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  1. Co-op in GLORY ARENA ( Armaqqeddon + Muffi )

    If they wont be banned its just SHAME for admins
  2. 1st, sorc have BOIC (10k damage shield for 5 seconds) 2nd sorc have stone skin, 2.5k damage, 3rd sorc have Illusion = 2 resists
  3. why im saying this? cuz i play sorc and i know which skills are totally broken against what classes
  4. so goodluck every meele against sorc
  5. @TheAlmighty thats so funny that there isnt any restricting skills table Sorcerer can use wintry armor on SIN but sin cannot use dp hide, really? Thats so funny looking that wintry in 4.6 is broken
  6. oh yeah baby! lets go no seed of detection = most classes are fucked up ranger can just sleep arrow them + trap + silence + burst and GG easy
  7. Which side and class ???

    you and being nice? man
  8. Problem with Kromede trial entry quest

    strange, since february ppl have problems and you made at least 3 maintenance for that problem
  9. 4,8 update ???

    you lost katalam/danaria/sarpan/tiamranta for akaron, kaldon signia and vengar Stop crying about tiamaranta and sarpan becasue 100% you went sarpan just for stigma quest and tiamaranta for daily heart sieges UG you didnt lost, its just solo PVE map. Atm getting endgame gear is work for 2-3 months (not inclouding making accesories to +5) and patches 4.7/4.8 are giving so many good things. - new gears -ap extend weapons -+20 weapons -new godstones -great stigma rework also admins will have more events
  10. [Event] Bloody revolution

    thats what pvp event mean
  11. [Event] Bloody revolution

    man idk, i can solo do 3x this quest in just 2 days, also ppl leave server cuz sumemr xDDDDDD
  12. Combination of weapons on sorc.

    you could also get good Sauro weapon and make it to +10 and fuse it with BM so when you get your AP spellbook you can fuse it instantly with sauro instead of making new weapon
  13. elyos or asmo - where to start

    Go asmo, elyos arent dominated by asmo side, Elyos are just stupid. + asmodian sorcerer is better