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  1. Insensitive For Elyos

    It's weird for y'all complain right now when Elyos succeeded in taking 2 forts (could have gotten 3, if not the balaur) today's evening. Also, no offense, but try to use the сommas.
  2. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Process what you read before you type, dude. You're quick to insult others and then complain that "boohoo no one listens to me y'all are retards". "hate people like you!!1" Glad I made you so heated though. Funny af to watch. If you get yourself a pair of eyes and read what people are saying - you would be able to understand that there's no such a thing as "unbalanced" right now in terms of faction numbers, but a PROBLEM on elyos side with leadership, people doing their own thing, discouragement, and so on. I dunno what changed over those couple of months and it's up to discuss, but asmo dont have more people than elyos atm. And they had similar problem months ago with bad leadership, too. Now things got reversed. And it's not for admins to "fix" people/leadership issue on either side. They can only fix the number problem. And you keep screaming about some 6.0 siege buff; Admins can't implement features from later versions of the game. Now stop whining and insulting me and other people who replied to you, not our fault you can't read properly. All I'm saying IF THIS GOES ON it won't be good for the server. But in this case admins can't do anything to fix the situation. Unless @TheAlmighty leads siege and controls ely people minds with telepathy lol, if that's what you want. I don't get why you're whining like a child here and sh*tting on everyone, like what do you expect admins to do lmao? and everyone else? Create bots so ely can start win sieges again? Instead of blaming everyone on this forum, look what happened during today's siege. Go lead the faction yourself and whatnot, if you're so eager.
  3. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Yeah you're probably right. I didn't play actively during the last year of Aion Legend, so disregard my words I guess lol Legend's admins were quick to close the server anyway. They didn't really wanna do anything for the server I think. Yesterday Elyos didn't even recruit for KKM siege. They decided not to bother I guess... Sad. If this goes on, it will get boring AF and server will die eventually.
  4. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    tbh I miss Qellacien.
  5. Fraction elyos or asmo

    Just play whoever you like more in matter of aesthetics, if you have friends in either faction - play with friends then.
  6. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    I know. I'm on your side and I wasn't talking about you but about the person I replied to. I've also played on many servers (mostly retail, also Aion Legend until it got closed lol) and been both ely/asmo. I know what you mean. Though on some servers, at least on NA, Asmo did dominate IIRC, on Russian official it was like 50/50, some were "owned" by ely, and some by asmo back in the days.
  7. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Lmao. If you have no facts to back up what you're saying = "you guys are ignorant!11" I bet you started playing not a long time ago lol. I'm elyos as well and I've seen what's happening; Asmo have been in the same position as we are a couple months ago, but they also were lacking numbers, now numbers are about equal - it's just an issue on ely side, but it's not due to numbers, it's about the leadership and decent communication. Try to grasp that concept, and stop blaming people for telling you what's the deal - especially putting a blame on asmo side.
  8. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    I've read all your posts and lmao... What are you talking about... There's equal number of people playing on each side. Maybe our side still have a bit more people. Siege strictly depends on the willingness to do it, motivation, and, most of all, good leadership. Couple of months ago Asmo had the similar problem Ely have now. Now, Asmo got a good leader and everything else to win, and on the other side something happened to Elyos, one of major siege leaders stopped playing, some petty drama, etc. contributing factors. It just happens and switches back and forth. I don't understand why are you whining. What Souli said about Elyos ego is a bit off putting since lore doesn't matter in terms of how people play and do sieges, we're all the same, but I think it does apply to sime childish people who chose ely side "just because they're good guys!!1 good guys need free stuff!11" lol.
  9. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    A bit off topic, There's literally no "good" side or "bad" side in the lore, and each side paints the other to blame. And each side has different kind of characters (as in NPCs - like, there's always good people and bad people in the war). Also Seraphim and Shedim lords who kind of "started" the whole thing and expanded it further (when Ely discovered the portal and Legion of Deltras teleported in Morheim they were "welcomed" by a Lord Zikel who was known for his temper - https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Zikel He even cursed asmodian people for helping elyos legionnaires). Also look up Shadow Elders. https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Shadow_Elder I remember Elyos side has a major quest related to it. Both sides also have "forgiving" stories and quests, for example that Altgard one when you help en Elyos daeva who got turned into Sprigg, and the one on later levels in Beluslan when you have to deliver a necklace(of her child?) to Elyos elder in Jeiaparan village. But also, I don't think new people who play the game for the first time just press enter and don't read what it says on the race tab Would be dumb of them. I played both.
  10. Japanese Voices in 2 steps !

    Most likely incorrect installation. Double check if you did it right.
  11. It wouldn't be a problem now if 50 level dungeons didn't drop boxes from the start. Recent events are simply like a race - if you're fast enough to ""abuse"" (how admins call that) it, you're good to go, if not = eat dust. I farmed less than 30-40 picks simply because I was lazy. So, I made around 300kk (considering that i opened some boxes) but... that's it (and some made even less). Some people made 2bil and more, because they were farming like crazy with mains and alts. Admins seem to think they can fix the problem by simply removing something from the event, when in reaility it shouldn't even be there in the first place. It doesn't work like that and I understand why people are mad now. It just creates a gap between players. Considering that it happens not for the first time it's just a big lul at this point.
  12. Run away with all the items

    Meh... I wonder if it's possible to somehow give some sort of penalty to toxic players and/or loot ninjas overall. I'm sorry it happened to you, and you couldn't even reply properly due to language barrier
  13. Неприступный бастион

    А геи каким тут местом вообще
  14. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Adma doesn't drop ice boxes (however theo drops them every run), reported by a few people. Please check it ty