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  1. Server balance

    enchants/manastones bundles, etc it's not hard to encourage players to do sth, it's not roleplay to gather everyone on discord and play together, its 1 hours event to get some rewards. Ceranium medales were ok at the begging, now top 100 players have thousands of them. considering majority of the top 100 accounts are bought... sorry... shared..... there is no need to gather more medals.
  2. Server balance

    do you expect top 100 with geared accounts to lead siege? its way easier to get maximum glory poits form lost siege. if nobody wants to participate there is problem with rewards, not in players. btw. how its possible that players who stream, out of nowhere have extra account with 5star? funny thing, 1 player hold 3 elyos 5star and 1 asmo. but thats the next thing. P.S. could you remove rewards from tiamaranta siege, i don't like getting medals and L120, you say you make things like on retail but this wasn't there.
  3. Server balance

    hmhmhmm if you didn't noticed it, I'll simply tell you how it is. Your server is standing 3 years on the same patch. Multiple accounts were created, and multiple characters were geared to perfection. Gearing takes time, (quite a lot). So it's good idea to buy..... sorry, buying is not allowed..... share account ( that's better ). Do you think all people would waste 1 hour on siege with common disconections, to get glory points? maybe you will tell that by gatherting glory you will have possibility to use x form kek. And I will answer that players use x form to gather even more glory. In the end there are no rewards from siege, nothing worth spending 1 hour + there.
  4. I hate cheaters

    tell me, why they changed icon of snowflakes mr.sieg ? why do they banned players who were selling platinum coins?
  5. I hate cheaters

    if there is false name linked in the shop description it was 100% ban on retail. like snowflakes/platinum coin if someone linked snowflake in shop describtion and was selling platinum coins he would get ban. Idk why people are telling shit here when that was the case on retail years ago, did they forgot ? If he had his shop named without exact name of an item you buy its ok, if this yellow symbols are the name of the proper leaf it should be already banned long ago.
  6. snowflake event fail

    Hello, I would like to point out that current event rates are so bad that players started to sell accounts with lvl 30 characters. If someone with hundreds of lvl30 characters is not profiting out of event how a player with 1-10 lvl30 will? P.S. I consider this event as shit now even worth to log in and open snowflakes, thank you for late and pointless event.
  7. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    well, it's too late now, players are already quiting. With other popular private server and upcoming official one, i don't see hope on euroaion
  8. Dodging in pvp instances

    I don't belive people who pvp on this server needs rewards from arenas l thought you play pvp to face strong players not some 3 casuals. it looks like pvp became hunting low geared people it would explain camping on katalam camps. Idk somehow on pvp servers there were no problem to go 3v3, 2v2v2v2 or other arenas. even with less players online. I don't think its problem of arenas. Arenas are made now for pure pvp. jmr/kamar are clown fiesta.
  9. Dodging in pvp instances

    there is sth like training arena :0 why all pvp players don't face each other there? i thought there are many pvp players on this server why waiting 1 day for 1 ticket when you can do multiple training arenas? players always were dodging and using rats for jmr/kamar/iww its part of retail aion why should admins change that ?
  10. elyos/asmo balance

    hello. is euroaion administration trying to solve the problem with 1 faction dominance for over a year? no access to krotan/kysis/miren instances, and ceramium medals from sieges only makes disbalance bigger I hope every one noticed that new player starting his journey on elyos has his progerssion slowed by a lot? and dont bring here some jokes about % of players on server :0 players who participate in siege matter not some infalted stats.
  11. if only admins knew how to make ingame surveys. Asking players who actualy plays than listening to few friends would be nice.
  12. but if you make waiting time for eb/swb short, i wont be able to get 50 gp from instawin jmr/kamar. Pvp on 81th is better than on kmara/jmr
  13. supply of manastones

    i do play, and I see 6 manastones on the broker when 1 player need 16 if using 100% supplies
  14. supply of manastones

    HI I encountered a problem, there is not enough quantity of some kinds of manastones. Number of players decresed and there is less and less stuff on broker. for example "attack 7" ancient manastones there is not even 1 page with it for a week. Is it possible to add manastones as drop to some mobs/instances? right now ancient manastones drop only from infinity shard and ruhnadium (which not many people are doing ) so infinity shard is the biggest source and number of players is halved after 2months of ddos attacks.
  15. Infinity Shard rollback scroll didnt work

    don't you have logs to see players in game actions ? why do you need his screenshot?