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  1. Teaming Glory

    This is not a tactic. And it's not allowed as @TheAlmighty said , I really hope that action will be taken by atleast removing them from the ranking or receiving a temporarily ban . So he understands what he did, because scumbags like this will just repeat it or show other players that it's allowed and being used as a '' tactic '' as you say. I advice players like this to get better at the game, learn the matchups instead of Teaming/ Wintrading and sucking each others dicks off in glory to get points.
  2. Teaming Glory

    I think you had enough Vodka for today my friend, I watched the video completely now. And from what I've seen with VIDEO PROOF is that contestant 1 is always attacking the same target as Contestant 2 and lets Contestant 2 (Razor) get the points from the target and lets it kill the target. I haven't seen a single part were the Ranger was attacking the cleric or vica versa. Stop talking shit about attacking on a weaker player. They were clearly NOT ATTACKING each other AT ALL. Because Emenems was 3rd placed and the Sorc was not even doing anything so most likely the sorc gave up or was also a part of this Teaming setup. From the perspective of Razor it actually makes zero sense why he didn't focus the Cleric because he would have gotten more points for killing the cleric then killing Emenems as the chanter or the sorc would even give nothing to him at all, yet he focuses the sorc and the chanter which are the bottom of the ranking inside. I understand that this happens once or twice. But a 3min long video showing that it's happening all the time in this arena is just pure horseshit. And both are not even targeting each other. It's just too obvious. and not by coincidence of attacking a '' weaker player '' and this teaming should be punished. That's it. And don't tell me that Razor got in one day 153k points through fair and square fights in Glory as a ranger. I've seen him play. He's not better then Qinzz or even close to his lv. Yet he gets First Glory with 150K+ points all in one single day as a ranger. Please stop with the nonsense. It's all recorded and shown in the link.
  3. Teaming Glory

    Lmao did you read that Rabbit?. He chooses to win by 3v1.. We should prepare ourselves more for 3v1 in Glory. We are just scrubs, this man has done it all. I'm crying and laughing at the same time
  4. Teaming Glory

    So according to your logic when you enter Glory .2v1 is fine? I also did Glories with my legion mates but NOT attacking them is literally the same thing as teaming and having friend politics inside. You're dictating the outcome of the arena which was never meant to be like this. The Staff has punished players like this in the past. And so they will do again. You're saying that if you play with friends and passing glorie entries to have a maximum chance of winning while focusing together and teaming on other players is allowed.? Lmao, that's not how it works. The only strange logic here is yours. Glory= free for all Not Team to win.
  5. Teaming Glory

    I was wondering how Razor got out of nowhere First rank. And the first thing that came into my mind was teaming. Well it seems, I was not wrong. I've seen this ranger in ow and he's average at best. With his skill lv it's unlikely for him to even reach top 3 in glory without teaming. And this should be punished without mercy.
  6. The Cleansing of North Katalam

    I honestly don't understand what you're thinking of saying that I'm offended when you reply with a sarcastic message like this '' GOod JoB beAting aLl ThOse NoN offIcerS '' You clearly don't do open world pvp at all since you're talking shit out of your ass. These players were not even farming weeklies they had an alliance and were standing with 10+ players at one place inviting all the asmodians to come. And thats also the point of producing highlights like this, to ''cherry pick'' whatever seems best. This is being done ALL THE TIME. Just look at magicx or Riborns vids. So you're saying their ''ego'' is also through the roof right? So we can't make a funny pvp video? It should all be serious and we are also not allowed to have tempered accessories. And officer gear according to your shitty sarcastic comment ? We should all fight with same gear and it must be group vs group or an instance. Just fuck off will ya ? This ain't Notaion this is how it is supposed to be as it was in retail. I see you comment almost everywhere and your opinion on this just absolutely sucks, so is your sarcasm. And don't even compare my ego with my PvP prowess because my prowess is further developed then your pathetic commenting on the forum ever could be. If you see this as something for me to ''prove'' myself. then I'm sorry but you need therapy. I won a player tournament ,reached First Glory/Discipline now for two seasons and I'm about to extend this period to a 3rd season. If you see this vid as something for me to ''prove'' myself then it's not anymore about opinions here but about your mental health. I think you should check yourself before replying, because at this point it will only go downhill for you.
  7. The Cleansing of North Katalam

