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  1. Asmo WTB +0 to +5 Magic Boost Plume

    This can be closed/deleted.
  2. Skill recharger

    Still not working...............
  3. Streamers invited for cooperation!

    https://www.twitch.tv/dioaion EuroAion Gunner Gameplay Ger/Eng
  4. [Event] Happy Valentine's Day

    Is it possible to make Left Festival Heart Piece stackable? The inventory gets full really quick. Each 1 takes 1 inventory space.
  5. Verbal abuse

    This can't be a serious report how petty can you be
  6. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Just because you got lucky with enchanting doesn't mean everybody is so lucky. L130 are needed badly, why were they removed in the first place? It makes no sense, there's no other way to get them instead of events. The chance of getting them from extracting gear must be less than 1%.
  7. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    To the guys complaining about economy or tempering solutions, dont worry, the chance to get them is almost nonexistant now. 115 chests and zero tempering solutions for me so far. It is still a good event because of the enchantment stones which are needed badly at the moment. A good thing to add would be L130, because of mythic gear and also composite bundles, because some stones cost 150kk atm. It must be hell for new players with those prices.
  8. This change sucks badly and it shows now. L120 cost 60-70m on broker and almost always fail on Mythic Weapon. Seriously, how are we supposed to succesfully enchant mythic gear with L120 Stones? You need L115-130 Stones to enchant them from +0 to +15 with maximum success rate. Since theres almost no other way to get them, you should really think about adding L130 back to the drop table and also increase the rate, over 10 Tia siege boxes and zero enchantmant stones is just, too low. I wasted hours for 9 mithril and 1 cera medal.
  9. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Is this a joke? I missed the first day of event, now I went today and killed 77 treasure chests in 8 hours and got ZERO tempering solutions. You changed the drop rate from 5% to 1% or what? Now all players who farmed first day can sit back and enjoy their temperings while we farm for mere green manastones? way to go. See screenshot for proof, I opened 3 Manastones boxes that's why it's only 74. Atleast increase the rates by 2 or 3% again because like this, the event just sucks. Also you should at L130 stones because those are almost nonexistant and are needed badly to enchant Mythic Weapons, enchanting them with L120 stones does not give the maximum success rate. L120 cost 60-70m on broker. Do something about that shit because thats a reason for some people to quit.
  10. Drop Rate!

    Not only the drop rate is horrendous, the enchant rate on gear too, l120 cost 60-70m atm on asmo side. Something has to be done for sure.
  11. As far as I know, the enchantment rate decreases also with enchantment rate level before +10, so for maximum chance for an eternal weapon that is +1 you would need a L106 enchantment stone and so on. Source: https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Enchantment "The sum of the level and enchantment level will give the player a number. If we take as an example an item of level 60 which has been enchanted to +7, the sum will be 67. Then, the player takes in account the grade. Eternal equipment will require 40 levels to reach the cap, while Mythic items require 50. As such, taking that the example item as an eternal, consider adding up 67 to 40, making it 107; therefore making the Purple enchantment stone <L107 Enchantment Stone> the most optimal."
  12. Shugo Tomb Duo Run

    I think a new version with higher amount of heal/freeze/dp was introduced with 4.7. I did a few succesful duo runs here with more lucky drops, only failed once, so it really depends on what drops you get and also where the boss spawns.
  13. Hey, I'm looking for a Magic Boost Plume plussed or even +0. Whisper Diio ingame during siege time.
  14. Shugo Tomb Duo Run

    Can confirm, duo runs are way harder with this version of the instance, while still doable if you're lucky with drops and para procs, it is not guaranteed to succeed.