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I am looking for a partner to play Aion.

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Mybad    0

Hello! I am looking for a partner for pvp- content mainly (but i do not exclude pve, if u need it). It is desirable to need a chanter (dps or support it doesnt matter) or a templar. I need you to have experience of the game in general and knowledge of your class . The equipment is not important. 

I'm playing now as a bard. I am dressed in an AP-set (without 1 item), a weapon from Bastion (combined with an AP-arf). I have more than 4 years of experience in playing Aion. I played for classes such as healer, chanter, templar, SM.  

Sorry for my English please! It may be difficult for us to communicate at first, but I'm ready to improve my English skills!

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