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Chanter Noob - need help :)

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Arlento    1
Posted (edited)

Hi EuroAion community


Need help with Chanter Stigma builds -

Dont know what the Pvp Support build & Pvp Dps build looks like

Also dont know how the PvE support build looks like :(

Also dont have a clue what set to go first, prolly gonna be BM Block set, tips is very welcome :)


Have a nice day


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Sailorhuhn    5

Hi Arlento,

I am using this build: . While I use full bm set with atk/hp + crit/hp stones for pvp, some people will tell you to use dual stones with magic accuracy like crit/macc to have a higher chance on landing a stun. Kind of personal preference if you ask me.

If I'd ever go for support way (not gonna happen though) it'd be this build: . For this path I'd recommend for pve to get a full Kahruns set due to its healing boost. For pvp, as you mentioned, a bm block set might be good to begin with.

Was also thinking of a hybrid build which would be: . But I have never tested it and for that can't directly recommend it.

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