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Found 8 results

  1. Cler szuka legionu

    Cześć, Szukam najlepiej polskiego legionu po stronie elyos. Nie mam max lvl - 62 dopiero. Nastawiony jestem na Heal i pod tym kątem tylko chciałbym dokończyć robienie postaci. Grałem na globalu dawno temu ale co nieco pamiętam z instancji. Mam discord / teams do reinstalacji z tym że głównie nasłuch. Staram się być regularnie w grze z tym że wieczorami. Na razie żadnego poważnego setu nie posiadam, z tym że na niższe instancję czy jako wsparcie daję rade. Aethertrapping na 480+, Alchemia 500, essencetrapping 240+ Kontakt tutaj lub whisp. Nick: Fosu
  2. Tac armors for clerics and chanters

    Tac clothes seem like good armors for dps cleric ? Can it considered as alternative to AC chain armors ? Tac chains seem like ideal armors for dps/support chanter ? It got heal boost but lack of parry but also giving attack speed handguards ? yes I've got kahrun armors for full support already but I also want tac for dps/support role ? Should I considering this armors over AC ones ?
  3. It's turn out I've bought AT kahrun gears which has enmity boost not healing boost. Can I exchange for healing boost kahrun gears please ?
  4. Sauro Solo Cleric If hd options are not open it is because it is still processing. (fresh upload)
  5. Templar searches pockethealer

    Hello, I am Joytoy, a templar and I am currently gearing up. Yet I don't have many active friends to play with. Therefore I am searching a cleric or chanter on support to play with. Pve, pvp, instances quests and so on. I am friendly and protective. Message me on Discord if you wanna get to know each other (Dammy#2913)
  6. Hey there! I thought about writing this guide to help my fella clerics to follow the right path when picking gear, accessories, weapons and such, so here we go! In this guide I will show you how to gear up your cleric from scratch both PvE and PvP wise. ~ Support ~ PVE - Kahrun The very first gear you need to pick is Kahrun set, it's easy and quite fast to do. To purchase this set you will need Kahrun's Symbols, which are obtainable via Sarpan and Tiamaranta's dedicated weekly and daily quests. ~ Why Kahrun? As mentioned above, first of all because it's really easy and relatively fast to do. Second of all, you don't really need to run any dungeon that requires any kind of gear to achieve it, in fact you'll only need to do your daily Raksang runs plus weeklies and dailies for a couple of weeks, then you'll be even able to run Infinity Shard with it. Third of all, Kahrun is the only set that gives you an high amount of concentration, so that means your heals will most likely not get interrupted if you get hit by monsters. As accessories at the beginning everything you can get is okay, as starting ones I would suggest either Blood Marks or Vanquisher (you can obtain these as random boxes reward by exchanging Conqueror's Marks in certain garrisons in Katalm, they're even good for pvp due to their magic resistance and strike resistance value, but we'll talk about it later on) and then once you can run Infinity Shard (aka Katalamize) you'll preferably need to get Hyperion set. As sash you can either pick Sauro mythical sash, Exalted Katalium sash (note, this can be used in pve but it's mainly used for pvp purposes due to its high defensive stats but again, we'll talk about it further in the guide) or for extra concentration Tiamat Guard's Sash (I use this one with my Kahrun set since the amount of HPs I lose isn't that massive so it's nice to have some extra concentration by time to time). As helmet you essentially have two choices: Unstable Abyssal Chain Hood or Omega's Chain Hood. Both of these helmets grant a great amount of concentration (105 for Abyssal and 114 for Omega) and HPs (598 for Abyssal and 407 for Omega), so it's up to you based on your preference or what it's easier for you to obtain. You can get these helmets from Yamennes in Unstable Abyssal Splinter (Unstable Abyssal Chain Hood) and from Omega world boss in Inggison (Omega's Chain Hood). As weapon you need to pick something with cast speed, so to start I would go either Blood Mark or Sauren mace (which is the orange version of the Mythical one and grants you that sweet 12% cast speed), later on I would pick a Sauro mythical one or Hyperion for higher base stats. As shield you have three choices: Nishaka Scale Shield, Kradi Scale Shield or Level 60 Etenral Everage Equipment Healer Shield aka starter shield (which is the one you get at the very beginning of your journey from the equipment boxes, SO DON'T THROW IT AWAY!). The stats between the three shields are really similar, the only "big" differences are the number of manastone slots (in fact Nishaka and Kradi