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TheAlmighty    604

Hello, dear players!

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Many of you may have noticed an increase in ping after the fire in our data center. We knew about the problem and we've been working on it together with the data center support, but it was not possible to solve it.

The problem was on numerous nodes on the way to our server. Those nodes are out of the data center jurisdiction. We were assured that the problem would be solved and we only needed to wait. But almost 2 months have passed, and it has not been fixed.

Therefore, we decided to change the data center. The good news is that the server is already in the new data center and no shutdowns are planned. The servers were transfered this morning during the maintenance.

New server location: Germany, Frankfurt am Main.

Even before the transfer, we conducted a number of ping tests, which satisfied us (there are no problems as in the previous data center). For some players, the ping may become higher, but only if you are located further from the server geographically (the server was in France, now it is in Germany), but this will cause minimal changes.

If you use programs to reduce ping, do not forget to change the settings. New server IP address

Thank you for your attention and enjoy the game!

P.S. If you're experiencing issues with ping, carry out the tests and provide the screenshots of the results. All the posts about "bad" ping without this data will be removed. Guide for the connection test:

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Raidon    97

My ping got ALOT better actually. I'm using ExitLag, and after they've removed Strasbourg from route options, I had to use Frankfurt02 as it was the best available option, but it was still not as good because it's farther away from the server location. Now that server is located in Frankfurt, my ping went from 55-65 to...well this. And it feels SOOO GOOOOD! So thank you very much :D

EDIT: I can do a bit of testing with different routes for ExitLag and Battleping (The two ping reducers that work best for me) and post results that work best for me.

Aion Screenshot 2021.05.26 -

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TheAlmighty    604
17 hours ago, IncredibleGuy said:

What i have to link you , this ? What does it mean , ping ingame still 120ms up to 250






On the screenshot there are issues on the way to the server. Where are you from ?

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