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  1. Cross-class remodel

    I see, thank you.
  2. Cross-class remodel

    Hello, I would like to ask, how do I find out which set skins from the store can be used for cross-class remodelling? I just saw a sorcerer wearing 65 daevanion chain set skin and for example, i once bought drenium plate set and couldnt use it on chain (ages ago). In game I got an opinion that sets with "NPC" in name can be cross remodelled... Is this true?
  3. Cross-class remodel

    Hello, that I know, but what about "Sets" category?
  4. [Event] Beritra Treasures

    By "nerfing events" he probably meant, that few days after the start of most events there is an "unscheduled maintenance" after which the drop chances for everything good are reduced almost to zero. Happens during every good event.... christmas, summer, the ongoing one, etc.
  5. [Works] From your Valentine...

    Printscreen category Race: Asmodian Nickname: Jarmila It seems that love is in the air...
  6. is it racisim?

    informing someone that he/she is an idiot is rude, but not racism
  7. [Works] Christmas Moments!

    Nick: Jarmila Race: Asmodian
  8. Maintenance 22.04.2022

    Not sure when exactly it was added to the store, but thank you very much for the Daevanion set skins, You are the best
  9. Shop items

    Awesome, another set in the store no one was asking for...
  10. Pvp of the poor: PATETIC

    You know, some of the players might have friends, or legion mates, or whatever, and if you kill their low lv friend, you might get stomped to the ground. I´m pretty sure you would do the same if you had friends, or legion mates, or whatever. Or high lv alt if you are not a friendly type
  11. Cheat of Gunneur

    Thank you
  12. Cheat of Gunneur

    Most probably not, they are already dead
  13. Shop items

    I am sure lots of people would appreaciate unbinding stones [item: 165050001] https://aioncodex.com/us/item/165050001/ This item is from a version of the game higher than ours. There is no need for it.
  14. Report Swearing

    I allways say sorry when I attack others mobs, but getting ban for saying "fck you"? The server would be empty by now... Also. how else would you reply to kinah spammers
  15. Hello, I have noticed a bug with the mentioned Nishaka´s shield from Rentus base. After tunning, it is not getting bonus stats, only extra manaslot (tested +- 20 times). This is happening for couple of months and I am sure it was working properly before (cos I got shield with awesome stats before).
  16. Hello, that is really weird. Can be that my character is bugged in some way? Because I have tuned lots of shields...
  17. why they get no aggro from npcs?

    They keep killing you with that one skill? Are you running there naked? @_@
  18. elyos or asmo - where to start

    Play asmo, cos... elys... just look at them O_O
  19. Theo - Asmodian - Trying sell account

    The hell is this? When i saw the Roadkill´s post for the first time i was thinking he´s overdoing it with qq´s but now, when i see your reply, the guy should be definitely banned. Along with you! Unfortunately, every human has the right to be an idiot, so you are lucky...
  20. Changes in game

    They are available in game, not like Marchutan protector´s skins for example
  21. Cant update the client

    Ye, can we get some step-by-step guide how to do it, please?... How on earth do someone download a torrent client and check files in pc with it? O_O It allways wants to download whole aion again...
  22. More evidence report about Asmo bot gunner

    Why do you care about him so much? Did he kill you while u were afk or what? We could use some bots on the server anyway... On offi servers they were farming mobs no one cared about and supplied all kinds of material at broker no one would ever bother to farm, even when need it.
  23. What are we doing about players like this?

    According to the modern law, every human being has right to be an idiot. And you can´t do anything about it. PS: Yes, I have some personal experience with ppl from "Korea" legion too. Most of them are well geared and... that´s pretty much all the positive I can find. Just add the desired/undesired legion names into your memo pad and move on.
  24. Maintenance 29.06

    Why so surprised? Every event get nerfed few days after the start, everytime.