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  1. Japanese Voices in 2 steps !

    Most likely incorrect installation. Double check if you did it right.
  2. It wouldn't be a problem now if 50 level dungeons didn't drop boxes from the start. Recent events are simply like a race - if you're fast enough to ""abuse"" (how admins call that) it, you're good to go, if not = eat dust. I farmed less than 30-40 picks simply because I was lazy. So, I made around 300kk (considering that i opened some boxes) but... that's it (and some made even less). Some people made 2bil and more, because they were farming like crazy with mains and alts. Admins seem to think they can fix the problem by simply removing something from the event, when in reaility it shouldn't even be there in the first place. It doesn't work like that and I understand why people are mad now. It just creates a gap between players. Considering that it happens not for the first time it's just a big lul at this point.
  3. Run away with all the items

    Meh... I wonder if it's possible to somehow give some sort of penalty to toxic players and/or loot ninjas overall. I'm sorry it happened to you, and you couldn't even reply properly due to language barrier
  4. Неприступный бастион

    А геи каким тут местом вообще
  5. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Adma doesn't drop ice boxes (however theo drops them every run), reported by a few people. Please check it ty
  6. Btw, what's that thing with farming Morheim mobs? Is it those on the mushroom or what? I played as asmo long time ago on this version and I barely remember.
  7. Why add new candies though? It would be better to replace it with something that doesn't change appearance IMO. Since a lot of people don't like that aspect and it makes to sense to buy skins and so on. In order to make some sort of balance with that, also make you guys gain more profit with selling skins, the best choice would be to imply this instead of the usual candy. It doesn't change appearance and has almost the same stats as candy in terms of attack and cast speed. 5% drop boost isn't even significant to be called "op" for a daily item. Also, adding some amount stigma shards as daily reward would be better for the player base with cancerous prices of shards. I know you told us you won't do anything with them, and probably really tired of that topic, but it's really not okay, and it makes people leave, since it stupid to spend ~14kk to simply change their build. 5-7kk would make more sense for example. It's especially problematic for support classes like cleric/chanter (which are already expensive to gear up etc). You guys say you're retail like, but even on retail shards were cheap af. I don't think people should be wary of that aspect ("i don't wanna play *class name* because it's expensive to change build all the time" "i can't come to *instance name* because i need to change build on *class name* and i can't afford it atm" - really heard some ppl saying it, and the list goes on), especially on a private server. I don't main a support class but have an alt chanter, and even for an alt it creates problems. ty in advance for the answer.
  8. What are we doing about players like this?

    Only 2 (dual) clients were allowed on retails IIRC.
  9. Aetherogenetics Lab for Elyos. Would recommend doing it till 63,5-64, and then do Katalam yellows together with BM quests. (and if needed, complete Sarpan/Tia yellows). Also Adma/Theo can be done till lvl 52, if done with 200% Amulet and x2 rates since it's pretty fast this way.
  10. What are we doing about players like this?

    No, it was possible to do on all retails I've played on (NA, EU, RU) and it wasn't bannable.
  11. Stigma Shard

    People have been asking for this for many months and there's still no solution. Should we even expect it, I wonder. @TheAlmighty
  12. Амулет ремесла 500%

    Увеличение 500%, а по очкам прокачки даже в 2 раза не превышает. Странно.
  13. Server Crash daily

    Errrm... There's a maintenance going on atm.
  14. Get the mithril coins top and boots instead. Probs devs would give it back
  15. ely 58lv in morheim how ?

    Probably took the 20-28 quest which teleports you in Morheim and held on it. <A Teleportation Experiment> or [Spy] Teleportation Adventure. Asmo have similar quest, something about the drink that makes you vanish; teleports you in Eltnen. Anyway imagine camping pink players, I don't get it. I rifted several days in Morheim with my 30+ character, didn't kill a single pink player. I don't get the point of it.