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  1. PvP tier list

    The reason why people dont think highly of ranger is because its heavy gear reliant. But mostly of all its by far the hardest class to play and probably to Master as well. You need to practice slideshot , jumpshot mechanics, animation cancelling your skills. Perfect distancing and kiting towards and away from your opponent. I respect Good Rangers a lot , because I know that they've practiced a lot to get were they're at now. But dont be discouraged , you can look up some video's on youtube on how to slideshot , pvp rotations, I suggest you look up some video's of Kupyd and copy his style. The best ranger I've ever seen. The pvp meta for 6V6 group pvp is based of heavy single damage or aoe damage dealers like gunners and gladiators with 2 clerics and a cc class like a spiritmaster who can cc the opposite clerics or healers. Sadly I do not think that Ranger has any place in 6V6 , I believe its simply too inferior compared to other single target damage dealers. So sadly Rangers dont really have any space in a heavy competitive 6V6 environment. But its a great class to have fun with your friends in Open world or playing Solo. So dont be discouraged , this class just requires more practice, time and effort. But you can do it. Good luck!
  2. You dont see it , because you dont play the class. Sm has all the tools to beat an AT. Bind cover, dots,slows, nuke skill when they rooted,multiple debuffs, attck speed debuff ,etc. Resists are based on stun resistances and other shock resistances. The stun is never at 50% unless you have both Trauma plate and Stability Thrusters then its up there at 50% but to use them together is foolish vs this match up and if you do you've already lost the fight before it even started.I get almost always stunned by a geared sm. If youre not geared enough then the chances are always higher to resist more. This is normal. The match up is not impossible for us. But its hard because sms have multiple chances to stop an AT if they fail option one they have option two. The At has less options to fail or make a mistake inside the fight. For example we have to save our Stability Thrusters untill the sm has used shackle of vulnerability so we could remove shackle completely and often they try to cover it so we have to be very fast into dispelling it with Stability Thrusters or we end up in a very bad position. Because shackle kills our attack speed. You could see it like a second bind ,its that bad. If we get close the sm can still cast instant fear or fear shriek. And we also have to save Drillbore for command spirit shield, and thats not even their only shield. Sm Has way more options then Ats in this fight .
  3. That's only one duel, I've had one night above 10 duel win streaks or more against Kajumi (Starcraftplayeur). This guy plays sorc very well so I'm not ashamed to lose against a good player. Definitely not a random at all, I've done probably around 60+ duels against Kajumi (Starcraftplayeur). And I can tell with ease that he's by far one of the best Sorcs I've fought in duels at Euroaion. So please don't call him some random sorc. He would win against every sorc on the server if he wants. So please keep your facts in check before you show something. Otherwise it's a GG for Kajumi , nothing has to be said here. When I'm tired , I make mistakes due to my illness. The reason why I put sorc at easy is because I've never lost against sorc in arena before (Euroaion). Not even against good sorcs. Now this could change in the future if someone pulls off some diehard magic resist set (maybe governor set , that's why I put sorc at easy matchup because in a cage it's an easy match up, sorcs they need a plain field with nothing in it to have the best chance vs AT. In Open world it's powerful but you have a better chance in ow then in duels with no obstacles since you can cancel sleep (hitting mobs), by using your surroundings to your advantage. Don't get me wrong. In duels sorcs are very powerful. But unlike you , Kajumi is at least not a complete random but a known player.
  4. Slideshots with low ping

    Slideshots are all about timing. It's not harder to slide on lower ping, that's just an illusion in the human mind. The reason why it's so hard for you to slide at 16-19 ms is because the response time from the server towards your character is most likely on a different speed and perhaps also faster. When I went to Notaion recently for some testing , I've noticed it as well. All skills are much faster with almost no delay in between skills, I don't even need to animation cancel as much like I'm doing here in Euroaion. The auto attack is so cut off in there that I needed 10 min to figure out the timing for the slideshots on 20 ping. The best way and fastest way for me personally is just going to dummies and try to slide there, you'l figure it fast. Just remember the beat and the timing each time you succeed. #Slidenation
  5. I agree if we are talking about Infinity shard. Since the party is with 12, you can't just carry multiple ungeared players in a 12 man with your dps alone. But for the majority of instances not much gear is needed actually. If you're really ungeared as fuck, I advise you to run Sauro and IO to get some parts or weapons.
  6. Recharger

