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  1. Sauro Sin Boss (1ppl, duo Client)

    well, nice!
  2. Take up arms against Moltenus!

    its done by same asmodian alliance everyweek
  3. Ancient coin quest BUG

    its in pandarunerk in house near UG TP
  4. Combination of weapons on sorc.

    AC above BM below thats how you gonna have best stats
  5. Strange IDE Crystal Drop Rate

    Ok but i have question, did you make it on weekend with 2x rates on?, have you on one of those energy from afking (same as from tea)
  6. GEARING GUIDE: A loners path to the top~

    you can LMAO
  7. [Event] Munin's Ghost

    this is event where i cant say anything bad about admins, First time since shugo event btw Everyone in PT get Card for mission. On the mission spot there is PVP yeah afk a little bit suck but people would afk anyway
  8. [Event] Munin's Ghost

    1st you can make party with 6ppl second i did this mission SOLO with cleric sorc bard so dont cry
  9. Trojans?

    yes bye
  10. Koby 11 Hits 3 Sec

    Stop reporting every gunner you see x D
  11. Uh.. okay...

  12. Uh.. okay...

  13. Uh.. okay...

    for whispers you cant do anything :))
  14. Dodging/Leaving from Arena - When fixed???

    1st im clicker 2nd yeah pls fix
  15. Hi, when you will fix dodging and leaving from arena? I and other players have enough losing our time / scrolls for something like that