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  1. Daily Routine

    Hey guys Ive checked the Guides section of the forum and wasnt able to find a list showing what quests, instances and other content one should do daily/weekly. Would be nice for future new players including me to have a guide on what you could/should do daily. If some of the experienced players could list their daily/weekly routine here so we can learn from it what content is worth doing and should be done in order to progress ones character. In case there are several replies I cant combine the replies so we have a more complete daily/weekly list to look at. Thanks for helping out.
  2. Gear Progression-

    Thanks @Raidon for the input. Is there anything else I should include into my daily routine? Like any other instances or content that are worth running?
  3. Gear Progression-

    Hey, thanks. I looked trough the guide section on the forum but wasnt able to find all the informations Iam looking for thats why I created this thread.
  4. Hello guys Iam new to this server and just reached lvl 65. Are there any Sources/Guides on what I should do as dailies/weeklies and instances to work towards starter pvp gear and rank 2 gear? As a new player I have no clue what to do and I also cant find guides on the internet sadly. If there is no guide or source available it would be really helpful if someone could list me all the important things to do to work towards rank 2 gear. Thanks for all input!