can be 6-slotted once you identifiy them) and the amount of concentration (113 for Nishaka and Kradi, 118 for the starter shield). I would recommend to just pick the starter one since it's free and has great stats anyways. At the end, your set should more or less look like this:!oNMFyt PVE (but also PVP) - Hyperion Hyperion set is something you're slowly going to achieve once you'll be able to access to Infinity Shard (aka Katalamize), so let's say that this might be considered as an "endgame gear". ~ Why Hyperion set? Hyperion set can be both socketed as HP or Healing boost. I personally recommend to socket it full healing boost and keep Kahrun as main HP set, it can be really useful when mobs aren't focusing you or even better, it's really useful in group PvP when you have an over focused squishy target in your party and you're not getting hit by anybody. As accessories you need to gather full Hyperion set for extra healing boost, with either Sauro mythical or Exalted Katalium sash. In case you're using it during pvp as well, just keep your sauro / crafted accessories on. As helmet you need to get Lunatic Modor's Cleric Chain Hood since it's the only one who grants healing boost (we want to maximize our healing boost after all, don't we?). As weapon just go with the hyperion, for the set effect. As shield you need to get Infinity Shard's Scale Shield (you get it by obtaining 10 Hyperion Parts for a quest in Idian Depths). At the end, your final set should more or less look like this:!isaLs1a PVP - Magic Resist Magic resistance set is one of the main cleric's pvp support gear and you'll need that to counter magic classes with low magical accuracy. To start, you need to complete your BM gear and socket it full magic resistance to avoid going around completely naked, even if (of course) it will never reach the same magic resist value you will achieve with AP gear. Protip: once you collected all of your AP parts do not discard your BM gear and change manastones for block set. ~ Which kind of AP gear should I pick for my Magic Resist set? Chanter AP 2-star gear (which is Seraph for Elyos and Shadowshift for Asmodians) + Cleric rank 1 AP gloves (Custodian's Divine for Elyos and Shepherd's Divine for Asmodians) since rank 1 AP gloves give casting speed, while both Cleric/Chanter AP 2-star gear grant attack speed. As accessories, if you can't run Infinity Shard yet, I would recommend taking Vanquisher ones, otherwise go for Hyperion accessories (full, so set + extra earring and ring), as sash either Sauro mythical or Exalted Katalium. As endgame gear accessories, for a matter of optimization and quality of life, I would strongly recommend crafting or purchasing Exalted Nolan accessories + Exalted Katalium Sash. Sauro accessories are also really good for magic resistance, but crafted are slightly better for highest possible magic resistance. As helmet, if you can't afford Sunayaka's Hairpin yet (which is the best in slot with a total of 181 magic resistance) you can either try to get Ksanat's Hairpin (which has 164 magic resistance and +2.1% pvp defence) or Yndigo's Hairpin (which has 164 magic resistance but no pvp def). As weapon, you can pick between Brazen Aegis mace(Rune Shield Tower / Illuminary Obelisk), Enraged Hyperion or Infinite Shard's eternal one (same as healing boost shield). As shield you could start with BM (which again, you can unsocket later on and re-socket with block manastones once you get a better one for magic resistance) or Orai's Shield (Arena 60 1 Conditioning) which is pretty good and also quite cheap. When you will have enough APs and Ceramiums, just get AP magical 2-star one (Resplendent Divine Protective Shield for Elyos and Eclipse Divine Protective Shield for Asmodians) At the end, your final set should more or less look like this:!f6GAPKC Goal stats to reach with a decent / well optimzed magic resistance set: 2750+ / 2820+ PVP - Block / Strike Resistance Block set is the main set you will need to use to counter physical classes (besides assassins, assassins are horrible people and they will melt you no matter what, BM gear will eat all their paralyze godstones and cc's) during your pvp encounters ~ Which kind of gear should I pick for my Block set? Discordant (BM) gear is the best in slot available in this patch. You need to socket all of your normal manastone slots with Block +29 and almost all of your ancient manastone slots with Strike Resist +22 (I personally have weapon and one gear piece socketed full block to reach 3.9k block value and 680+ strike resist value with scroll). Note that block set is the only set you're forced to enchant to its maximum level (so +10 for the whole set, +15 or +13 for the shield), since upgrades grant strike resistance and block (from +10 and above) and the physical deffence from +1 onwards. Moreover, note that Strike Reristance value is capped to 700, so if you already reach around 620-630 strike resist without a Fine Strike Resist scroll (but with an idian on your weapon), just socket the rest of your gear with block manastones. ~ Why Strike Resistance? Block set can be easily countered by accuracy set, and this is where Strike Resistance comes to your help. Strike resistance is a value that doesn't let your opponents crit on you when they hit you, so even if you will no longer block their attacks, it will decrease their overall damage. As accessories, you need to get Discordant neutral accessories (so neither magical or physical ones) and when you will be able to craft them or buy them I suggest getting Exalted Nolan. A good alternative to crafted ones are Sauro mythic. As belt you need to drop Sauro mythical one, since it grants Block. As helmet, you need to get plate Ancient Coins (Remodeled Danuar Helm for templar). As weapon, you can pick between Brazen Aegis (Rune Shield Tower / Illuminary Obelisk), Enraged Hyperion or Infinite Shard's eternal one (same as healing boost shield). As shield, you can start with BM one (that has to be enchanted to +10) and then you will need to get physical AP 2-star one (Resplendent Divine Battle Shield for Elyos, Eclipse Divine Battle Shield for Asmodians) or physical AP rank 1 one (Custodian's Divine Battle Shield of Elyos, Shepherd's Divine Battle Shiels for Asmodians). What changes between these two shields is that AP star 2 has slightly more block, while AP rank 1 grants more Hps (around 400, to be precise). Remember that you'll have to enchant your block shield to its maximum level in order to obtain the highest amount of defensive stats out of it (so +15 for AP 2-star and +13 for AP rank 1). At the end, your final set should more or less look like this:!mojVLml Goal stats to reach with a decent / well optimzed block set: 3800+ block, 600 strike resit / 3900+, 670 stirke resist PVP - Magic Suppression Magic suppression set will come to your help when you'll encounter magical classes with a high magical accuracy (that means classes with magical accuracy buffs or players with composite magical accuracy / magic boost set). ~ Which kind of gear should I pick for my Magic Suppression set? You have few options and they all work great. You can either go for Brazen Aegis one (which in all honesty is a pain to get because first of all mythical drop rate from Illuminary Obelisk is really low and moreover every piece needs to have perfect stats in order to have the maximum magic suppression value and this set has the lowest magic suppression stat among the three of them, so I don't recommend choosing this one), Idian Depths cloth one (pieces can be aquired from Idian Depths bosses, such as Serusia, Promion and Penemon) or Ancient Coin's bard version. I personally picked AC one because it's the easiest to achieve (but absolutely not the cheapest) and has PvP defence, so that compensates the minor Magic Suppression value compared to Idian Depths cloth one. You can choose which kind of manastones to socket in your normal slots: for ancient slots just get Magic Suppression +40, for normal slots you can either go for HP +100 / +95 or composites Magic boost 27 / HP 47 (pick the second option if you wish to play more aggressively while using this set). Note: if you decide to pick AC set you can use it as DPS pve set until you can't achieve full Hyperion DPS set (of course that requires a re-socket). As accessories, I would recommend Hyperion ones, but Exalted Nolan / Sauro work just fine. Same goes with belt. For a matter of quality of life, I would just keep Exalted Nolan / Sauro if you're switching set midfight. As helmet, I would recommend AC bard's or Bastion Headband. As weapon, you can pick between Brazen Aegis (Rune Shield Tower / Illuminary Obelisk), Enraged Hyperion or Infinite Shard's eternal one (same as healing boost shield). As shield, you need to get Brazen Aegis. At the end, your final set should more or less look like this:!QrLhprw Goal stats to reach with a decent / well optimzed magic suppression set: 2700+ / 2850+ ~ DPS ~ PVE Incensed Hyperion set is the best one you can pick due to its bonus set. I would recommend to start with Ancient Coins set (that you can unsocket and resocket later on for magic suppression set) while gatheting all of your Hyperion pieces. As alternative, I would suggest picking Bastion cloth set with Lunatic Modor's Cane (two of them fusioned). Note that 2000 magical accuracy should be enough for every dungeon except Danuar Reliquary, for which I recommend you to have around 2100 - 2200 magical accuracy. This being said, once you can achieve an