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Best pvp players

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Sliedshut    10


Templar: Bamby

Gladiator: Shikastyle

Assassin: Soyah

Sorcerer: Illustrated

Spritmaster: Drunked



Chanter: any dps chanter there?

Gunner: Varentaa

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Sliedshut    10
On 11/6/2021 at 11:39 AM, Omneity said:

Why is this in media content instead of general discussion? And... 

If I was going to bet my kinah on who is the best 1 v 1 Pvp player on certain classes...

Sorcerer: Illustrated (5 Billion)

Aethertech: Frex (5 Billion) 

Ranger: Slideshow / Binsliden (5 billion) 

Gunner: Varenta (5 Billion) BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Songweaver: Wimee (5 Billion) 

Spiritmaster: Arcanee (3 billion) 

(2 billion on Chitraa) 

Assassin: there are so manyyyyy but I'd put 1 Billion on "stewwyyyyyy" 

^ I don't just talk, I have fought all of those guys and seen their "skill" 1st hand myself. 

Gladiator: Shikastyle (5 Billion) <- this guy took out all other gladiators on server.. Single handedly. Undisputed current top.



Then from here I'm just guessing.. 

Templar: ? (There was a guy from pathologia.. Don't remember name. So I'd just put 100kk he's best) 

Chanter: ???? 10kk on "Judgement" 

Cleric: ????? 1v1???

Horonable mention for best GvG Cleric supports are... Hakurin, Mooonte, Blidin, Bsy~

OMG I have to agree also with Aethertech choice

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