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  1. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    Ty for all the loot buddy ^^
  2. bullying

    You guys are weird af
  3. okay lets do the math Every camp in danaria/katalam gives u 4 Bloodmarks upon killing the enemy There is 18 (? dunno) camps in danaria/katalam 18x4x7=504 BM every week just from killing the enemies 100% People will just trade to get bloodmarks asap, with doing couple bm camps you can get 1 free tempering Kinda dumb tbh
  4. Shop items

    https://aioncodex.com/4x/item/110100974/ is it possible to add this item to shop?
  5. bullying

    you are hella weird
  6. [Event] Bloody revolution

    you can get 3 today 3 next week and 3 in a week 3+3+3=9 if im right
  7. bullying

    just block the player cuz its whisper :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
  8. Dodging in pvp instances

    or hide ranking from the website and just show it at the last day of season
  9. Kamar change

    Well if you want to fight someone without beritras you can always ask them "wanna fight kamar but without beritras?", ofc it will not work in 100% of cases but still, this game was never based on a skill but on RNG
  10. VPN Game

    Exitlag working pretty well
  11. Just a question admins please :)

    you can do it also so its pretty fair
  12. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    I can't lie removing glory points from Arena of GLORY isn't best idea. The whole point of arena is Glory points which you get. Right now i can wait 10 minutes for dodge arena now when you remove GP from arenas well 30 minutes entry
  13. Switching Plume From Ely To ASMO

    Sell it exchange kinah buy on asmo