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changes in sieges in inguison / gelmackos fortresses

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wexlergamez    2

The intention of this suggestion, being more specific, is to encourage people to make sieges to these fortresses on these maps, since nobody to do them always remains in the hands of the balaures making it difficult to campaign, make instances (since they must change of location as the fortress is not under the domain of the faction itself)

Why should this suggestion be implemented?

I think that stimulating sieges in inguison / gelmackos make these are in the hands of the faction itself in question facilitating missions or entry to instances, apart from that it would give more life to the server and give more things to do to the players

I think that giving better rewards would stimulate that the sieges to these maps be more active since as I have spoken with some people nobody makes such sieges for the null reward or little stimulating reward but I prefer to leave these hands of those in charge of this game to offer Some alternative
I apologize if something is not understood in English is not my language and I use google translate


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