    I started working recently as well. No more rechargers for me either...
  7. Best PVP Players

    Dagoma is the best gunner on the server by far. To put Tommy, a random above him is quite concerning. Remember also, Dagoma dominated 3v3 Arena and 1v1 since the beginning of the Arena multiple seasons. He was the only player I couldn't win against in 1v1 Arena. Just use common sense when evaluating someone's performance.
  8. Top Race Kor Event

    Well, you were a pve player yourself Degcube. But I've seen you improve quite fast in a short amount of time. So well done for that. You've earned my respect. Now, Lets say our server has about 2000 players. And lets be both real for a second there's probably like 20-30 players that actually know how to play their class well on our server, and have the experience and the mechanics needed to perform well in pvp. So that's about 1% that knows how to perform well in pvp with their respective class. If you think about it , it's actually quite mind blowing. But I believe the same results would apply for retail statistics. A ''retail'' like server offers the complete package of the game. So obviously people don't join the server just for the aspect of pvp, that would be absolutely ridiculous, and it's completely normal to have a 1% playerbase that is really skilled. In other games this percentage is even lower (for example ->LoL 0,04% are Grand Master). And of course the numbers are much higher in League of Legends, but it's just a comparison. And the way that Aion works is you have to complete Pve in order to get PvP gear. So there's not really any round about to that. I believe Aion is just more designed on it's own to focus much more on the Pve Aspect, but of course they added quite a bit of PvP content through out the patches. To please every player. Our server isn't fantastic or skilled but it's also definitely not the worst in terms of player skill.
  9. Top Race Kor Event

    It seems you don't know how Korean Style Tournaments work. Let me explain it to you. There is a captain for both factions. One side summons a player that the captain chooses, the other captain summons a player that he chooses and this allows the second captain for a potential counter pick. This is how it should work, counter picking your opponent with another player that excels against this particular class. Korean Style is a tactical team game. And there are no room for errors. Now if you would add some extra random number generated values in this already in short ''RNG'' ruled game. Then my friend the outcome would be completely out of someone's reach because of the factor that this person can reach up to 50% random resists against magical skills. This Magic Resist allows some classes to profit from it extremely well giving them the upperhand of recovering faster in situations they shouldn't. So why should you compare tempered accessories when these people worked hard for it. And comparing it with a set that resists skills randomly is just nonsense. There is no counterplay against random resists if the opponent doesn't have this Magical Accuracy set. While accessories are accessible much faster for everyone a second set isn't that easy to get fast. So I'm completely agreeing with Bambiches point of view. And to be honest, I don't even care what the rules are. Just the fact that Bambiche wants to host a Race vs Race Korean Style is amazing.
  10. Tech War

    There were also geared opponents and rank means nothing buddy, if I leave the server for 3 months I will be rank 1 as well with full gear
  11. Teleport Hacker

    That's not a cheat but a visual bug. It happens but not often in open world. You were just simply unlucky. With the teleport cheat they actually fall to the ground and get back into the sky it also looks really funny. This person is just appearing and disappearing, as it happened to me and my friends many times before. I can say confidently that this is a bug.
  12. The Cleansing of North Katalam

    Yeah exactly ''what gameplay'' cause I"ve seen none from you yet. I was farming people that had BM or better with my starter gear on 1,8k mb. No excuses, grow up please. Gear doesn't make you some kind of god, it helps till a certain extend.
  13. The Cleansing of North Katalam

    Almost as dull and comedy gold as your gameplay is.