alternative information resources. The reality is not what you receive.
      Please, think about the future of your country and do all you can! Now the access to the forum is limited for the users with Russian IP addresses. For these users, there's redirection to the other resource with the addressing speech to the Russian citizens.
      This is the decision of the hosting holding our forum and we cannot influence it.

      However, do not make the chat totally offensive. Please, do not raise this topic in the game or we will have to set punishments.
        Уважаемые пользователи сервера, мы категорически не поддерживаем преступные действия РФ в отношении Украины!
      Каждый кто может остановить эту бессмысленную войну должен сделать для этого все.
      Если вы находитесь в России, перестаньте слушать пропаганду! Посмотрите альтернативные источники которых достаточно. Реальность совсем не такая, как вам подносится.
      Пожалуйста, задумайтесь о будущем вашей же страны и сделайте все что в ваших силах!

      Сейчас доступ к форуму ограничен для пользователей с русскими IP. Происходит редирект на сторонний ресурс с обращением к гражданам РФ.
      Это позиция хостинга где находится наш форум, мы на это не влияем. Но, пожалуйста, давайте не превращать чат в игре в сплошные оскорбления. Пожалуйста, не затрагивайте эту тему в игре, иначе мы будем вынуждены выдавать наказания.    


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  1. Restrictions: Wings Plumes Governor's and commander's armor Governor's and commander's weapon any accessories except BLOOD MARKS So Sorcerer and Spiritmaster can not wear Antro's/Karvo's Headband? And what if some player has plussed Bloodmark Accessories? Why not let them be at +0 only?
  2. So people with +5 Accessories are fucked and can't participate? What are we supposed to do? Buy new accessories and plus them to +3 or keep them at +0 and have a disadvantage? Also why you ban normal items like AP Potions and Seed of Detection? You know this will favor Rangers against some classes, way too much? As always, these rules have some flaws but if you could atleast remove the accessory restrictions, more people can participate. Like this, it's a tournament that discriminates players that invested more into their gear. Edit: A better solution would be to make everyone use Bloodmark Accessories +0.
  3. Results of the July game season

    Fake results, sometimes you wait for 0:00 to save the rankings and sometimes after 2:00 when arena closes or what? I dont care about rewards but your system is flawed, if Arena is open until 2:00 you shouldnt choose winners before that.
  4. WTB Magic Boost Plume +7 +8 +9 +10 /w or write a mail to Diio ingame
  5. It's working again.
  6. Shugo NPC did not spawn after siege and some people did not go into the instance today. Can you pls fix this?
  7. Double Account

    How about you stop impersonating me you pathetic fanboy.
  8. changing faction ticket ?

    Now u even made a forum account to try and give me a bad reputation like u tried ingame. Lmao. There's only 1 real Conormcgunner and that's me. Get a life kid.
  9. US Server

    NA servers tend to have no population what so ever. Same thing with other private servers where NA servers have max 3-10 players. Not worth it.
  10. Teleport hack/no animation?

    Nobody can bypass anything in this Active Anti Cheat stop spreading lies and myths you dumb****. You noobs really made me go back to my stream and find the part where you can see how I outplay you both. Starting from 7:23:00 you get the first chest because I fail to buff up at the start. Then you can see me go to the next chest in the video above, by Legion Pagati+Windstream. Watch the video and after it go take a long look in the mirror to see what clowns you guys really are. I'm done here. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/612701302 By the way you can watch the whole stream from start to finish to see how I farm the whole day, so maybe you can learn something and like I said before, git gud.
  11. Teleport hack/no animation?

    LMAO so you really made this topic. Let me educate you about a few things. 1. There's a windstream nearby + I use Legion Pagati mount. 2. I use certain gunner skills which add hits to my normal autohits + weaving. 3. Git gud.
  12. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    So all u need to make is first hit then afk and loot if others get the box? That's stupid. Just group up like everyone else if you can't do it solo.

    Not everybody on siege gets rewards. Only the players who made the highest amount of AP in the correct zone. You are probably one of the players who does not make enough AP. In other words, git gud.
  14. insult .....

    Another snowflake crybaby post.
  15. Gunner PvP