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  1. Курилка

    Что не понятного то, делай...
  2. Recharger time

    Can you put recharger at 00:00 or back at least to 01:00 as was before, 02:00 it's too late, too hard to wait everyday this mode just to play a bit this game.
  3. Disstance approach

    Bull shit, you can close this topic, i understood.
  4. Disstance approach

    I have 19-22 ping and i already live near the server, so dont need to say me that the problem is in the distance of me and server, this is a lie.
  5. Disstance approach

    nice nice, so can you fix that, one more this question?
  6. Disstance approach

    Btw, in this logic, we need to think that Dummy is second client?
  7. Disstance approach

    Is that possible to remake this function?
  8. I am using same VPN Exitlag it alright, probably you have another problem, try to reload your PC. Btw, use FR Strasbourg for better ping (NOT UK London)... P.S Install Leatrix Latency Fix then reload as well your PC. Enjoy.
  9. Disstance approach

    Yes, I’m in the know, and yet how many years have passed, it’s time to understand what’s good and what’s bad, and get rid of it ourselves, the Koreans have not decided for a long time here, and if there is an opportunity to eliminate something that clearly interferes with the game, why would it not to do if for example many will agree with me.
  10. Disstance approach

    I wanted to offer, well, in general this is not the actual proposal, but just a way to improve the comfort for players in terms of pvp and pve. This situation in general ... Can you change a certain factor (although it works on offsets) but it really, really creates discomfort, in particular for melee (and long, yes yes...) classes. The problem is that when approaching the enemy, you cannot start to hit him at maximum distances (for example, I, Asasin, I have a maximum distance of 2 meters). When approaching 2 meters while running after my opponent, I can’t start to make strikes, on the contrary, my panel at a distance of 2 meters from it turns black (as if you can’t use skills (what exactly causes the inscription "Target too far", and only when approaching 1 meter I can already use skills. It really hinders the game, believe me, very ... If you could remove the problem so that when approaching to the maximum distance, my panel would not go into the “Target too far” state and immediately start using skills, it would be much better for all classes, including. Here i have a few prooves about this problem. P.S - I already talked with moderators, but they told me that this is difficult to do (basically all answers like one) , and yet I wanted to find out personally from you, the administrator, if it is possible to suspect it because it’s very painful in the heart to play with such mechanics = (
  11. Nemikq Stream
  12. Nemikq Stream