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  1. Bard ninjas Taha GS

    It is most likely as TheAlmighty said - talk over needs before doing the run. If then something happens you can complain, but again the weapon is cosmetic in this patch. Also consider the possibility of that person having a main which he/she wished the GS as skin for. Don't let something this minor ruin your time in the game.
  2. Bard ninjas Taha GS

    Greatsword is more of a Templar weapon rather than Gladiator. Also Tahabta GS stats aren't that much better than the gifted weapons for creating a character. So it has most of all a cosmetic purpose and therefor should not be punished.
  3. problem with the campaign task <Indratu Legion>

    Despite the numbers shown the quest will be done sooner or later anyhow. Just continue to do what the quest is asking of you.
  4. 4,8 update ???

    Taking away the best pvp maps this game had won't do much good. Sarpan will be lost, so probably no more duels at Recharger. In addition Tia, Katalam, Danaria and Underground will be lost... for Signia and Vengar? Definitely not worth it! Those two new maps weren't all that good. I don't know for sure if Akaron and Kaldor were added in this patch too, but even those weren't as lively as the previous maps. In the end it was the Patch 4.6 that got most of the people to play here and not any other version.
  5. problem with the campaign task <Indratu Legion>

    Destroy one more so quest'll show you 10/5 then you'll have to kill Drafala and you're done
  6. [Event] Bloody revolution

    I for one like this event a lot - this mass pvp is awesome though I get my ass handed to me as a melee. For people claiming they wanna do pve in peace on a pvp map... never gonna happen. Even without event there's too much "traffic" on both sides.
  7. Chanter Noob - need help :)

    Hi Arlento, I am using this build: . While I use full bm set with atk/hp + crit/hp stones for pvp, some people will tell you to use dual stones with magic accuracy like crit/macc to have a higher chance on landing a stun. Kind of personal preference if you ask me. If I'd ever go for support way (not gonna happen though) it'd be this build: . For this path I'd recommend for pve to get a full Kahruns set due to its healing boost. For pvp, as you mentioned, a bm block set might be good to begin with. Was also thinking of a hybrid build which would be: . But I have never tested it and for that can't directly recommend it.
  8. I can't use skill. Pls help me !

    Chain of Suffering only works on other players not monsters. It's a pure pvp skill.
  9. [Works] Summer breeze

    IGN: Lollipopper (Elyos)