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  1. Harassment on SWB

    Grow up. This game is full of "morons". Every online game is. Moreover, it is not illegal to inform someone that he/she is a moron. It´s just rude, that´s all.
  2. payment problems

    Hello, I have probably missed the answer on the forum but I would like to ask... the paypalych option is temporarily unavailable (the only possible option I can use). When will it be available again please?
  3. need help with a strange problem

    When I launch the game it opens some non working page through internet explorer...
  4. NPC for Hyperion Mythic Equipment

    Doh, not realy worth of commenting but I am very bored, so here goes... I said, in other words, that the whole idea is stupid and not fair to those who managed to get their sets regardless of number of runs they had to do End game gear should not be that easy to get.
  5. NPC for Hyperion Mythic Equipment

    Wouldn´t that be unfair for those, who got their sets after months, maybe years of hard work? U got your higher chance of finishing the set with mythic boxes from events...should be more than enough for an endgame gear...
  6. Hello, since we are getting some end game gear from events (hyperion's, dragon lord's etc.) it would be awesome to get Modor's weapons too. I am sure most clerics would agree...plus, these days, it's almost impossible to get it with currently available players... No need for any special boxes, just the mythic weapon boxes from boss with a tunable and choosable weapons would be more than enough
  7. Server down?

    Yea, I have noticed in LFG chat that people are getting kinda lots of temperings *wink*
  8. Cross-class remodel

    I see, thank you.
  9. Cross-class remodel

    Hello, that I know, but what about "Sets" category?
  10. Cross-class remodel

    Hello, I would like to ask, how do I find out which set skins from the store can be used for cross-class remodelling? I just saw a sorcerer wearing 65 daevanion chain set skin and for example, i once bought drenium plate set and couldnt use it on chain (ages ago). In game I got an opinion that sets with "NPC" in name can be cross remodelled... Is this true?
  11. [Event] Beritra Treasures

    By "nerfing events" he probably meant, that few days after the start of most events there is an "unscheduled maintenance" after which the drop chances for everything good are reduced almost to zero. Happens during every good event.... christmas, summer, the ongoing one, etc.
  12. [Works] From your Valentine...

    Printscreen category Race: Asmodian Nickname: Jarmila It seems that love is in the air...
  13. is it racisim?

    informing someone that he/she is an idiot is rude, but not racism
  14. [Works] Christmas Moments!

    Nick: Jarmila Race: Asmodian
  15. Maintenance 22.04.2022

    Not sure when exactly it was added to the store, but thank you very much for the Daevanion set skins, You are the best