adequate magical accuracy value, just socket your set with the best magic boost stones you can afford. As accessories, pick BM magicals in case you don't have access to any instance that allows you to drop accessories. Once you can finally get into Infinity Shard, get full Hyperion Set (for bonus set mainly) + Exalted Katalium / Sauro ring and earring and Exalted Katalium / Sauro Sash (I would recommend trying to get Sauros for dps since they can have slightly higher crit spell and magic boost rolls). As helmet, you can pick Lunatic Modor chain one or Bastion cloth one (last one mainly for more MP and major crit spell). As weapon, you can start by taking an Ancient Coins Staff fused with a BM one, later on in case you're aming for Hyperion set, fuse your Hyperion staff with a Lunatic Modor Cane or Ancient Coin (put the DR / AC one under and not vice versa otherwise you will lose your set effect), otherwise just fuse two Lunatic Modor Canes (put the one with more stats and better enchanting level on top). At the end, your final set should more or less look like this:!PDkuF5c PVP For PvP you will need Cleric AP 2-star full set (Resplendent for Elyos, Eclipse for Asmodians), socketed full composites Magic Boost 27 / HP 47 (even if I would personally socket two pieces with Magic Boost 27 / Magical Accuracy 7 to avoid resisting everything who comes in your way, besides magic resist users). As accessories, pick BM magical ones first, then change them for AP magical later (Custodian's Magic accessories for Elyos, Sheperd's Magic accessories for Asmodians). As helmet, I personally use Lunatic Modor Chain one, but you can also pick magical BM and then change it for AP magical for more PvP stats. As weapon, you can start with Ancient Coin one fusioned with BM and then, since NCsoft hates us, the only one you can pick is Lunatic Modor Cane, since all the other staffs are chanter only. You will need to fusion it with AP 2-star (Resplendent Shakujo for Elyos, Eclipse Shakujo for Asmodians). At the end, your final set should more or less look like this:!0X9kRB4 ~ IDIANS ~ All of your weapons will need different different idians, so this is a small list with the most requested and the best bonuses available from certain idians. Please note that the following aren't 100%, you can obtain them on a certain percentage, so you might need to use more than one idian to obtain the stats you seek for. Magic Resistance +50 Glossy Esoteric Idian: Resistance Inspiring Idian: Resistance Triumphal Idian: Physical Defense Triumphal Idian: Magical Defense Triumphal Idian: Resist Magic Suppression +85 Glossy Esoteric Idian: Magical Defense Triumphal Idian: Magical Defense Triumphal Idian: Defense Ice Idian: Magical Defense Strike Resistance +50 Glossy Esoteric Idian: Resistance Inspiring Idian: Resistance Triumphal Idian: Resist Healing Boost +30 Glossy Esoteric Idian: Assistance Inspiring Idian: Assistance Triumphal Idian: Support Magic Boost +70 Glossy Esoteric Idian: Magical Attack Glossy Esoteric Idian: Physical/Magical Attack Glossy Esoteric Idian: Physical/Magical Attack Triumphal Idian: Attack For PvP aggressive stats just get General Idians (aka Golden Idian Booster: Magical Attack) And that's it! I really hope that you guys found my guide helpful! For any question / suggestion hit me on Discord at Chastise#4964 Big thank you to Capa for helping me with this guide! See you in game!

    Hello everyone I've been playing this game for a very long time and i've almost main'ed every class except maybe Gunner (I never seemed to like the class) and cleric which I always have been afraid to play since I don't wanna screw things up. So basically I would like to give it a try ( I heard once you go cleric you never come back), if there is any guide/Tutorial that I can follow through including gearing up it will be very helpful. thank you.
  8. Hey Hey Ich suche hier eine deutschsprachige Legion! Ich hab zuletzt bis glaub knapp 5.4 auf den offizielen Servern gespielt. Angefangen auf dem alten Server Vehalla, später Loki. (dort aber Elyos). Dort war ich Main Cleric und hatte nebenbei noch Barde gespielt. Aber ich will gerne zurück zu den alten Strängen und ziehe mir hier ein Cleric hoch. Erfahrungen aus der 4.7 Zeit sind noch da als wären sie nie weg gewesen, sofern sich es hier nicht auf dem Server etwas geändert hat. Bin Interessiert an PvE und PvP, sehr gerne auch wieder Raids! Allgemein eine hilfsbereite Legion mit der ich all das alte neu erleben kann, würde mich sehr freuen x3 Ein paar Infos zu mir: 23 Jahre, arbeitend (daher nur nachmittags/abends da), Main Cleric, nicht TS Scheu (Nur mein Micro versagt manchmal ) Schreibt mich hier an oder wenn ich mich online erwischt gerne auch auf meinem Cleric. Ihr Name ist Erucca