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  1. dps > assa

    title is a bait, but this is true: new class dps > assassin dps
  2. Thanks for everything

    ayy lamo this post is gonna be deleted soon 😭
  3. New player

    Being competitivo requires 20b and daily farm
  4. Wow. Best damage assassin!
  5. finaly ban Korea cheater

    Ping - it makes you lose about 1 meter every 200 meters Candy - gives 4% speed in that case Video - if you can, record it next time
  6. finaly ban Korea cheater

    u stfu man because I get angry
  7. hi when can I create elyos character?
  8. finaly ban Korea cheater

    I just see your shit keybinds, shit scrolls, shit mantras, no candy and I can go oni oni oni oni
  9. Assassin PvP Video Flurry

    So nice to see some PvP!
  10. first person to be banned

    Hi! I am the first person to be banned for being afk in terath dredgion
  11. Best pvp players

    OMG I have to agree also with Aethertech choice
  12. Best pvp players

    mine! Templar: Bamby Gladiator: Shikastyle Assassin: Soyah Sorcerer: Illustrated Spritmaster: Drunked Aethertech:??? Cleric:??? Chanter: any dps chanter there? Gunner: Varentaa
  13. Best pvp players

    post your personal list!
  14. post your QQ encounters here!

    who you