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Permanent 4.6?

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Souli    0

Hello, I am pretty new on this server but not on the Aion game in general as I been playing in GameForge server 4 years ago.

I must say that the server is pretty good overall and I would like keep foward, but there is a question: will we always struck on the 4.6? I know that the huge ammount of players love this versions, but I wonder if we will see someday new updates and changes on the content.


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wexlergamez    0

although it is only an opinion and theory, perhaps these people (those who administer the forum / game) put more updates, perhaps through surveys or that the people who play on these servers themselves demand it

but I see it difficult since there are 2 other servers with several years in this version (4.6) that must also tell us something.
although the tastes are subjective I think this is the best version of aion, something more balanced and fun, I know it is not perfect and has its flaws, but for some reason the majority of the public loves this version and I include myself among them
It can be described in my opinion that in this version there is a lot to do but you decide what to do and what direction, something that in later versions you lose some of that and you are marking a routine that for this we have real life, with more unnecessary complexity and pay to win and pay to play

but answering your question; In my opinion, it depends on the public I want and serves the server more, hopefully I would prefer that this version be forever, more than anything because I am Spanish-speaking and aion is in Spanish until 7.0 and apart I am exploring what never encourages me do before (and I've been sorry for a long time)

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