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  1. Cant update the client

    The update today - Made the error disappear - Thanks!
  2. Cant update the client

    And where do i find this "Torrent Client" file ??
  3. Expand your inventory

    Tbh its is not correct and very misleading guide. I think. This is what i have found that is in order. 1 Cube Row 1 (Default: 8 slots) (Buy from the starting city Ishalgen or Poeta) Row 2 (Default: 16 slots) (Buy in the artisan close to a broker in both faction of main city) Row 3 (Default: 24 slots) (Buy in the artisan close to a broker in both faction of main city) 2 Cube Row 4 (Default: 36 slots) (Buy in the artisan close to a broker in both faction of main city) Row 5 (Default: 45 slots) -> Quest (Asmo) Unexpected Reward or (Elyo) A Lucky Day Row 6 (Default: 54 slots) upper abbys artisan(top island) Tigraki Island 3 Cube i dont have clue where to upgrade next Row 7 (Default: 63 slots) ??? Row 8 (Default: 72 slots) ??? Row 9 (Default: 81 slots) ??? 4 Cube (Another quest and item-shop upgrades) Row 10 (Default: 90 slots) -> Quest (Asmo) Winning Vindachinerk’s Favor or (Elyo) The Legend of Vindachinerk Row 11 (Item shop pack) Row 12 (Item shop pack)
  4. Cant update the client

    Hope u can help
  5. Cant update the client

    i get this error when NOT having a Aion client running.
  6. Cant update the client

    Hi Launcher tells me there is a update. So i try to update and i get this result "see attached file" - i got this error when i already have a client running. But i can launch the game fine after that. Just cant update.
  7. [Event] Bloody revolution

    As a new player the rewards are fine
  8. Chanter Noob - need help :)

    Thanks for the advice - i greatly appreciate it
  9. Chanter Noob - need help :)

    Hi EuroAion community Need help with Chanter Stigma builds - Dont know what the Pvp Support build & Pvp Dps build looks like Also dont know how the PvE support build looks like Also dont have a clue what set to go first, prolly gonna be BM Block set, tips is very welcome Have a nice day Arlento
  10. LF English speaking legion

    Have found a Legion
  11. LF English speaking legion

    Hi there Im looking for a English speaking legion, im a lvl 22 Sorc so yea be a noob friendly legion. Looking for someone to play with and have fun with on Discord. And LF someone to learn me the ropes in 4.6 both in PvP and PvE Im from Denmark and 37 years old Male Hope to hear from u u can contact me ingame - IGN Xolido Best regards Xolido
  12. Sorc PvE gear progression?

    found a nice video on YouTube - With pvp gear. Nice to go after for me endgame as a sorc naab
  13. Instant Lvl 65 item in shop

    Hi - i agree with the poster here
  14. Sorc PvE gear progression?

    HI Does a sorc need PvE gear ? or can i PvE in pvp gear ? Noob here