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Hey guys Ive checked the Guides section of the forum and wasnt able to find a list showing what quests, instances and other content one should do daily/weekly.

Would be nice for future new players including me to have a guide on what you could/should do daily. If some of the experienced players could list their daily/weekly routine here so we can learn from it what content is worth doing and should be done in order to progress ones character. In case there are several replies I cant combine the replies so we have a more complete daily/weekly list to look at.

Thanks for helping out.

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RevreDy    8

BM for sure, is the (Fierce, Fearless and discordant accessories) is the first and easiest PvP gear you can get also the easiest Eternal gear that will help you farm along the way for better gear. After you got your whole BM Gear you should still farm them either for kinah's by selling the BM gears with the assist of wrapping scrolls or by selling them to an NPC in Katalam and Danaria for mythic supplements that can be sold for kinahs or keep them for later on when you get mythic gear to use them in enchanting for that extra 15% success rate. Besides that you should farm Ancient coins, they are some daily quests and also some instances like Steel Rose that drops Ancient Coins, those you can keep to buy a decent PvE Gear the very known Danaur or sell them, they cost arround 60-75k each depends on the broker price. You should run daily the Sauro, most people do it 4ppl because this way everyone gets at least 1x eternal part, 1x gold part and a composite manastone bundle and ofc this is not all, in Sauro you get the chance to get Mythical parts to gear up, it can be either weapon or armour or even accessorie. It is a very good starting point for PvE gearing up. MKK (Miren, Kysis, Krotan) those are the castles in the upper reshanta, running those daily is very helpful in order to farm faster AP and Ceranium Medals for late game that you will have, want & need to buy Abyss PvP Gear for a better PvP experience. Speaking of PvP Gear try to never miss the Sieges in Katalam/Danaria and upper Reshanta as you get GP (Glory Points) that ranks u up from rank one to Star officer and also Gives you Ceranium medals. EB (Eternal Bastion) is also very good instance doing daily where you get 4 ceraniums, some AP and 100GP is a 24ppl Instance most ppl have premade ally for this so you can Search in LFG or Legion about a Premade ally to run with. 

P.S sieges in Tiamaranta are also kinda important since you can get from the rewards mithril medals or even L120 enchantment stone that can make you some decent kinahs or keep them for later one to enchant your late and OP Gear.


Oh yeah when you gear up for PvE you can also start doing IS (Hyperion) 12ppl instance where you can get one of the top Mythical set Gear, and when I say set I mean it because you got Enrage set and Incensed set where when you complete 6/6 parts you get extra stats, also Bastion that I mentionet before gives the TOP PvE gear but ofc since is 24ppl instance you mostly must be in the Premade Group and the rolls are going by class and priority.


I think I cover them all or at least most of them, if anyone else has anything else to add, enjoy!! :D

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