    So at the moment this is the only open world pvp we have since a lot of new players are ungeared but some already have BM and in this compilation we also fought officers , but I guess you and Tia are too blind to see that. And what you're saying basically is I should have pleasure in getting zerged by 10+ players regardless of gear. So I should just let them kill me without fighting back? Is that what you want to tell me sir ? If you go Open World you would attack anyone regardless of rank or gear and don't tell me you won't because that's absolute horse shit . Some would hide details or skin it. My Friend (Versus) had also BM gear so honestly there is no need to complain about this since he is also ''ungeared'' . There is no way to tell every single time how geared someone really is. So what you say makes absolutely zero sense. When I played at day 4 of the server opening and when I reached 65 after a while I already dominated some players that had Full BM when I had starter gear with 1,8k Magic boost. But nobody called me a sick bastard or made a compilation out of it. , I feel honored for your words and I wish you good luck in your Sauro Adventures with Tia because because that's as far as you're going to get in the game. I remember the other day I fought a bard and he basically couldn't even get my hp to 70% with full BM gear. The outcome was 20+ wins and 0 losses for me. So I told him he needs practice The bard : '' I know how to play my class'' Me : You remind me honestly of this bard. Half Disabled and Half brain dead. It's the same with Tia. Talk but no action. I put down results and I get flamed for performing well, Calling me a sick bastard for a video game compilation. I Can't even post a pvp video without getting flamed by pve heroes from the left and the right.. I suggest you to make more alts and increase your amount of Sauro runs because this is going to get you atleast one step further then calling me a ''sick bastard'' for a video game compilation. Good Job.
  8. The Cleansing of North Katalam

    There's no need to take this vid seriously. I was one of those players that got farmed by geared officers in retail. I just simply love pvp no matter where. Also, we both got zerged a lot in 2v10 for example which is not shown clearly in this vid.. And besides that. There is nothing for me to prove or to show on this server. I beat 99,9% of the server in 1v1... Just check the seasonal rankings on glory /discipline if you have any doubt. Just enjoy the vid and don't take it seriously or personally. We both got zerged a lot and this was our first large scale ow pvp fights in months on this server. It was just really fun for everyone. Even for the new players that made alliances just for the sake of ow pvp.
  9. All credit goes to my friend ''Versus'' for making this vid.
  10. Discord banned

    Hello, Please unban me from discord. I can't believe what I'm actually witnessing I payed multiple times for the server and supported it since day 4 of release. I lost my mind there once. But I received no warning, nothing. Whoever did this should reconsider it's actions. It's fine if you give me a first warning and delete my post in #suggestions. But to go as far as banning me is absolutely ridiculous. I'm really starting to lose my patience and trust in this server. If you won't unban me. I'l sell my account and leave for good. 3 reasons why I should have left by now : 1: Nobody helped me when I was ranked first in Harmony before season reset, even Kym acknowledged it and other people that I got first before reset. Yet I was being placed as #2 on the season ladder. I received a scrn shot with no actual time on it. Also a nice way for editing out the time left on the upper right corner. It was a good '' proof'' to make me laugh. @TheAlmighty 2 : Nobody helped me when not just me but our whole legion got involved and lost the ownership of it. All because of one person having fun deleting someones belongings on his account that he spend 4 months or more building up. All destroyed in one day. You could have atleast given us back the legion. But no, none of that. 3 : Discord banned for talking shit about the owner just once. People are doing it all the time. And what I said was the truth. Even now you are being depicted as lazy and not by me , will you ban half of the server as well for talking badly about you behind your back ? You didn't even tell anyone about my ban. It looks more of a dictatorship then a staff team you builded up there. And if you can't deal with criticism then, you're in bad luck. Cause it will happen again. And again,and again...By some other upset players . Gameforge doesn't care if I flame them . I call their staff a zoo or baboons and apes. They even try to calm me down, cause they know I supported their server and payed over 3000 Euro's. Even though I am using harsh words it is meant in a good way. To wake them up and to wake you up in this case . Because I really do care for the server and what you're doing now is wrong. You don't seem to care for the players at all. When I first started playing here after a while I noticed how nobody is really involved in Ingame affairs from the staff like the only one I've seen play a little bit was Antonio. And I am in fact happy to have him in the staff since he understands what the players want and need. But in the end it seems like the owner decides everything. And I'l bet you will ban me for this Ingame as well or atleast delete this topic. I can already see steps ahead of your actions. Prove me wrong if you dare. Thank you for reading this and also thank you for the discord ban. If nothing happens and if you don't care for a supportive player. Then why should I care? The only thing I can do is to leave. As I am about to do anytime. I'm just done. I can't deal with this anymore. I'm highly discouraged unmotivated, frustrated and disappointed. Sincerely, Senju
  11. Void Cube

    Thanks for sharing, this seems really helpful.
  12. teaming in glory

    Why are you reporting this, nothing will happen unless you have video evidence. And also, it's glory.. It happens all the time that people are teaming up in there. They apply with legion mates or friends and produce fixed matches. Nothing new, old news... Just accept it and move on.
  13. Results of the January game season

    This was not the score after midnight though, this was before. Past midnight I had more then 163K points and I was ranked first on the website. When did you take this screenshot? I finished my last coop at 23:54 server time and I was ranked first. After that I checked past midnight again and it didn't change.
  14. Results of the January game season

    This is weird because I was #1 in Arena of Harmony and Kym was second. I checked before and after midnight server time I was still first. After midnight server time it says 29 days left so I assume this is the start of a new season so anything after that should not be added to the ladder. I didn't see what happened between 3.00-9.00 server time. Would be nice to show some proof or some evidence that I got placed second because I saw it with my own eyes that I was first after midnight. Thank you in advance !