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  1. Teaming Glory

    Yes it is not fair going in with your legion mates to make most glory points. If you manage to do it, unless one of them rats you and makes a video evidence, you won't be punished. But if you fail and someone makes a video evidence, you should be punished.
  2. Teaming Glory

    Emenems have a video evidence, check the twitch link at first message please.
  3. Teaming Glory

    xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD you russians drink so much vodka... going glory for 3v1 xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it's not 3v1, it's 1v1v1v1, that's why you are not in a group.
  4. Teaming Glory

    If you intentionally avoid hitting your friend, eventhough he is higher rank than you in arena, it means you are teaming. If you cancel entry because you wont have 4 people you want to be inside together, it means you are a pussy. This happened before and people got punished. Looks like it wasn't disincentive enough to prevent others doing it. Please punish this guys accordingly so they (also others I hope) won't dare doing it again.
  5. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Ofc we want events, just not game breaking ones. What do you think will happen when the server will be filled with tempering solutions? You will have 20% of player base with maxed gear and they will have nothing else to do in game. On the other hand, other 80% plus the new players will struggle fighting against those max geared people and eventually they will give up playing here. I am aware none of the staff members are actually playing and spending time in game to observe shortcomings of the server. People here needs manastones, enchantment stones and stigma shards. Those rewards are good enough. But when it comes to temperings, we can already obtain them from PvE instances, people are just being lazy and not doing them, and with this event which gives absurd amount of tempering solutions you just encourage them to not farm for those instances, but force them to attend the event. This is not this server needs, this server needs decent rewards for participating everyday instances (both pvp and pve). People stopped going to Kamar Battlefield because rewards are worthless. Give people chance to get tempering solution from Kamar Victory Chests and see how everyone starts doing it. This is how you should introduce extra Tempering Solutions to game in my oppinion. Participation should be limited and everyone should have equal chances to get it. Not like braindead killing chests that don't fight back to get best rewards the game offers.
  6. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Last week I spent 3B for temperings to get my accessories enchanted, now you are distributing for free from those chests and destroying the game balance and economy. It is a huge middle finger to people that tryharding since the firstday and investing their time in the server. Why did I even farmed for those kinah and spent it all on temperings if next day you will implement a fucking event and distribute them to everyone? Fuck it, I'm out of this server.
  7. Results of the January game season

    Excuse me but I was rank 1 in Ophidian Bridge, those guys are arena top 3, please correct it.
  8. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Just remove the Tempering Solution from the chests. Last thing we need in server right now is excessive amount of temperings. This will only make already geared players more strong and newcomers and low level players wont benefit from it. All that stigma shards and mana/enchantment stones are perfect idea. Temperings are the only reason you keep playing after you reach end game gear. If you implement them into the game that easily, people won't work for it. Just my idea, but I've seen the same movie in Gold Aion, hope yu wont repeat it and remove Tempering Solutions from boxes. Peace.
  9. 1v1 Tournament

    Honestly I am more concerned about other classes, like templar without all those skills would be piece of cake for any magical class. If someone doesn't have a plan B for those skills, I think he/she is the one you should feel sorry about.
  10. 1v1 Tournament

    Why don't we just have a fist fight if we are not able to use our skills?